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28 December

Designer Planet: Best Drugstore Blushes

Drugstore is the beauty industry's most buzzworthy phrase. No longer just the moniker for America's pharmacies, it's now the go-to phrase for describing affordable, easily-accessed make-up, skin and haircare. And The Drugstore Beauty Directory is your definitive guide to the best products at pocket-friendly prices to add to your cosmetics collection now.

Best Drugstore Blushes

  1.     e.l.f. Baked Blush
  2.     Wet n Wild Color Icon Blusher
  3.     Milani Baked Blush
  4.     Pixi by Petra Multibalm
  5.     NYX Cosmetics Powder Blush
  6.     Maybelline Fit Me Blush
  7.     Covergirl TruBlend Blush
  8.     Revlon Powder Blush
  9.     L’Oreal Paris True Match Super Blendable Blush
  10.     NYX Professional Makeup Sweet Cheeks Blush Palette

27 December

Designer Planet: Benefits of Neem Beauty

Benefits of Neem Beauty

Acne can be cured

     Take a few leaves of the neem and boiled in water.
     Dip the cotton ball into the water and rub it evenly on your face.
     You can also use neem yogurt or a neem face bag to reduce your face fat.

Dry skin can be treated

     Take a small amount of neem powder and add a few drops of grape seed oil.
     Place the dough on your face and leave it undisturbed for 15 minutes.
     Wash with cold water.
Can take care of hair problems

     Massage your hair roots with neem oil.
     To control dandruff, mix some neem powder with water and apply your hair. Leave it for an hour and then shampoo your hair.

Designer Planet: This Genius Trick Makes Putting On Glitter Nail Polish So Much Easier artkit&index=aps&camp=3638&creative=24630&linkCode=xm2&linkId=e587318eaf35e8bcbcb665c9f618ca34

Polish glitter is very beautiful to look at, but very hard on. It takes a lot to put those shiny polishing and make your nails shining. Getting this ideal look without smudging, uneven, incomplete, seems impossible. So in this article we will give you some great tips to put on those easily.

Required Items:

     Coat top
     Coat base
     Cosmetic sponge
     Glitter nail polish of your choice
     Liquid latex (optional but recommended)


     The base layer is usually applied.

2. Place liquid latex around your nails, so that the area is not covered in a polishing coating

3. On the edge of sponge make-up, apply nail polish.

4. On your sponge dab nail. This is a real hack because the sponge immerses most of the nail polish, just leaves the nail luster.

5. Now peel off the liquid latex applied around the nails.

6. Now apply the top layer to the shine so that it does not come easily

7. It's over!
Manicure & Pedicure Nail Drill Bits

Nail Art Kit

Product available on Amazon

Designer Planet: How to put and remove contact lenses lenses&index=aps&camp=3638&creative=24630&linkCode=xm2&linkId=5e86db69b706e2d8d3e908c593a56ef4


How to insert contact lenses
    Step 1: Wash and dry your hands thoroughly using soap and a clean towel.
    Step 2: Rinse the lenses using a shop to remove dirt or debris. (You can skip this step with new contacts that have not been worn.) Tip: You do not want to mix your lenses, so remember that you always insert and remove the lens for eye blindness first.
    Step 3: Place the lens on the tip of the index finger. Make sure the lens is not inside by checking the mark if appropriate.
    Step 4: Use your free hand, hold the upper eyelid in place so as not to overdo it.
    Step 5: Use the free fingers in the insertion hand, drag the lower eyelid down.
    Step 6: Consider, place the lens on the bottom of your eye.

    Step 7: Slowly remove your hand from your eyelid, allowing your eyes to close for a moment.
    Step 8: Twinkle several times naturally, so that the lens centers.
    Step 9: If the lens feels uncomfortable or irritates your eyes, remove them and check for damage or debris. If the lens is damaged, then throw it away. Otherwise, use the solution to rinse and re-insert.
Make sure the lens is not inside

To do this, just place the lens on the tip of your finger and hold it with light. If the edges are extinguished, it is inside out. Some lenses have 1, 2, 3; indicator - make sure the numbers are not retrograde. It should look like a bowl with straight edges.

Using your right hand

Place your upper eyelid gently with one finger so as not to touch or touch your lashes, then carefully pull your lower eyelid with your other fingers.

Moving contact lenses
Towards your eyes steadily. Look up while you put it in your eyes, then release your eyelid slowly and then close your eyes for a moment to allow the lens to stabilize. Repeat for the other eye.


    Do not let soap, cosmetics or any other materials come into contact with lenses.
    Never touch the lens care bottle on any surface, including your finger or contact lens.
    Do not reuse any lens care solution.
    Do not use eye drops or non-customized solutions for use with contact lenses.
    Never wear contact lenses in the presence of harmful or irritating fumes or fumes.
    Never wear your lenses after the period recommended by your optician.
    Never swap contact lenses with anyone.
    Never apply the hair conditioner after applying contact lenses.

    Never use tweezers or other tools to remove lenses from the lens container unless specifically indicated for this use. Pour the lens into the hand.

Contact lenses

26 December

Designer Planet:Buy Matt Lipstick

Designer Planet: Buy Oil Control Foundation

Designer Planet: Buy Herbal Kohl Kajal

Designer Planet:Offer on Baby Lips

Designer Planet:Buy Sandal Talc

Designer Planet:Imported Kajal Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Designer Planet:Nail Polish Combo Of 12 Pcs (Disco)

Designer Planet:Buy Mini Portable Finger Nail Fast Polish Blower Dryer for Nail Art

Designer Planet:Buy Nail Art Kit

Designer Planet:Palmolive Aroma Therapy Absolute Relax Shower Gel

Buy Planet:Plastic Longl Plant Pot

Greenaholics Plant Pots – 5 Inch Diamond Ceramic Planters for Snake Plant Seedling Small Plants, with Saucers, White, Set of 2



Designer Planet:Buy Neska Moda Women's Regular Stockings

Designer Planet:Buy Electric Kettle

Designer Planet:Optimum Fish Food

Designer Planet:Sandisk Cruzer Blade 16 GB Utility Pendrive

Designer Planet:Happilo 100% Natural Premium Whole Cashews

Designer Planet:DOCOSS Luggage Lock

Designer Planet:Buy Contessa Plus Bib Cock (Foam Flow)

Designer Planet:Designer Planet:Pack of 2

24 December

Designer Planet: Pencil Box for Multipurpose Use

Designer Planet: Multipurpose Use Basket for Dinning Table for Kitchen Use

Designer Planet: Women's Salwar Suit Dress Material

Designer Planet:Party Wear Women's A-line Knee-Long Dress(

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 Collar Designer Kurti 
Designer Planet: Different Types Of Kurtis designs
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Designer Planet: Long Kurties Smart and Classy look.
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Designer Kurti-Tunics Printed Kurti-Tunics

Designer Planet: Stylish Front Neck Designs for Suits
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Designer Planet:Buy Kurtis Online in India at Cheap and Best Price
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23 December

Designer Planet: Buy Exercise & Gym Equipment's Online

Buy Exercise & Gym Equipment's Online

StarX 20 Kg Home Gym Exercise Set with 3 ft Rod Combo Exercise & Fitness Sets


Designer Planet: Hair Accessories Hair Band for Girls and Women

Hair Accessories Hair Band for Girls and Women

Hair Accessories. Designerplanet

YouBella Hair Jewellery Crystal Stuuded Hair Band Head Band for Girls and Women

#designerplanet #hairjewellery

Hair Accessories

Hair Extensions



Whether short or long, straighteners are the perfect solution for getting straight hair every day at home. Most of us spend a lot of time and money to do our hair in the salon.

But by investing in a straightening iron, you can straighten, curl, increase the volume of hair and style your hair according to your needs.

The right choice of a straightener will not only last a long time, but will also protect your hair from damage, breakage, cracks and uneven textures. Straightener&index=aps&camp=3638&creative=24630&linkCode=xm2&linkId=1d29914026502b810485fce3a02e180a

HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron

H3000 Tourmaline Ceramic Straightening

When hair stylists comment online about a great product for curling or straightening hair, it is always the HairArt H3000 Tourmaline Ceramic Straightening Iron because it works wonders on all types of hair. In fact, the product's wide 3/8 ”ceramic plate, five temperature settings and user-friendly swivel cord make it the perfect hair straightening device for all uses. The device proves to be safe, and even has a default setting of 180F so that users never have to worry about burnt or damaged hair.

Check Price

XTAVA Professional Flat Iron

The great thing about improved heat technology is that this XTAVA device takes full advantage of it; while offering users a real higher heat action for shiny and silky hair. The product is credited with reaching over 430F; while delivering more than 60% more power than other similar devices.

Check Price

Conair Ceramic Instant Heat 2-Inch Straightener

Bebella Premium Pro Professional  

Salona Professional

 Bestope Hair Straightener

 Wazor 1 Inch Ceramic Titanium Hair Straightener

Philps HP8316/00 Kerashine 


In short, the unit is amazing with its quality, versatility and affordability. It is the best budget pick for frizzy and curly hair type. We love how lightweight it is, a fact to consider because it takes very little space when locked and feels so light that you can take it anywhere you go. Also the minimal weight doesn’t put pressure on your arms while you straighten your hair. One drawback is the thinner plates are not suitable for long and thick hair.
  • Top quality ceramic plates
  • 60 seconds fast heating
  • Reaches 210 degree C for perfect salon straight look
  • Adds shine to your hair
  • Tin plates can be used as a curler
  • Lightweight, easy to carry and hold
  • Swivel cord for better flexibility
  • 2 years of warranty from Philips
  • Thin plates takes more time in straightening long and thick hair
Check Price




  • NOTE : Philips Straightener is equipped with a special ION functionality to provide you frizz-free smooth hair. When this function is on, it is normal to hear a sizzling sound coming from your straightener. You may also get a strange smell. However, this is is nothing to worry about. The straightener is still safe to use
  • 2 professional temperature settings
  • Hair straightener fast heat up in 60 seconds
  • 1.8 m heat safe cord. Temperature Settings-210°C - 190°C. Styling temperature-210°C
  • 2 years Philips India warranty from the date of purchase ; Toll free number:1860-180-1111/1800-102-2929 for any assista
Havells HS4101 Hair Straightener

Moreover, this Havells Hair Straightener is well suited for everyday use. Further it avoids pressure on hair and prevents hair breakage to a greater extent. Most of the customer’s complaints were about build quality and the manufacturing services.
  • Inexpensive
  • Straightening plus curling
  • 210°C of temperature settings.
  • Advanced PTC heating element.
  • 2 years warranty on the product
  • 45 seconds of quick heating mechanism. 
  • Poor manufacturing services.
  • Build quality is not up to the mark

  • 2 year guarantee
  • 24 hour home service. Contact_us on: [ 1800-103-1313][ 1800-11-0303 ]
  • Ceramic coated , Indicator: LED indicator
  • 45 seconds quick heat up
  • Advance PTC heating element
  • Highest temperature 210 degree celsius
  • Switch based on/off mechanism

  • 18m long power cord
  • Floating plates
 Syska Superglam HS6810 Hair Straightener

SuperGlam is a full value for money product. We love how stylish it looks, the way it straightens and how light it weighs. But, you can’t use it for curling, also, the plates are not ceramic plates; they are ceramic coated which are not as superior as Philips but does its job pretty well. Apart from this, it is a quality product with all the features that one could ask for under this price range.
  • Auto-off over heat protector
  • Safe heat resistant plates that cools down faster
  • Stylish glossy looks
  • Push up lock system
  • Lightweight and travel friendly
  • 2 years of warranty on the product
  • Cannot be used for curling like Philips
  • Small straightening plates takes more time
  • Plate material could be better.

  • Ceramic plates for better heating and smooth gliding
  • Rapid heat up in 60 seconds, The power is 3 watts, Lock Function: Yes
  • Auto-off for over heat protection, Automatic Off: No
  • Sleek design with Lockable handle makes it travel friendly and easy to use
  • Swivel cord prevents from getting wire tangled

Check Price

Nova NHS 860 Hair Straightener

A major drawback of this unit is its warranty, though it claims 1 year warranty but there are several terms and conditions which makes it unreliable. Otherwise, it does a pretty good job at straightening; hair stays straight until you wash it. A great choice for those who want quick straightening results without spending their whole pocket money on a straightener.
  • Budget friendly
  • Good quality ceramic coated plates
  • 4 temperature setting levels
  • Larger plates give faster straightening results
  • Auto-off in case of overheating
  • Heats in 30 seconds
  • Body gets hot when used for long time making it difficult to hold
  • Unreliable warranty
  • No locking in the plates

  • Ceramic, patented floating plates
  • Temperature range: 90-210 degree Celsius
  • Heat up time: 60 sec

Check Price

Kemei KM-329 Hair Straightener

The device can do wonders for thin to medium hair that is wavy and not curly, the hair stays straight for 2 days if you stay away from humidity and don’t wash your hair. On the negative side, it doesn’t do a good job for those with heavy curly hair and it doesn’t have any warranty. But at this price point, you can’t ask for anything else. It a solid pick for the money.
  • Super affordable
  • Has temperature settings
  • Ceramic coated plates ensures better heating
  • Quick heat within 30 seconds
  • Auto shut off to prevent heat damage
  • No warranty on the product
  • Not suitable for curly thick hair.

  • Heavy duty
  • Maintenance free
  • Corded device
  • Hair straightener
  • Multi-purpose use

Check Price

Shoppostreet Hair Straightener

To wrap it up, the hair styling kit does a pretty decent job in both straightening and curling. The quality is top-notch at this price, looks expensive, and has a shiny finish with a cute pink colour. Customers didn’t have any major problem using it; only disadvantage is that it doesn’t come with a warranty.
  • 2 in 1 styler for both straightening and curling
  • Solid build quality that looks expensive
  • Teflon ceramic plates provides smooth gliding
  • PTC heater provides superior heating
  • 30 sec quick heating
  • No warranty on the product
  • Smaller plates not suitable for heavy long hair
  • Not a reputable brand
Check Price

Hair Straightener
Best Hair Extension
Best Flat Iron Hair Straightener


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