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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

All About Cambio Jeans

cambio All About Cambio Jeans

Whether you are seeking classic style Whether you are seeking classic style and washes of jeans or those with a modern touch, there are many styles which are available through the Cambio lines of jeans. Although there are many common washes which can be seen throughout the popular lines of jeans, there are various washes which can cause the jeans to appear classic or even change the look of the jeans to create something modern inspired! For this reason, the jeans are popular with men and women of all ages that are seeking a brand of jeans that they can identify with.

Some of the most popular types of Cambio jeans that are available are those with the darkest wash in skinny styles. Through the skinny styles, it can be easy to take part in the latest of fashion trends which include the jeans being worn in combination with boots, and tucked into the boots. Since skinny jeans are tighter through the bottom of the leg, similar to tapered styles, it can be simple to follow one of the hottest trends through the popular designs in jeans which are available from Cambio Jeans.

Three of the most popular washes which are found through the jeans like, Cambio are stone washed, rinsed – which is the darkest option available for the denim and distressed, which is the lightest of the three washes that are available. Through the jeans, which are nicknamed after popular names of women and men, the styles are versatile and available in a variety of washes. Once you find a fit you like and that suits your body type, you can have it in a variety of washes.

How to Wear Skinny Jeans with Boots

Trend boots JPG
A skinny jean tucked into boots is a trend that has been around for a couple of years, since the introduction of skinny jeans. Throughout the summer season and into fall styles, this is one that is sticking around, as we see designers creating jeans and boots which can be paired perfectly together. Although this style can be hard to pull off – how do you know if you are doing it right? Skinny jeans can be a hard trend to style and therefore, here are some tips that can help you wear your skinny jeans and boots – marching into the fall season looking great –

* When choosing a jean to wear with a boot, be sure that it is a skinny jean and there is not too much excess material throughout the bottom of the jean. This excess material can cause the jean to appear bunched within the boot and lead to a major fashion faux pas.
* Skinny jeans can be worn in a variety of washes, but dark washes are by far the most effective and stylish when it comes to choosing a jean. Through the use of these dark washes, the legs appear slimmer and you can instantly appear ten pounds lighter.
* When choosing the skinny jean, choose denim that has a little give within the fabric. Through the use of this give the individual is able to maintain the jeans easily in comfort while wearing them.
* Choose skinny jeans that are suited for the body type. For example, there are skinny jeans in a low rise, mid rise and even a high rise. Learning which type of jean suits your body type is an effective way to determine which pair of jeans will look best with the outfit that you create.

How to Choose Jeans for Your Body Type

joes jeans front How to Choose Jeans for Your Body Type Denim jeans are a classic look that is available in a wide variety of styles. From wide leg style to skinny jean styles of jeans, low cut to high rise jeans – how do you know which type that you should choose for your body type? For every body type, there are certain types of jeans which can flatter the figure and certain types of jeans which should be avoided. Here are some tips that you can use while dressing your body type to ensure that you look your best while wearing your favorite pair of denim jeans:

For curvy body types, including hourglass figures, it can be helpful to avoid jeans which are too low waisted, as well as skinny jeans. The tapered leg that comes with skinny jeans can cause the figure to become imbalanced appearing and cause the midsection to look larger than it truly is. The best fit for a curvy figure is boot cut jeans, in a dark wash, which can help to flatter the figure. Choose jeans that sit higher on the waist, through the thinnest part of the jeans for the most figure flattering effect.

For those trying to disguise a midsection that they are not confident about, low rise jeans should also be avoided. There is nothing attractive about a waist which hangs over the jeans and therefore choosing a style of denim that is cut higher, or even mid-cut can be an effective way to disguise the midsection and cause the body to appear leaner than it may be.

For people trying to add to the figure, or those with a boyish figure, consider choosing the skinny jean, layered with tops that can add to the figure. Hugging the body in all the right places, the skinny jean can create the appearance of curves, even where there are none.

How to Wear Jeans

Skinny-leg jeans look great on models and celebrities, but can real women pull off this runway look? Sure, if you follow a few guidelines:

* The most slimming look comes from skinny jeans in a dark blue or black wash.
* You don't have to go with skin-tight jeans to get the look of the trend: jeans vary from super-skinny (usually about a 10" leg opening) to a kinder, straight-leg cut (about 14" leg opening).
* One of the key elements for pulling off skinny jeans is to balance it with volume on top including dolman-sleeve tops, bell-sleeve tops or tunics.
* Disguise heavy thighs by wearing a longer, belted tunic over skinny jeans.
* Cover up thick calves by tucking skinny jeans into tall boots.
* Wear heels with skinny jeans for a leg-lengthening look; pointy-toed flats also work.

How to Pull Off The Skinny Jeans Trend

Skinny jeans are those which are worn in a variety of ways and are available in styles that sit low on the hips, as well as styles that sit high on the waist. Through the skinny jeans, the leg is thin and is cut close to the body and the bottoms of the pants are tapered, allowing the jean to remain thin throughout the entire leg, creating curves and accenting parts of the body. Although the skinny jean is available in a variety of washes and colors, people seem to choose dark washes as the most popular type of skinny jean, as they seem to be the most flattering to various body types.

Are there certain body types which are able to pull off the skinny jean better than others? Those with a svelte or boyish figure may pull off the jeans best, but even girls with a little bit of curve can pull off the trend of skinny jeans, depending on what type of clothing and accessories are matched with the jeans. For example, those with curves may choose to accentuate the jeans with a tunic, which is belted around the waist, accentuating an hourglass figure or the thinnest part of the body.

What types of shoes should be worn with skinny jeans? If you are trying to add height to your figure, than you should consider the highest shoes possible to match with the skinny jeans. Stilettos and other thin, high heels work best when styling skinny jeans, as they can be used to create the illusion of a longer leg. Through the design in the heel, which mimics that of the skinny jean, the individual can ensure they are able to pull off the look effectively and cause the legs to appear leaner in the process.

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