29 November

Amazing New Haldi Mehndi Décor Ideas

 Author: Sakina Khatoon 

Designerplanet:  Modern & Traditional Haldi Ceremony Decor Ideas We Recommend!

Haldi ceremony or Pithi ceremony. Bathing the bride and groom is a common tradition. Turmeric (haldi), oil and water are all applied by married women on the morning of the wedding. The mixture is believed to bless the couple before the wedding. However, the logic behind this practice is to detox and brighten your skin.

The Haldi is usually a smaller ceremony that happens at home or a small hall. Here are some cool Haldi ceremony decoration ideas at home/ a small set up, which can be pulled off on a budget



Haldi Mehndi and Sangeet Ceremony Decoration Items 


There are endless decorating ideas doing rounds on the internet but the aura of timeless decorating ideas is unique. Like, Haldi and shades of yellow? It goes without saying that Haldi ceremony brings life to the wedding ceremony. How then can we expect their decor to be old, dull and boring? Consider curtains, exotic florals, or gold accents for a fresh look. These solar decor ideas will easily complement your home's aesthetic and set the perfect mood.

Entrance Decor Ideas

1. Welcome Board

Haldi Mehndi Background  Banner 

Whether you are making haldi decorations at home or your own lawn. This one is a quick and easy decoration idea to decorate haldi at home.

Ballons for Haldi and Mehndi Ceremony 

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Lavish Marigold Canopy

The combination of shimmer Yellow curtains and marigold canopy is one of the most royal Haldi decor ideas. You can replicate the decorating ideas in the photos below or you can add your own spin to them.

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Fairy Light

Fairy lights and Glittering curtains will add ten times the look of a backdrop arrangement. So, if you like glitter and low lights, choose this trend, which is very expensive. This mixture looks amazing and amazing. The layout of the picture will also improve the curtains and lighting. However, you can also add marigold flowers to the group.

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Haldi Decoration Swing Ideas: 

Make a Handmade Arrangement for a Flower Swing There is nothing better than using 'the swing' in haldi decoration at home. You can create a setup by placing the swing in the middle and decorate the background with colorful curtains. To make simple handmade haldi decorations at home, hang a swing with handmade flowers and turn it into a photo booth. You will have a fun and funny haldi party at home with this design.

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Umbrella for Haldi and Mehndi Ceremony 

The groom in the middle with the guests sitting around is also a good arrangement to sit in the haldi. Asymmetrically designed curtains are also an elegant haldi decoration idea. You can also use an umbrella to decorate the haldi in this recipe and stick it on top. It will also provide shade in case of sunny days.

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Yellow Diwan Set 

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Yellow Sofa Cover and cushions for Haldi Ceremony 

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Bottom Line 

We hope you now understand everything about Haldi ceremony in Indian weddings through this article. We hope to see you enjoying yours too.

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AuthorSakina Khatoon 

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