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Disney Frozen Best Product at Lowest Price

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30 July

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06 July

Fashionable Diet to Follow this Summer

There are diets one can follow over summer months and there mainly have the term light involved in them. The key is to dress light, to wear make up that is light and importantly, to follow a diet that is light, breezy and cooling. Eat well, no doubt but avoid food that is rich in oil, fat or carbohydrates that are over cooked in any way. For instance, many people enjoy a glass of lemonade in summer and this goes to show that lemonade is an apt drink for summer time. Summer months, require drinks that are light and cooling for the stomach and your system like lemonade, which is lemon juice and water mixed together.
Diet to Follow this SummerThis is a great option for summer and so are natural juices and fruits, like melons, watermelons, apples, and various as well as different fruits one can have in summer time and summer months. There are mangoes that people relish and devour over summer time as this is the season for the ripest and the best of mangoes but an overdose of mangoes creates heat in the body and therefore, take control or rather have or practice as well as exercise control over how many mangoes you consume. Try and limit it to one mango a day in summer time and summer months. This is idealistic and the best way to consume mangoes without going excessive.
Fashionable diets to follow this summer are the light hearted way to eat this summer! Eat fruits, eat veges (vegetables) but eat them baked or cooked, but not fried! Eat rice and roti with lots of dals and vegetables, but do not consume excessive or overt amounts of pickle. Avoid diet or regular coca cola in excess, whether it is Pepsi or Coke or Thumbs up, they are aerated drinks, and it is ok to indulge in one or two once in a way but not regularly and not as a habit for sure. Have lemonade and lemon barley, or a fresh glass of coconut water or watermelon juice to keep cool and to substitute aerated drinks when possible. There are fresh cut salads like broccoli based ones, or sprouts and tomato based salads that are fashionable and cool for this summer for each one to follow and have as a perfect or idealistic summer fashion food diet! Try fruit salads too!


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