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Disney Frozen Best Product at Lowest Price

Disney Frozen Best Product at Lowest Price


30 November

Geyser : Best Electric Water Heaters & Geysers Online. Designerplanet

Author: Sakina Khatoon

Geyser : Top Electric Water Heaters & Geysers Online.  Designerplanet 


Water heaters or geysers can be used during the cold winter and sometimes during the rainy season. 

Types of water Storage water heaters and instantaneous



 water heaters come in two types of water heaters available on the online and in the market. So, read the complete information about two water heaters. Instant water heating The purpose of the heater, as the name suggests, is to heat water quickly. The main problem with it is that it only holds a small amount - only 1 to 3 or 4 liters - and heats water too quickly compared to other models. Therefore, we advise you to get it if your family is small; if not, pass it on. Additionally, it uses less storage because the storage is small. Even in a small bathroom, you can easily install it. This is one of the main factors driving the consumer's decision to choose an instant water heater over a storage water heater. Hot water storage Ample storage capacity, up to 35 liters, is the main selling point of the water storage. About 25 liters of water can be heated at the same time. If your household is important, We recommend purchasing a storage water heater. It's worth the wait, even if it takes a few minutes to heat up all your water. In addition, it takes up a lot of space in your bathroom. Placing it in the bathroom is recommended if your bathroom is large enough.

Choose from the ten best instant water heaters given below.

Check out the top 10 brands of Water heater.

    1. V Guard
    2. AO Smith
    3. Havells
    4. Racold
    5. Crompton
    7. USHA
    8. Morphy Richards
    9. Jaquar
    10. Hindware

V-Guard geyser needs no introduction as the company has taken a big step from being a revolutionary manufacturer to the best geyser manufacturer in India. These indigenous water heaters have excellent features that ensure high quality performance with incredible power savings. V-Guard manufactures a wide range of water heaters from storage and geysers from solar to gas. These devices include a high-quality anti-corrosion water tank that extends the life of the geyser. Most of these geysers are 4-star or 5-star BEE rated devices. Hence, they save electricity while offering good performance to qualify as one of the best water heaters in India

Check Price and Ratings V Guard Geysers 


Highly energy efficient for long-lasting performance 

Perfect for families with five to six members

 Four layered safety mechanism 


Comparatively an expensive product 

It is a very large product in terms of dimensions

Check Price and Ratings for  V Guard Geysers



Geysers have become household appliances, just like water purifiers and refrigerators. Therefore, almost every Indian bathroom has a water heater to provide a refreshing bathing experience. There are different types of water heaters, such as instant geysers, storage water heaters, tankless water heaters, air source heat pumps, etc. 

Likewise, there are various Indian and international models that work with the latest technology to provide high performance, efficiency, safety, and energy savings. A.O. Smith water heater is one of the best products.

Check Price and Ratings for AO Smith


Usually, A.O. Smith geysers come with a 2-year product warranty. The heating element also gets a 2-year warranty, whereas the inner container tank features a 5-year or 7-year warranty.

AO Smith Instant geysers are uniquely redefined. ...


 Produces more hot water

Good storage capacity for small families

Long tank life


Not suitable for low-pressure water

 No important accessories are available 

Storage capacity is not enough for large families

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Safety Technology 

Geysers contain hot water capable of causing grievous injuries like scalding. Besides, extreme heat can cause pressure to build up inside the geyser leading to an explosion. In addition, constant exposure to water can cause short circuits.

Energy Efficiency Technology 

AO Smith Water Heater Star Rating Usually, A.O. Smith geysers have a BEE rating of 4 stars or 5 stars. Therefore, these devices consume less energy. Energy saving is determined by the amount of heat retained by the internal container. Therefore, much depends on the insulation between the inner container and the outer jacket. Choosing the right option minimizes the standing loss. Basically, there are two types of insulation, fiberglass wool and PUF. Fiberglass wool is cheaper, but the A.O. Smith water heaters use PUF. The thick PUF layer keeps the heat generated by the heating element in the water in the tank.

How to choose the right geyser for the home? 

The choice of geyser depends on the use, the weather, the number of people in the house, the installation location and the budget. Instantaneous geysers and tankless water heaters are ideal for kitchens and small families. Also, they are great if you have space constraints. 

The more people in the house, the more important the capacity of the geyser. Therefore, storage geysers are best for homes with more than three people. 

The geysers can take time to heat the water in colder weather. Therefore, it is better to have bigger water heaters.

 Vertical and horizontal geyser models were obtained from A.O. Smith.

 Vertical geysers are available in capacities from 6L to 25L, while horizontal tank models have capacities of 25L and above. In addition, a. O. Smith offers geysers up to 100L for commercial purposes.

Havells brand is one of the most popular Indian manufacturers of water geysers. It has a strong market and offers a wide range of electrical products. These products include CFL lights, geysers, water heaters, and other industrial applications. The company is well-versed in the production of electrical appliances. This includes water heaters.

 There are three branches of the Havells brand: Promptech, Standard Electric, and Crabtree. Havells brand is one of the most sought after, fast moving geyser brands in India. The company offers a variety of model heaters.

Check Price and Ratings for Havells water heater and Geyser 



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Energy efficiency

 An energy-efficient water heater is essential for maximum energy efficiency and cost savings. An energy-efficient product can help you reduce your electricity bills by as much as 60%.


You should choose the right size water heater for your family on the basis of members. The size of the water heater determines its storage capacity. It is also important to check the water heater's ability to flow hot water.


 There are many water heaters on the market. But you need to choose the one that suits your location. There are many options available in terms of size, shape and design. 


Many brands offer different warranties for their products. Havells offers a 7 year warranty on the tank and a 2 + 2 year bonus warranty on the glass heating element. So, you get a 2 year bonus warranty, a nice thing about Havells that everyone loves.


 It is important to know the annual cost and maintenance of your water heater before you buy it. To find the best water heater, compare their quality, price and features.

Havells Geyser Key Technology / Features 

Amazing LED color changing temperature indicator Modern and contemporary design is common in today's home. Geysers are an essential electrical appliance in modern life, and consumers are becoming more aware of their options.

 The original LED display panel of the new storage geyser from Havells Adonia keeps changing colors. This is a very attractive feature that allows the geysers to not only adjust their temperature but also change color from amber to blue as the temperature changes. 

The original color changing LED display feature is only available on Havells manufactured geysers. This feature shows the temperature development clearly and accurately. The best part is that it can be controlled by a computer program.

Water Heaters and Geyser Havells Buying Guide 

Types of Water Heaters 

They are the most common types of water heaters. Storage water heaters have a reservoir of hot water that is ready to be released every time you turn on the faucet.

 They can be gas, which is more economical, or electricity, which consumes electricity. They must be constantly heated and have an electronic thermostat that cuts off the power to the heating coils when the optimum temperature is reached. It uses energy to heat the water even when you are not using it. This makes it more expensive to maintain.


 Elegant and unique design. Highly durable and long-lasting. Good for hard water. Comes with multiple capacities. Long warranty. Sensitive touch as well as a remote control. Resist high pressure.



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This ultra-modern geyser plant in India features a special titanium coated heating element with a unique polymer coating technology. This technology provides better heat, protection and corrosion resistance. It also ensures durability and high performance. You can simply adjust the regulator and set any bath temperature thanks to the smart bath logic. It also saves electricity up to 40 percent. Finally, a special deflector ensures that the cold and hot water mix gradually to maintain the water temperature. 

Here are some details:

 Price: Check Price 

Color: Violet white and metallic 

Model: Eterno Pro Water Heater 


25 L

 Model: Solid 

Power consumption: 2000W Energy 

Star Rating: 5 stars 

Weight: 10 kg

 Pressure: 7 Bar Type

 installation: vertical 

Warranty: 3 years on the heating element, 2 years on the product, and 7 years on the tank 


Energy efficient Stylish design Suitable for large families Available in 10 and 15 later variants 


 Expensive water heaters take time

The Crompton Amica water heater holds 15L of water and its heating capacity proves to be perfect for your family. If you live in a high-rise building, this 8 bar water heater is the best to use. The geyser's rust-free body provides longevity while preserving its elegant appearance. Crompton Amica is a water heater with three layers of protection and also five stars, which is rated by BEE. Rapid heating and temperature control will make using this Crompton water heater easier to operate. And, the additional features will surely lead you to buy the Product.


Fast heating The Crompton Amica heating system can heat water up to 45 degrees. C in just 10 minutes. With 1200 gram heat technology, your work will be done faster. This feature will be loved by everyone and especially by those who wake up early but want to be at the office every hour. Anti-rust warranty You can rest assured that you won't suffer from rust problems when you use this Crompton Amica heater for a period of time. A specially designed magnesium anode inside the geyser can prevent corrosion caused by the hardness of the water. 3-level security We all want to be safe, especially when the goods are related to our loved ones or our own family. With this in mind, it's no surprise that the Crompton Amica water geyser comes with a level 3 protection. The Crompton Amica water heater has three levels of protection with Capillary, Thermostat and automatic thermal relief valves and includes multiple functions that provide even more protection. Energy efficient The Crompton Amica water heater has been awarded five stars with the BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency). It is very energy efficient and does not affect the electricity bill. Ideal for use in high-rise buildings The 15L water heating capacity of the Crompton Amica proves to be ideal for the average family. Everyone can enjoy the pleasure of bathing in warm water. Especially when you live in a building with a large height, it is recommended to use a geyser pressure of 8 bar. This is why it is recommended that the Crompton Amica water heater is ideal for anyone living in a large house. The package includes The complete package of Crompton Amica water heater includes the Crompton storage water heater, a User's Guide to help you, along with a warranty card for further use of the warranty. In addition, you will receive pipes, fasteners, stencils and screws from the proper installation of the geyser at home. 

Bajaj is a leading Indian company that was founded in 1926 by a visionary named Jamnalal Bajaj. Since then the Bajaj group has expanded its reach into many sectors such as automobiles, electronics, finance and insurance. Exclusive Bajaj electronics are proving to be worthy of customer trust. Today it manufactures the best electric water heaters in India.

Features of Bajaj Geyser

 Bajaj Geyser or water heater has many convenient features that have made people's lives easier in general. These geysers have tank capacities of 5L, 10L, 15L and 25L. It has temperature and flow control options to customize your hot water to your liking. The product also comes with a minimum 2-year warranty on the product and the drying bag, and a 5-year warranty on the tank. Bajaj water heaters are also energy efficient and environment friendly. 

Types of Bajaj Geysers

 Depending on the power source, Bajaj makes both gas and electric geysers. Gas Geysers use gas as fuel to heat water and electric geysers use electricity and convert it into heat. Bajaj manufactures water geysers under four brand names— Racold, Usha, AO Smith, and Havells. Only Bajaj manufactures water heaters with storage. They have not yet released a tankless electric water heater to the market. 

Bajaj Geyser Buyer's Guide 

Bajaj Electronics manufactures electric heaters for all categories of people. So, the first rule of any buyer's guide is to work out your budget. Do it first. All the geysers of this company are preserved. 

The minimum is 3L and the maximum is 25L.

 If you live alone, a 3L water heater should be enough. But for a big family, you are recommended to buy the 25L or at least 15L. 

Make sure you have your warranty card with you when you bring the product after purchase. 

Bajaj offers free installation and channeling. So you don't need to call a plumber or spend money on it.


It comes at a very reasonable price.
The design is very aesthetic.


The storage capacity is not suitable to use for a bath or shower.

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USHA  Electric Geysers and Water Heater 


Usha is one of the best brands in India, especially regarding water heaters for bathrooms. It comes with Whirl Flow technology, which makes this heater heat faster and save energy. It is made with copper heating elements for silent operation and superior heating. This water heater will have five features to protect you from scorching temperatures. The heavy-duty magnesium anode prevents rust and corrosion. 


Type: Storage 
Mount: Vertical 
Capacity: 25 L 
Pressure: 8 Bars
Power: 2000 W 
Dimension: 32.5 x 32.5 x 38.5 cm
Weight: 13.6 Kg
Warranty: 2 Years


We have concluded our list of the most powerful water heaters to buy in India. Having a water heater in your home is essential, especially in the winter and, in some cases, during the rainy season. When it comes to water heating, you want to meet all your hot water needs and save money and energy. Some water heaters, even of the same size, can be more expensive than others. 

However, energy efficiency ratings can have a significant impact on operating costs. So take your time and weigh all your options carefully before making a decision. Choosing the best electric heater for your home is a difficult choice. It is necessary to consider many variables, such as capacity and wattage. The best electric geysers for your home can be found in the blog above, which lists the top models in terms of strength and power.

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