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Modern and Stylish Mangalsutra for Newly Married. Designerplanet

 Author: Sakina Khatoon

Modern and Stylish Mangalsutra for Newly Married. Designerplanet 

Modern and Stylish Mangalsutra 

Jewellery is something that every woman adores, whether she is a fan of minimalism or loves embracing an over-the-top look. While most ornaments are usually adorned to complement the ensemble or make the style statement, there’s one jewellery piece that not just adds a character to your personality but holds traditional significance in every married woman’s life.

One of the most important ornaments for a Hindu bride is a mangalsutra. Made from the Hindi words ‘mangal’ and ‘sutra’ meaning an auspicious thread,this ornament is symbolic of the bride and groom’s marital status. A mangalsutra is basically a black and gold beaded necklace with a gold or diamond pendant. Mangalsutra carries immense importance in Hindu weddings as well as in the lives of Hindu married women. It is tied around the neck of the bride by the groom during the wedding rituals. It is a symbol of marriage and is worn by the bride until her husband's death.

Apart from holding a very significant part in a bride’s life, a mangalsutra has become a statement piece of jewellery for the millennial brides. And even though a traditional mangalsutra design has black beads, designers these days have really experimented with the designs and made something unique and personal for every bride



Modern Short Mangalsutra Designs

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Importance of wearing Mangalsutra

 There are four primary reasons for wearing mangalsutra. 

  • The mangalsutra symbolizes the bond of union between Shiva (husband) and Shakti (wife). Basically, it is an inseparable bond between husband and wife. 

  • A married woman is expected to wear a mangalsutra throughout her life and it is believed to improve the health of her husband and family.

  •  The three ties represent important aspects of marriage. The first knot represents his obedience to his wife, the second knot represents his commitment to his wife's parents and the third knot represents respect for God. Mangalsutra is a black necklace with beads in thin gold wire. 

  • The gold wire and black beads are believed to destroy the painful vibrations. Black beads absorb negative energy before it reaches the bride and her family. Basically, the mangalsutra acts as a veil around the woman's body and protects the marriage from all evil.

Here are some latest short Mangalsutra designs for modern brides that we love:

 Minimalist Short Mangalsutra Designs 



Minimalist short mangalsutra designs are perfect for everyday wear. These are not only functional in western wear, but also subtle as work wear. There are many unique short mangalsutra designs that you can find. From pearls to pearls, millennial brides have many options to explore. It has a beautiful minimalistic pendant design with black thread.

Drop Mangalsutra



 This is the most unique design you will ever come across. One of the main reasons we liked this  short mangalsutra design is because it is unlike any other shape that we have seen previously for Mangalsutras. A sleek chain, with an unconventional design- that's more like a millennial bride's choice!

Latest Short Mangalsutra Designs with Single Pendant

 If you want something very simple and basic, you can opt for the classic single pendant design. Multiple small diamonds or a statement made single diamond pendant also looks stunning. These short mangalsutra designs with a single pendant are a popular choice among today's modern brides. If you’re a bride who wants to blend a bit of tradition with style, then this design is the perfect match for you. And the best part is this flower pendant can be styled with any outfit, whether Indian or western.Simplicity speaks volumes, now we know! If you are not a fan of elaborate mangalsutra, we suggest you go for this short mangalsutra style.



Multi Flower Mangalsutra Design 

You can never go wrong with flowers. There is a very delicate and unique touch to it, and trust us when we say this, multi flower mangalsutra designs are evergreen and will always be in style and trend.

Celebrity Inspired Short Mangalsutra Designs 

Bollywood celebrities have played a major role in our inspiration when it comes to fashion and style. Similarly, even in mangalsutra designs, there are some celebrities who have opted for beautiful short mangalsutra designs and set a trend. Deepika Padukone rocked a short mangalsutra look for a single diamond It's chic, it's minimal, and goes well with everything! You can also add a single black or gold bead on either side of the diamond to keep up with the traditions and we love it!

Katrina Kaif too wore a short mangalsutra design from Sabyasachi Jewellery that has four statement making diamond pendant.

Also, here are some other celebrities who opted for short mangalsutra designs with statement pendants that we adore!



What is the meaning of black beads in Mangalsutra?

Whether a modern or traditional Mangalsutra design, this ornament is made of black glass beads (Kala Pota) with gold or diamond spots in the center. Although they vary in shape, size and shape, these black beads are all the same. It is said that this beautiful jewelry is incomplete without these black beads. But have you ever wondered what the meaning of black beads in Mangalsutra is? 

According to cultural beliefs, the black beads of this sacred thread represent Lord Shiva while the golden pendant of this ornament represents Goddess Parvati. Traditionally, there are 9 beads in a Mangalsutra representing 9 different powers that protect the couple's relationship from all evil forces. 

In addition, the black beads of this sacred thread have the power of all the elements, including air, water, earth and fire. These four elements help build strong bonds between men and women.

The significance of the Mangalsutra has not really changed even over the years. This ornament is still very important in the life of a married woman and is still a part of Indian culture and tradition. Although its essence remains untouched, this ornament is available in many contemporary forms so that brides can make a fashion statement while respecting traditional beliefs. Mangalsutra bracelets or rings design options are all the rage these days and brides are adopting a lot without thinking twice. 

So what are you waiting for? Add the best mangalsutra patterns and designs to your jewelry box and reflect your cultural values ​​while keeping your reputation high.

Modern and Stylish Mangalsutra 

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