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29 October

Reshma Bakhtyar: VIVIAN DESENA

Reshma Bakhtyar: VIVIAN DESENA: Personal Life : Vivian Dsena, an Indian TV actor and a model, appears in Indian tele-serials. Vivia...

Reshma Bakhtyar: I LOVE TO WEAR GOWNS

Reshma Bakhtyar: I LOVE TO WEAR GOWNS: Asymmetrical Taffeta Halter Embroidered Wedding Dress Item : W1ZD93107 Original Price :$177.59 Latest Price: $147...

18 October

Career in Fashion Designing

Job Prospect

In India, the fashion industry has just begun to come of age, as it is still in its fledgling stage. This industry offers plenty of opportunities for talented hard working and enthusiastic people. Prospects for fashion design graduates are pretty good thanks to the huge and still growing demand for “designer wear” and the equally outsized quantity of exports.

After successful completion of the course, you can remain self employed. Alternatively, several export houses, garment store chains, textile mills, leather companies, boutiques, fashion show organizers, jewellery houses and media houses recruit professionals interested in a career in fashion designing.

Pay Packet

The Starting monthly package can be around Rs.10, 000 to Rs.15, 000. With experience, you will acquire maturity in designing skills and a few years down the line your salary would be in the range of Rs.30, 000 to Rs.40, 000 per month. Of course, if you become a reputed designer you could demand the world.

Great fashion designers salary always shows an upward moving trend. However, hard work and a conscious effort to update the latest trends in the fashion industry are imperative.

Demand and Supply

Economically India is progressing rapidly today with even better future prospects. Therefore, the country is today witnessing rapid growth in many sectors which includes the fashion industry.

Indian fashion is gaining a lot of popularity abroad because of cheap labour and excellent craftsmanship. Many top Indian designers are now catering to this growing international demand for quality fashion products and accessories. In addition, for the demand for Indian garments, designer saris and textiles are also of great demand.

Many individuals choose careers in fashion designing today as there are many areas of work and countless opportunities within this field.

Market Watch

The scope for fashion design jobs in India is immense as Indians have increasingly become more fashion conscious and seek to enhance it in every way. Clothing companies need to hire people in a variety of jobs, ranging from fashion designers, textile designers, models, retailers, buyers and merchandisers, to provide end-to-end solutions to their clients.

According to a recent study, the India’s fashion designing industry aims to grow to Rs.1, 000 crores from the current to Rs.180 crores within the next 5 to 10 years.

International Focus

Better prospectus both in terms of salary and growth of fashion design jobs is enormous and extends beyond India’s markets to international markets too. Indian fashion designers are doing very well in almost all countries and hence the scope has broadened for students of fashion designing.

Fashion designers such as Ritu Beri, Ritu Kumar, Rohit Bal, Satya Paul and Tarun Tahiliani are known worldwide. Many Institutions provide training to potential fashion designers to expand their talent and become entrepreneurs in the fashion world. The India Fashion Week has become an international fashion event, with buyers from international stores making an appearance to transact business.

With more and more Indians dressing up and focused on looking good, there is an increasing awareness about fashion in India. The Indian fashion industry is booming. The domestic Indian Textile market is worth $25 billion today and growing at an annual rate of 15-20%.

Mega Malls are mushrooming all over. The Retail sector is witnessing a virtual explosion with the Ambanis, Mittals, Birlas and now, the Tatas making a foray in this sector. The fashion market will require thousands of trained professionals in the fields of design, management, communication and technology.

01 October

Hair Color Trends Designerplanet Color&index=aps&camp=3638&creative=24630&linkCode=xm2&linkId=158e627718ab2fdd3ec84633f52558cc



The hairstyle of a person forms one of the most important aspects of his personality. So, for most of the people, getting a new haircut or styling the hair in a new way seems to be the best way to change their look. Not many people are aware of the fact that just by changing the color of their hair; they can bring about a drastic change in their personality. The only consideration is that the hair color should be selected keeping in mind the year's hair color trends and at the same time, should go well with your skin tone. In the following lines, we have listed the hair colors that are most likely to be 'hot' in 2019.

Brunette hair has always managed to make heads turn and the same will hold true in 2019 as well. If, by any chance, you have black, purple or stripy highlights, get rid of them right away. 2019 is all about the natural look. Go for a light and warm brunette base and top it off with subtle, golden highlights. Slightly darker color at the roots and under-layers will add the perfect depth to your hair.

One of the hottest hair colors in the year 2019 is going to be ebony. A dark black shade, it beautifully complements those who have a fair skin. It will especially make you stand out in the winters, when everything around you is dull and mostly, white.

One of the most popular shades in 2009, as far as hair color is concerned, will be red. The warm shades of red are the one that are going you make you look 'hot' this season. The base of your hair should be intense, giving it depth and dimension, but topped off with golden highlights. However, you can also go for burgundy, strawberry blonde, copper brown and auburn shades.

If you are a blonde, then keeping your natural hair color is not such a bad idea after all. However, you can combine it with rich highlights and lowlights, in order to provide just the right contrast. If you are planning to get blonde color for your hair, then try to incorporate multiple shades, rather than sticking to just one or two. It will make the blonde color look natural.



If you are not ready to paint your hair black, then deep chocolate dark brown is another hair color that you can look forward. It is going to be hot in the coming year and is sure to make you stand out in the crowd. You can also mix it up, by choosing a brown shade with golden tones.

Hair Accessories

Hair Extensions

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07 June

Tired of the usual sarees? Desire for something different? Your prayers have been answered. Get smitten by our amazing collection of Lehenga Style Saree. Renders glamour of a Lehenga with charm of a Sari. What more can you ask for!

Lehenga Style Drapes - Party Wear Sarees from $ 103 USD

Top Bangalore Sarees Design For Glamorous Look 
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Mustard Colored Designer Sarees 
Mustard Colored Designer Sarees 
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06 June

Indian Saree: Back With a Bang In The Fashion Circuit saree&index=aps&camp=3638&creative=24630&linkCode=xm2&linkId=e5d4ec0e7f8bffea37ce51e285e12e3a

The Indian Saree- Age old, part of India’s history and culture, the oldest dress form for women in this country.
The Indian Saree does the best portrayal of the desi-indian-girl. An Indian saree has come back with a bang and a boom to the fashion circuit. Shows on ethnicity and designers like Ritu Kumar have embodied the concepts of style and tradition by creating versions of the Indian Saree. A Sabyasachi saree is different and has a unique quotient to it, while a Satya Paul Saree would be colour-centric and pleasing to the eye that favours colour. Meanwhile you have not so high-end stores selling their special versions of the Indian Saree making it feasible to choose from various options and looks. From looking elegant, to looking hot, to looking basic, to looking stylish, there is a saree for your every requirement for every look
When Priyanka Chopra Wore the gorgeous Saree in the song Desi-girl from Dostana, it looked sizzling on screen. It literally created a bigger stir than her swimsuit scene of the film. This goes to show that the Indian Saree concept is not drab, and it’s not overtly traditional any longer either. It has taken a turn and today, the saree is embodied internationally as well. And this is a proud moment for India for having come a long way from having seven yard sarees as the only choice to today, having seventy inch long sarees as well! So, leaving the long and short of it to your style sensibility, here’s a desi-namaste until next time!

Best Sarees online 

Top Bangalore Sarees Design For Glamorous Look 
Shop online for exclusive Baluchari silk sarees from Bengal
Mustard Colored Designer Sarees 
Mustard Colored Designer Sarees 
Designer Planet:Beautiful Black Saree
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Chiffon Saree with Blouse Piece
Designer Sarees

29 May

Teen Fashion Trends .Designerplanet Fashion&index=aps&camp=3638&creative=24630&linkCode=xm2&linkId=95c34605d8eede6f33c0cc536fd56e7c
  • In the coming year, blue is the color to look out for. Blue dresses, blue jeans, blue t-shirts - anything will do. Just make sure to pair it with bright colors like orange, yellow and red.
  •  This year will see floral prints being back in vogue. Go ahead and buy that dress in floral print that you have been eyeing for long. Just remember to pair it up with sexy shoes and accessories.
  • Multi-colored 'maxi dress' is another teen trend that is going to be popular in the coming year. As for the prints, apart from floral, you can go for unusual geometrical patterns.
  • If you are looking for party wear, then  this is all set to welcome the one-shoulder dresses with open arms. You can use belts and stiletto heels to spice up the look further.
  • Talking about embellishments, sequins are going to rule the roost in  latest trend. Short dresses, adorned with a lot of sequins and combined with suede ankle boots, is just the look for you.
  • Denim was, is and will be popular as long as humans continue to exist. However, the cut in jeans has tapered down to make way for slim pants, especially the ones that can be worn with knee-high boots.
  • Capris will continue to be popular in the coming year as well. If you team it up with a casual, but stylish t-shirt, you are ready to rock and roll all the way around.
  • There was a time when accessories used to be reserved for that 'special look'. Now, they form a part of your everyday wear. Belts, chains and scarves, along with chunky earrings and bracelets, will dominate 
  • When the talk is about accessories, how can one forget the quintessential handbag? In  , fake crocodile or patent leather are sure to make heads turns. You can also go for plain monogram purses, suitable for any and every occasion.
  • Flat shoes are very likely to be seen in  .You can go for patterned slip-ons, strappy sandals or ballet shoes, the choice is entirely yours. Comfortable and stylish canvas flats are also something to look out for.

Belts - Buy Belts for Men and Women Online at Best Prices

YAZO Women’s Rayon & Cotton Salwar Suit

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05 March

Top Ten fashion trends for Spring .Designerplanet

Top Ten fashion trends for Spring .Designerplanet 

Spring is all about colors, so make sure you wear plenty of it. Vivid colors like hot pink and electric blue will be really big.
In vogue this season is the little white dress for its glamor quotient.

Feminine floral prints are also going to make a comeback this spring and butterfly motifs and prints will also be quite popular.

Accessories are going to be really big this season. Opt for long oversized necklaces, big bangles and bold jewelry, stylish handbags.

Jewel encrusted clothing are also going to make a come back and will not be restricted to evening wear. This Season they return brighter, bolder, and more elegant. This time pieces are not just embellished but often completely encrusted by jewels; the feeling is luxurious, exotic, and yet the glamour remains somewhat understated.

In Spring fashion tends to get a little more revealing; the combination of sheer and opaque fabric will work wonders. This season sheer pieces are a mixture of the soft and feminine.
Flairs, ruffles and bows are also smart options for spring. Look for bows at the shoulders and hips and ruffles at hemlines.

High waisted skirts and pants will make a style statement this season, so make sure you own them.

Single shouldered dresses and tops as well as asymmetric shoulder-lines have made a huge return in this year. Its versatility and endless possibilities to wear it makes it one of the hottest trends.



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Bohemian look will make a powerful statement this season. The best way to pull this off this Spring is to pair a bohemian styled piece with something a bit more conservative like a beige skirt or vest.
Each new season brings with it a sense of excitement. I’m looking forward to vivid colors, bold accessories and feminine prints.



Hello summer spring.Designerplanet

So, it’s a brand new year, yet again, and you’re wondering what’s in and what’s out! Here we are to update you about the trend should be sticking to, this spring/summer




Get ready to allure and entice as the fashion trends this year tends to get a little revealing. You could use the heat and sun as an excuse to flaunt that svelte figure of yours. Stick to sheer and translucent fabrics to keep you cool and fashionable. Soft, body hugging and feminine fabrics like georgette, chiffon, net and satin brasso are popular this season.



This season doesn’t restrict jewels to just jewellery and accessories but has found its way to adorn outfits and items of clothing. It’s not the first time that bejewelled outfits have been popular but they are back this year with a brighter, bolder and more elegant look. This time around the pieces are not just embellished with jewels but also with a wide variety of trims like shells, fabrics, expensive pearls, stunning and unique beads, threads, ribbons, lurex, etc. The idea is to create a luxurious and exotic look with a somewhat understated glamorous touch.



Lehenga Style Saree

The eternally appealing vintage trends and style is back. Make sure to combine with latest contemporary trends to achieve that dreamy and graceful effect. The right mix of vintage grace and romance with modern and urbane chic is the perfect look of this season. Add a few retro pieces to your wardrobe and create a unique look. Revisit the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and be a part of the REVIVAL CULTURE.

Churidar Suit

Look out the trend of tie-n-dye fabrics in graduating shades of a similad forr colour palette for a surreal look. Baby peach to pink, bright yellow to lemon yellow, light blue to royal blue, grey to brown are few ombre effects that was showcased in the Lakme Fashion Week. Archana kochar, Cherie D and Drashta Sarvaiya opte the drama of shading and dual tones.We present a wide range of products with ombre effect. Check out the following outfits.



It was nature at its best at the Lakme Fashion Week with Lina Tipnis and Arjun Agarwal using this trend perfectly in their line. Nelanjana Gosh worked with small ethnic motifs. This is one trend that will never be out of fashion and that’s why we keep our range flooded with it all year round. Make sure you include some of these in our wardrobe.

The quintessential Indian kurti that is a must have. The Indian kurti did its fair share of rounds on the runway of Lakme Fashion Week. Designer like Gaba and Manish Gupta gave kurtis a modern touch with gathers, ruching and embroidery .Other designers such as Pallavi Jaipuri and Preeti Chandra kept them ethnic with the use of motifs. Keeping with the trend of this season, we have all types of kurtis available, from basic to modern, to cater to every choice and taste.

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Color Trends Spring .Designerplanet




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