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What to Wear To a Baby Shower Ceremony. Designerplanet

What to Wear To a Baby Shower Ceremony. Designerplanet 

Baby shower time is very much enjoyed, and the news about the soon to be born family makes the family happy. According to tradition, it is for the health of the expectant mother and her child - in anticipation of the potential mother giving birth to a healthy child. Indian baby shower functions are beautiful and have great importance in Indian culture. Her relatives and friends adorn her with expensive jewelry and clothes, apply mehndi (henna) on her hands and sing and dance to traditional songs.

A baby shower is always an exciting and warm celebration for all mothers and their families. We know all momma's are happy to look beautiful and stylish while bathing the baby in the shower. It's always difficult to choose a cute, soft and stylish outfit for a baby shower. Here are some Indian outfit ideas for moms to dress up for a baby shower / God bharai.

Traditionally, only women celebrate it. He is adorned with jewels, belts, etc., and his heart is filled with gifts, fruits, and sweets. In some families, the elderly women of the family are replaced with special oils. She is then dressed in a special saree or lehenga and decorated with flowers. The puja is performed before the celebration begins. The ceremony is celebrated with great enthusiasm, full of songs, dances and frolics and fun. Guests participate in games such as guessing the gender of the baby based on the size and shape of the pregnant mother's belly or creating a list of names for the baby.


Saree is one of the most traditional and popular dresses in India. A baby shower is a cultural ceremony to welcome the unborn child and bless the mother for the great joy of motherhood. Saree is the best choice for baby shower to show the Indian style. Enhance your look with beautiful gold/metallic jewellery. You can match your outfit with beautiful floral jewelry too. Here’s the list of few classic traditional saris perfect for baby shower.

Beautiful embroidered Phulkari saree embellishments for your special day. The beautiful designs and vibrant colors of Phulkari will surely catch all eyes on you. 

Bandhej Print Sarees

Bandej with Zardozi embroidered Saree

 If there is a pooja event organized along with a party, a lovely colorful Bandej saree can make a perfect choice for you. Not only does it come in attractive colors, but the fabric options are also comfortable and soft. So there is nothing stopping you from expressing your surprise with a cute baby. 

Lady Kanjeevaram Everyone is amazed by your skills. You are no less than a celebrity in Kanjeevaram's timeless fabric. These sarees are shimmery to complete the look, and you certainly don't need accessories when you choose a Knajeevaram silk saree. 

Banarasi Brocade Saree

Banarasi Brocades Flaunt my heart with your motherly look. We are talking about Banarasi sarees to accentuate the beauty without having to compromise on the comfort level. It makes you look beautiful but relaxed.

 Gharchol Style 

The traditional style of Gharchol is back in fashion, holding the heart. It has beautiful decoration and looks beautiful. It is worth taking your mother's old saree and repurposing it for a baby shower.

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Lehenga is the most essential garment. This stunning dress enhances the beauty and elegance. Lehengas are available in different designs and patterns to suit all body types. A lightweight georgette lehenga is perfect for a baby shower. You can style dupatta in different ways - like half sari, v-pallu or bong.Long blouse style lehenga with designer sleeves and neckline looks elegant and it's the best outfit to cover the bump in style. Adorning some beautiful jewelry can give you the perfect look for your special evening.

Lehanga| maternity baby shower outfit ideas| Moms Review Pad

Dazzle in an embellished sharara dress and get ready for Instagram-worthy clicks! This plum georgette ensemble features floral zari embroidery and sequin detailing. It is paired with matching embroidered sharara in georgette fabric and side chiffon dupatta.

Dresses and maxi dresses are most preferred during the trimester of pregnancy. Whether it's a casual maxi or a party maxi. The comfortable and flowy maxi cut really enhances the baby's look. You can choose an ethnic maxi with squeen or zari work for a traditional look or you can go with a beautiful floral print. Tulle maxi dresses are the most popular these days for baby showers and maternity photo shoots. It's always nice.
baby shower outfit ideas| Moms Review Pad

Many mothers choose anarkali for baby shower or wedding event during pregnancy. Anarkali is the epitome of ethnic fashion in India for elegant and classy looks. There are many styles of anarkali too so it is important to choose the right style for your baby shower. We recommend empire cut anarkali with designer neckline, sleeves and deep back.

Designer Anarkali| | Indian Baby Shower Outfit Ideas| Moms Review Pad

Kaftan dresses are the best choice for a sophisticated look at a baby shower. If you want to be stylish and stylish, choose empire waist kaftans and show yourself in a beautiful way. Enhance your look with light jewelry and makeup. Choose a pair of  flats  to carry yourself comfortably. 
Kaftans Gowns | Indian Baby Shower Outfit Ideas| Moms Review Pad

Baby Shower Look Ideas

Kurta is a great idea for baby shower. This dress is not limited to a particular style. You will study the craftsmanship as the kurtas are designed in a new way. Bright colors with floral prints are suitable for a day party. If it's night, go for warm and strong shades. Bottoms, pants and palazzos in ankle length or flared ankles with cutouts, etc., will take care of your comfort level.

A maternity lace dress is a simple but comfortable dress that will give you an elegant look. So, you can choose plus size clothes in your favorite colors and patterns.

Lace Dress Outfits for Baby Shower

Baby Shower Dressing Ethnic
You are the guest of honor on this special occasion. Go for a stunning lehenga dress that is floor length. Do not choose a lot of clothes, but prefer bright clothes and pastel colors. Georgette fabric lehenga dresses can be more comfortable than other fabric options. Match your outfit with a dupatta if it has colorful motifs embellished in different designs like v-pallu, half-sari, or try a bong style. You will be more beautiful than you can imagine!

Baby Shower Clothing Tips 

Dress for the weather and your health. You should choose clothes like saree, lehenga or salwar kameez for the occasion, according to the weather. 

Brocades or embroidered silks can be very uncomfortable and should be avoided during summer.

 If the weather is cold, wear enough clothes to keep yourself warm. 

Choose light fabrics and avoid anything that is too heavy, as you will have to wear it for a long time. Think about your comfort first. 

Try not to wear too much jewelry or hair accessories, or anything that is distracting or uncomfortable. 

Having a theme for a baby shower can be fun and interesting; it's up to you to choose a traditional or modern theme. 

Don't wear high heels because you can cause a lot of pain at the end of the job. 

Make sure you pick a beautiful home that complements your outfit.

 Keep them simple which can be fun with your pedicure feet.

 If it's a day party, you can wear bright colored dresses and floral prints. And in the evening time, you can wear dark and strong shades. Good colors like red or yellow are considered good. But nowadays, you can try pastel and candy colors like orange and peach as well. 

Add stylish accessories in the form of - belts, bracelets etc.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What to do at a springtime baby shower?

 This is an easy option - flowers! Go for a hand printed floral wrap dress or a hand made floral saree in an unusual fabric for an Indian spring baby shower! 

Q. How can I dress for a summer baby shower in India?

 The sun is out, the gharara and sharara are in pastel colors! You can even go for short strappy kurtas and palazzos this season, but don't forget the transparent dupatta! 

Q. How to dress for a fall/winter baby shower? 

Fall solids are here! Go for neutral shades and co-ord sets or lehenga sets this time of the year and throw on a fitted jacket or coat to beat the wind chill. Winter means flat. And less of it! Use your turtlenecks as blouses and add a fun saree, or go for an embellished pantsuit - whatever your mood is! You can get more inspiration about it from these Indian street actress street fashion ideas for this year. 

Q. What should guests wear to an Indian baby shower? 

We discussed many ideas above about how to dress for a young child, without stealing the mother's title. In short, what you wear depends on whether it's formal or casual. If there is a theme, do your best to follow it. Generally, for an Indian baby shower, the theme is to wear a saree. If it’s a casual affair, you can go for western items like jeans, tunics, jumpsuits, etc.

 So whether you invite a child or Godh Bharai the mother should be happy and saved!! This is bound to increase the joy of mothers as they welcome new members with many wishes and blessings.

Author: Sakina Khatoon 

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