02 October

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 Pooja Room Decor - Pooja Items Samagri | Pooja Decoration Items | Puja decoration at home - Designerplanet

There are many considerations before choosing a pooja room for an Indian home. First comes the question of compliance and leadership. The next competitor is the amount of available space. And finally comes the aesthetics.

Easy and simple ideas for a beautiful pooja room

Tips for decorating your pooja room this Diwali

The pooja room, the holiest place in your home, can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. But the general idea is that, regardless of its size or structure, it should raise good spiritual energy. While the layout of the pooja room and vastu shastra play an important role in this, here we discuss how the right furniture and decorations can help create a quick and peaceful atmosphere.

1.Door Knobs - This is a small thing to look at, but it makes a big impact. With a screwdriver and just five minutes, you can turn a boring door into something more beautiful.

 2. Frames - Buy a rustic frame from a metal dealer or blacksmith shop and paint it your favorite color.

 3. Shelves - The open concept of metal wireframes gives you a great way to display candles, pooja bells and inscriptions.

4. A metal wire mesh sunglass will add to your area. Using old wire and rods, and placing a mirror in the center will give you a sunny decoration. Can be painted by spraying or painting in any color.

 5. Word Art – CNC cut words are easily available at any metal worker’s shop these days. You can write the Gayatri mantra or any other shloka and place it in your pooja area.

Use a scarf or printed fabric and hang it on the wall to cover it up, or wrap it in your favorite fabric and hang it on the wall. 

2. Ottomans or chairs - Use fabric or old clothes to create small ottomans to sit on or place things on.

 3. Tie-Die - Tie and die your fabric to create a magical pattern and tie it to a pillow, table, or other object. 

4. Placing the plate - Cover a wooden or metal plate with your favorite fabric and place it anywhere in the room. 

5. Doorway - Fill your closet with any fabric and see how small changes make a big impression.

6. Candle lights - The pooja room will be brighter with a few "lights". Just put the LED tea light in a wine glass and add a paper shade.

2. Essential oil - You can add your favorite essential oil to the color of wax you want to turn into a candle. 

3. Flowers - Playing with some flowers mixed with hot wax gives the candle a sophisticated look.

 4. Decorative Containers - You can store your candles in containers of all shapes and sizes. It can be metal, paint, seal, glass, or any material you like.

7.Enamel Dots - Rangoli made of enamel dots can be used in different patterns every day. Enamel points can be used to create wall art in different shapes, sizes and colors.

Tips for decorating your pooja room this Diwali

Diwali is an auspicious occasion for Hindus. Marking the return of Lord Ram from Lanka after 14 years, Diwali is celebrated across the country with great fervor and grandeur. Known as the festival of lights, Diwali calls for decorating your home and surroundings. However, no matter how you decorate your abode, it will not be complete if you do not consider the decoration of your pooja room. After all, this is where the poojas to the deities take place during the five days of Diwali. Since you will have friends and family for Diwali, it is good to make sure that the pooja room is decorated in a way that spreads well. Here are some tips on pooja decorations for Diwali.

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Artificial Flower 

Flowers have been used to appease deities during poojas in Hinduism for thousands of years. The best part about using flowers to decorate your pooja room is that, along with adding aesthetics, they also spread fragrance and bring happiness to the room. Choose fresh flowers of different colors to get the best results. Hanging garlands on the walls and pictures of deities will add to the theme of the pooja room. You can also add flowers to your rangoli design

 Resin Decor

 1. Resin Furniture - The popular river table is made of wood and resin to recreate the beauty of nature. Refresh your prayer room with this latest pooja room design.

 Looking for cheap pooja room ideas inspiration? 

Here is a list of easy and simple pooja room ideas suitable for any decor! 

A Hindu household is incomplete without a designated place for pooja. However, coming up with the perfect pooja room design ideas can be a difficult task when it comes to decorating your home. Although in most residences the space is at a premium, it should not hinder your pooja decoration ideas. With the variety of things available in the market, you can create a stunning pooja place without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Are you looking for inspiration? 

Then don't go far. Whether it's a small space or a big house, Vaastu-Shastra, or aesthetics, the 15-point guide will come in handy, no matter what kind of pooja room ideas you're looking for. We have something that is sure to match your requirements.

 Space & budget

 When planning the decoration of your home, don't forget to budget for a separate pooja room. This room should match the aesthetics of your home. On the other hand, the room should not be too big or too small compared to the size of your home. If your house is not big and you cannot provide space for a separate pooja room, try to set up a small temple in a place that provides privacy and where you can easily focus on your prayers. Such temples are easily available in the market. 

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Having a pooja room in their home is a dream for many families who are culturally connected. Designing the perfect pooja room is not an easy task. A pooja room must create a positive and soothing feeling in people.

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