15 August

Krishna Janmashtami : 6 Adorable Ideas To Dress Up Your Kids And Decorate Krishna Idols. Designerplanet

 Krishna Janmashtami: 6 Adorable Ideas To Dress Up Your Kids And Decorate Krishna Idols. Designerplanet 

Janmashtami dresses

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Krishna Janmashtami celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna. People fast, break dahi-handi, sing hymns, visit temples, organize festivals and pray together to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna. It is a great occasion, celebrated especially in North India. Many parents love to dress up their children in the beautiful Radha and Krishna. Also, the Lord Krishna idol is adorned with beautiful clothes and mukut. 

This festival is celebrated for two days. We have great ideas to dress up your child in the cutest and most satisfying way.

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Dress up your child in Krishna style with this stylish dhoti kurta set and accessories. Your little prince will look adorable in this dress. The sizes available in this dress are for children up to 6 years. Made from pure cotton, this shirt will keep your child comfortable during activities. The pack contains 1 Dhoti, 1 Kurta, 1 Mala, 1 Mukut, 1 basuri and 1 earring.

Janmashtami lehenga

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Janmashtami dress for baby girl

Kids Lehenga for Janmashtami 

Why do people dress up their children as Krishna and Radha? 

All mothers are associated with naughty little Krishna. Each child is a manifestation of little Krishna and Radha. Full of mischief, he causes trouble but makes those around him happy with his antics. Dressing up your child as Krishna and Radha is a fun activity. 

If you are still clueless about Krishna and Radha outfits, here is a guide for your little Krishna this Janmashtami. Krishna Dress Up Ideas for Kids:- Yellow Dhoti Lord Krishna loved wearing pitambar dhoti, you can also start by designing Pitambar dhoti (yellow silk). You can buy dhotis in small sizes that are available and drape them. If you want to keep things simple, opt for a ready-made dhoti.

Yellow Dhoti


 The crown is the most important part of the look. You can get these beautiful light weight tools at the store. If you are good at arts and crafts, you can make cardboard, glue and gold colored paper. Make sure this mukut is comfortable for children. Attach a beautiful orange highlighter with tape. Tie the hair in a top knot and place the crown on your child's head.


 You need a long pearl necklace, baju band or bracelet, kangans, earrings or pieces of earrings and Payal or anklets. To give an authentic look, you can also put a garland made of jasmine flowers around your child's neck.

 For makeup 

All you have to do is apply Kasturi tilak on your child's forehead using fresh Chandan paste and some kumkum.


Krishna is not complete without a flute, so after you have designed the clothes and jewelry, make sure to give your child a flute. If you don't have a pipe, you can tie gold paper and beads to a small piece of wood and give it to your child as he walks around the house dressed as Krishna.

Mud pot

Janmashtami mud pot

 Last but not least, like the pipe, this is also an important part of the whole look. Little Krishna is like Makhan Chor or the butter thief, so make a small mud pot full of butter for your little Krishna. 

Krishna Dress Up Ideas For Kids:- 

Lehenga For Girls


Radha Dress You can dress up your little girl in any lehenga choli or ghaghra choli that you have at home. If you are planning to buy lehenga for your daughter this time, buy gujarati or Rajasthani cotton ghaghra. 

Accessories for Radha Dress

 You can make your child wear pearls or fake gold necklaces, silver anklets, belts, crowns etc. Flower necklaces and armlets are also very beautiful so you can wear them. Hair flowers are also beautiful and will make your child look like a true Radhika/gopi. 

Makhan Matka 

A clay or metal Ghada that is decorated with silver/gold color, glass etc. will be a perfect accessory for your little Radha.

Points to remember when dressing your child as Radha 

  • Make sure the clothes you choose are comfortable for the child and are made of natural fabrics like silk or cotton. 

  • Keep makeup to a minimum and don't force it if your child doesn't like kajal etc.

  •  Keeps jewelry light and skin-friendly. 

  • Check all accessories for sharp edges that could injure your child. 

You really want to take pictures of the cutie pie, so we recommend that you install all the photography tools in advance. That way, when the kid is ready, you can click their picture right away, before they do something to ruin their outfit! And remember, a little is a lot; don't accessorize too much. Your child will look beautiful even without useless trinkets!

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The Story Behind Krishna Janmashtami Festival 

Krishna Janmashtami is observed on the eighth day because Krishna is said to be the eighth son of his biological mother Devaki. Since he was born during the era of evil. Lord-krishna Krishna, known as Kanha in Hindu mythology, was attacked by his evil uncle, King Kansa. Krishna's father Vasudeva Anak Dundubhi took him across the Yamuna to Nanda and Yashoda in Gokul after his birth in Mathura. Krishna was born in Gokul and grew up to defeat his uncle Kansa.

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