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09 October

Most Popular Curtains Design. Beautiful Curtains. Designerplanet

 Most Popular Curtains Design. Beautiful Curtains. Designerplanet 

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Neutral Shades 

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Home Sizzler Patterned Door Curtain

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Story@Home Solid Blackout Door Curtain

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Amazon Basics Blackout Curtains

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Blackout Curtains



These are also called Blackout curtains. This curtain style blocks the maximum amount of light from the outside which helps you sleep better. These are durable curtains that are good for room darkening, thermal insulation and noise reduction. This curtain style is not only very functional but also beautiful to look at. It may sound strange, but you can save money by using blackout curtains. If you are someone who lives in a hot place, these can help you avoid the hot air because the material is very thick.

Light and Sheer Curtains


One of the best ways to get light and privacy in a room with few windows or small windows is white and white curtains. This ensures that you don't feel isolated. They are cheap because they are made of lighter and cheaper materials. Sheer bedroom shade ideas are adaptable and work with a variety of styles and designs. These are aesthetically pleasing. They are also considered by those with unique tastes and preferences. Due to the insulating properties of black fabric, it helps to control the temperature of a room in the summer.

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Glam Up the Living Room with Velvet Curtains

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Simple and neutral living room decor can look great with a good window treatment. Choose a dark green velvet curtain for the living room window for a subtle nod to the neutral theme. Make sure you don't choose black velvet fabric for bold interiors as it can kill the vibe of your home decor.

Best Curtains for YouTube Background 

Green Screen Backdrop Background Curtain Rod Pocket for Photography, Photoshoot, Product Photography, Live Streaming, Zoom Meetings, VFX Editing, YouTube Video, FB Short Video, Instagram Reels

Green Background Curtains 

Romantic Valentine's Curtains 

Special You canopy tent for Decoration tulle white net Curtain cloth for backdrop ,cabana, with fairy Lights Combo for valentine birthdays , anniversary , baby shower , photo shoot, wedding party , background , it's Multi Purpose - 

Color Available 

Kids Curtains for Boys and Girls 



You can buy children's curtains in a variety of ways. They come in all colors and designs and you can find them in the right size for your child's room. When it comes to decorating children's rooms, there are many different options. You can decorate the wall with bright colors or colors.

 It is usually not recommended for children, as they can injure themselves if they do not have proper safety measures. The first step in buying curtains for your child is to get reviews from different stores. There are many children's clothing stores that carry a variety of curtains. You can try these first before you buy. The next step is to start looking at the children's room that you have in mind. There are many different types to choose from, so you should try each one to see which one looks best in your child's room. Some of the most common ones include the following: 



Each of these curtains is available in different sizes and styles, but you should choose a size larger than your child is used to. That way you can still sleep well. You can also find many different color options, and you should try each one to see which one you like best.

Explore a wide range of curtains for kid's bedrooms & living rooms.

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How do we choose the best curtains for you?

 Beautiful curtains are necessary to enhance the look of your room. In India, good quality curtains cost between Rs 300 to Rs 2,000. Before you jump into our recommendations for the best curtains in India, see why we helped you decide on the best product for you. 


When choosing curtains, length is one of the most important considerations. If they are too short, it will throw off the balance of the whole space and seem to lower the height of the ceiling. On the other hand, they can seem disorganized if they are too long. 

Therefore, we advise you to measure when shopping for curtains.


 The next thing you should consider when choosing curtains is the material or fabric. There are many materials that can be used for curtains, from colored velvet to plain linen. The look you want to create with the curtains and how they will be used should be considered when choosing the curtains. 


 The design of curtains and doors should match the color of the other furniture in the room. You can choose a matching or unique window covering. 

We recommend that you choose a color that matches the decor of your room

The above window curtain designs are meant to supplement your thoughts and inspire you! The designs in this post are fit for all budget ranges. 


Q. What color curtains look best in a bedroom?

 Ans. In the bedroom, it is a good idea to consider calming and peaceful colors such as green, blue or pink. All of these bedroom shade ideas are known for their calming and soothing properties. 

Q. Are bedroom curtains outdated

Ans. Curtains will always be fashionable even in the past. They are traditional window treatments that stand up to today's designs and fashions. New applications for curtains in our homes are possible thanks to advances in fabric technology. We will be able to use curtains in the future because of this.

 Q. Does a dark bedroom design make the room look smaller? 

Ans. While sheer curtains made from light colored fabrics are great for helping to expand the size of a room, thick fabrics and dark fabrics are known for making a typical room feel smaller. 

Q. Should blinds be covered with curtains? 

Ans. Adding shutters over blinds gives your windows more depth and sophistication because blinds alone can make a room feel unfinished or cold. When you need privacy or light control, sometimes you need to do more than just hang curtains.

 Q. What size curtains make a room look bigger

Ans. Using a longer rod will make the room feel more spacious, just as raising the rod higher will make the room look taller. It is better to keep the width of the rod between 8 and 12 inches larger than the window.

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