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01 November

Fancy Kolhapuri Chappal for Women. Designerplanet

 AuthorSakina Khatoon 

All You Need To Know About Ladies Kolhapuri Chappal.  Designerplanet 

The Kolhapuri Chappal is a popular handmade shoe of all times. They have been around since the days of our grandparents and after all these years it is still in the fashion game. Kolhapuri Chappal is made of leather. They are popular not only in rural areas but also in big cities. The trend of Kolhapuri is old and till now, it is on the top list when it comes to shoes.


Kolhapuri chappals originated in the state of Maharashtra where the royal family of Maharashtra known as 'Saudagars' observed the uniqueness of kohlapuri chappals. Handcrafted leather shoes that have been dyed locally with vegetable dyes, which give them a sandy brown shade. Fancy kolhapuri chappals look attractive, attractive and suitable for wearing with Indian traditional clothes. They are a perfect addition to anyone's ethnic wardrobe.

Wide Range of Kolhapuri Chappal 


History, some Facts And In Fashion Kolhapuri Chappals


Kolhapuri existed as far back as the 13th century. In the 18th century it became popular as Kolhapuri and soon after, it was also served in neighboring towns and cities of Maharashtra. The Kolhapuri chappal (dress) is a hand-made shoe that is famous all over the world today.


 These handmade leather shoes are dyed with vegetable dyes. The traditional design of Kolhapuri shoes is very popular not only in rural Maharashtra but also gaining popularity all over the world.


 No hard or sharp material is used in making these chappals. Sewing and punching are done by hand. Apart from the external beauty, they give the Kolhapuris, they do not cause injury to the feet and decorate your feet with a modern and regal look. The construction of Kolhapuri is simple where two pieces of matching fabric are joined together and fixed with a thin leather strap or rope to provide great comfort and durability. 

Material Used

 Authentic Kolhapuri are usually handmade and made from pure leather. The original Kolhapuri is made of 100% cowhide or cowhide. It is available in three main colors: natural, oil and polish. 


 Kolhapuri Chappals are beautifully decorated and embellished. The latest models available in the market are very elaborate with gold thread, zari strips, pom-poms or gonda, etc. Changes have been made to this shoe based on culture which sometimes includes folk customs. There are also Kolhapuris in Khaadis branded with bright colors ranging from purple to green, silver and gold.

Types of Kolhapuri Chappal 

Velvet Kolhapuri Chappal 

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Pom Pom Kolhapuri Chappal 

Embroidered Kolhapuri Chappal 

Mirror Work Kolhapuri Chappal 

Pearl Kolhapuri Chappal 

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Why are Kolhapuri Chappals Back in Fashion?

The T-strap and open sandals are handmade, and with proper care can last a lifetime; therefore, all you have to do is remove it from moisture. These chappals look good with jeans and tshirt and ethnic fashion clothes, be it salwar suits or sarees. These shoes have gone through various innovations in the past decade, and are coming back into fashion all over the country and the world. 

Kolhapuri time is wearable: 

Kolhapuri Chappals have been updated using various styles and colors and can complement the modern bride. They are not only suitable for walking down the aisle as a couple but also comfortable for tapping your feet on the dance floor at the sangeet. The color palette available for Kolhapuri slip-ons ranges from neutrals, metallics, bright and pastel shades like teal, olive, pink and fuchsia. 

There are also different types of heels such as kitten heels, wedges and stilettos and they create unique combinations for short and tall. 

Some of the popular kolhapuri styles include- 

  • Crystal-encrusted Kolhapuris 

  • Colorful Kolhapuris with beautiful embroidery 

  • Colored embellishments on slip-on sandals 

  • Plain brown Chappals 

  • Silver Kolhapuri Chappals.


 The fact that the Kolhapuri Chappal are hand made from leather makes them strong and they are even waterproof. They are hand stitched and hence very durable. Ladies Kolhapuri is a little different than Men's Kolhapuri Chappal. The front of the Kolhapuri women is quite narrow and the chappal has a lot of detailing. As mentioned earlier, the Kolhapuri are made of leather so they are comfortable because they just take the shape of your feet and you can carry them easily and protect your feet from accidents. You can wear Kolhapuri Chappal in several outfits for different occasions. Kolhapuri Chappal are perfect for summer season as they give a nice touch to your feet. There are many varieties available in Kolhapuri with unique details. You can find intricate zari lace detailing on beautiful tassels and even an embroidered patio on the front of the chappal. The right shoes really change your fashion game so choose shoes that are stylish and versatile to suit different looks at different times. Let's take a look at some of the most loved kolhapuri chappals. 

Wearing a Kolhapuri Chappal festival 

The Kolhapuri Chappals were first seen in brown color tanned leather. But with the passage of time, these Kolhapuri chappals have gone through different new designs and styles, and now they are also made for people with different preferences. You can find kolhapuri chappals in a variety of colors these days, starting from black, white, red, yellow, blue, and green and beyond that there are options.

Some beautiful classic pair of kolhapuri chappal is a must-have in your footwear collection that you can easily style in multiple ways.

Price range 

The price of kolhapuri chappals depends on the design and the store you choose. Cheap kohlapuri chappals can be found in local markets, and in high-end stores you will find expensive varieties. And in such cases, shopping from online stores is the right idea because they deliver it worldwide at affordable prices. The best thing about these chappals is that they are unisex and are worn by both men and women.

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