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Disney Frozen Best Product at Lowest Price


26 August

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G vs Samsung Galaxy A33 5G . Which One's Better ? Designerplanet

 AuthorSakina Khatoon

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G vs Samsung Galaxy A33 5G . Which One's Better?Designerplanet 

Quick Comparison 

Both Samsung Galaxy A53 5G and Samsung Galaxy A33 5G comes with same RAM.Neither of them has front Flash. Both have the same amount of internal memory.

If you are not willing to spend a fortune on a new smartphone, the Galaxy A series is one of your best options for a new phone in 2022. Samsung brings two new models, the Galaxy A53 5G and the Galaxy A33 5G. 

What are the differences? Is it worth spending a little more on the A53 5G?

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G vs Galaxy A33 5G: all the differences



Detailed price and delivery comparison 

The first launch date of the smartphone is March 17, 2022. The price of Samsung Galaxy A53 5G is Rs. 31499. The launch date of the second smartphone is March 17, 2022. The Samsung Galaxy A33 5G price is Rs. 24999. 

Show comparison 

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G has a larger screen size of 6.5 inches compared to the 6.4-inch screen of the Samsung Galaxy A33 5G. There is a Super AMOLED display variant on both phones. Samsung Galaxy A33 5G has a screen density of 411 PPI and Samsung Galaxy A53 5G has a screen density of only 405 PPI. In terms of screen-to-body ratio, Samsung Galaxy A53 5G has a better screen-to-body ratio ~85.4% than Samsung Galaxy A33 5G ~83.7%. Both phones have the same 20:9 aspect ratio. 



Memory Comparison 

Both have 6 GB of RAM and both have the same internal memory of 128 GB. Both devices have a memory card slot. 

Camera comparison 

The 64 MP quad rear camera of the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G is far superior to the 48 MP quad rear camera of the Samsung Galaxy A33 5G in terms of resolution. 

The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G will be a better option if you want to go for a lot of selfies because it has a better 32 MP camera compared to the 13 MP front camera of the Samsung Galaxy A33 5G. 

Technical comparison 

Both phones run Android version 12 operating system.

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G Check Price 


Great 120Hz screen 

Dual speakers do a great job 

Cameras produce solid image and video quality 

Excellent battery life 

Clean design 

Has microSD expandable storage 


Disappointing haptics 

Slow fingerprint reader

 No more headphone jack 

Gaming experience is a bit of a let down

Samsung   Galaxy A33 5G


Huge leap in display quality over predecessor 

Much more appealing design 

Solid battery life 


4 years of software updates 


A bit pricey Middling performance

 No headphone jack 

Plastic build

In terms of colors, both come in the same 4 versions: Black, White, Light Blue and Orange. However, keep in mind that different markets can get different colors. You also get IP67 water and dust protection on both models, a nice feature. One thing both phones lack is a headphone jack, as the times are, and while budget phones used to have it, that's no longer the case with this A-series.

The pair both have an optical fingerprint scanner inside the screen. Plus, it's also nice that both have image-based face recognition using the front camera. 


Samsung insists on including four cameras on the back of all these phones, as if trying to impress consumers with the sheer number of lenses. Unfortunately, two of those cameras are completely unnecessary: the macro and depth cameras are expected to be of middling quality and merely 5MP resolution. You also don't get a telephoto zoom lens.


In terms of software, being 2022 phones, the Galaxy A53 5G and A33 5G both ship with the latest Android 12 and One UI 4.1 combo. Last year, Samsung committed to 4 years of major software updates for the Galaxy A series, and that really makes these two stand out in the Android space.

Battery and Charging 

Same super impressive battery size on both 

Battery life has always been excellent on the Galaxy A series and these two latest editions only continue that tradition.



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