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22 November

Beautiful and Stylish Serving and Starter Plate Designerplanet

 AuthorSakina Khatoon

Beautiful and Stylish Serving and Starter  Plate  Designerplanet  

Plate Gift Ideas to Impress Your Guests

 If you're hosting a food-themed event (and, let's face it, most celebrations do!), you may want to consider how you'll serve your culinary creations. As the saying goes, "you eat with your eyes," making the dishes as eye-catching as possible can add a sense of occasion to the event, impress your guests, and certainly make for a memorable occasion. memorable. So what are some great ideas for dishes to make sure you have what you need to make an amazing meal? 

You need plates that suit the type of cuisine, presentation style and even portion size of your menu. If you are in the catering business, you know how big of an impact plates can have.

Plates also need to suit a specific purpose: most large plates will not be suitable for starters because the food will look lost in a sea of empty space. Equally, a 6-inch plate will not serve a great main course unless you severely restrict portion sizes. Also, what is a proper dinner plate size is the most common question since it seems that there is a different standard for these nowadays.

So today on our menu: bite-sized guides for all plate sizes that will make you hungry for more. 



No matter what you decide to eat, we've got great dinnerware ideas that will bring style, flair and flair to your dining table. Let's see.



How to serve Starter ?

The starter is served on a plate of 175-200mm (7-8 inch) and the size helps to build the height by presenting a small meal. The starter usually includes meat or fish in the middle, with a garnish or with what should provide color and contrast, and also improve the overall presentation. Use the size of your board as a guide to how best to mount your startup. 

The starter plate can be used as a salad plate, although the crescent salad plate is designed to fit perfectly on a dinner plate. More and more modern restaurants are choosing to serve salads in cups or bowls.



For smaller appetites or side dishes, opt for a salad plate that measures around 8 inches in diameter.

If you're serving up desserts or other small bites, choose a dessert plate that measures about 6 inches in diameter.

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The above ideas can help ensure that you have a stunning dinner plate and the right serving dish at all times. So, the next time you host a dinner party, special event, or get-together, why not check out the plates, bowls.

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AuthorSakina Khatoon 

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