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HALDI Turmeric 5 Life-long Benefits of it!

1.It has anti-inflammatory properties: Haldi has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. According to Ayurveda, it has been named as natural aspirin. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, when combined with milk, it becomes a really useful drink that helps to prevent cancer. It stops the growth of lung cancer, skin, colon, breast and prostate, and for cancer patients, it helps to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy. In addition, the "Helmy" milk provides relief from arthritis pain and improves the flexibility of joints and muscles.

2. Does blood purify: Blood impurities can lead to severe health problems Desi haldi milk is considered excellent for blood purification and disinfectant if the ayurveda principles are believed. Activation of the circulatory system in the body can be activated. "Khalidi" milk, as one of the blood thinner, plays an important role in eliminating all impurities from the blood vessels and lymphatic system of your body.

3. Helps control weight: Turmeric contains curcumin, an antioxidant that is able to prevent inflammation of various cells of your body such as fat, muscle, and pancreatic cells. This also leads to lower risk of health problems caused by obesity such as high cholesterol levels, high blood sugar, insulin resistance and other metabolic problems. Also, haldi milk helps in the breakdown of dietary fat. This can be useful in weight control.

4. Gives you a healthier skin: Haldi is a very useful ingredient to combat skin issues. Drinking haldi milk helps in obtaining an enviable glowing complexion and can also be used for applying on the face and body. Dipping a cotton ball into Haldy milk and applying it to your face can help you get rid of any skin rash, redness of the skin or patches of retina. Moreover, bathing in turmeric milk can be helpful in getting soft, soft and radiant skin.

5. Ensures better bone health Halidi milk is an excellent source of calcium and has bone strengthening properties necessary to maintain bone health and strength. It also helps to reduce bone loss and prevent osteoporosis.

So, ever mix a mixture of candy and milk easily from your kitchen, and drink to healthier you. If you would like to discuss any specific problem, you can consult ayurveda and ask a free question.

The Weight Loss Diet!

First, the importance of a balanced diet should be given.

A diet that contains appropriate proportions of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water is needed to maintain a healthy balanced diet.

Now comes weight loss diet. Diet weight loss is what helps in achieving the ideal weight of the body by reducing the total body mass, due to loss of fluids or physical tissues or fatty tissue or lean mass.

Now if we are talking about a diet to maintain weight, it is as important as a weight loss diet. Because some people lose weight quickly but they recover faster. So a diet to maintain weight is also important.

First of all make your mind before you start a diet otherwise it may lead to weight loss if you leave them or do not keep after finishing the diet. Here are some tips that help keep weight after losing weight:

1. Exercise often

2. Try to eat breakfast every day and not skip any meal

3. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables

4. Weight yourself weekly to make sure you are on the right track

5. Bear in mind the amount of your carbohydrates

6. Replace the fruit meal and sauce after a stroll just to balance the meals.

7. Choose healthy snacks like roasted makhana, chana, murmura, nuts etc. instead of fried snacks.

8. Keep your dinner light and do 2-3 hours before bedtime.

9. Consume 2-3 liters of water per day.

10. Choose lemon water, coconut water, fruits, green tea instead of eating tea or coffee.
In case you have a concern or inquiry you can always consult an expert and get answers to your questions!

Hair Fall - Symptoms, Treatment And Causes

Causes of hair loss:

Hair loss is the most common in people who have a family history of hair loss, genes play a major role in this. Some hormones also lead to hair loss that usually begins during puberty. Other factors such as traumatic events, surgeries and major diseases can also lead to acute hair loss. In such cases, the hair begins to grow on its own after some time. Temporary hair loss can occur due to menopause, sudden cessation of birth control pills, and hormonal changes due to pregnancy. Occasionally, severe medical conditions can lead to hair loss such as a ringworm infection, alopecia alopecia (autoimmune disorder that destroys hair follicles) and thyroid disease. Disturbances such as flat lichen and certain types of lupus can also cause hairs that lead to hair loss. Hair loss can also occur many times using medications used to treat heart problems, depression, arthritis, hypertension and cancer. Emotional or physical trauma can also cause hair loss such as severe fever, severe weight loss and death in the family. Hair clotting disorder (trichotillomania) causes the person to pull his hair deliberately. It is an emotion control disorder that can be treated by treatment. An affected person can pull hair from eyelashes, eyebrows and scalp. Tie our hair very tightly puts great pressure on the hair leading to a break. This is known as traction hair loss. The lower consumption of iron and protein in your diet can also lead to thin hair.

Treatment of hair loss:

It is necessary to visit a dermatologist if you are experiencing a severe hair fall. A dermatologist is likely to prescribe drugs containing corticosteroids and a substance called minoxidil. It is also recommended hair transplant surgery and surgery to reduce the scalp in severe cases.
Treated by a professional doctor


Laboratory testing is not required
Not contagious

Specially progressive thinning at the top of the scalp is the blurred circular cross spots. Relieve hair hair on the whole body. The scaly spots are spread all over the scalp.

Effective Exercises To Get Rid Of Cankles

Pebble is a thick area of ​​lower leg where ankles and calves come together. The term "kinkal" is not a medical term but rather a popular slang word that adds to the words "calf" and "ankle". Pebble people often say that they have fat angles or thick ankles.
 Pebbles usually look less and are thick. Following are some possible reasons for this development.
 Pebble is believed to be due to three major factors. They are:

    Genetics: Most women who have cankles usually have a close family member with the same problem. If your parents have thick or highly sized angles, then you can also develop the situation.
    Fluid retention: Lethicillin such as heavy consumption of sodium can cause fluid retention in your body. This can lead to the development of cankles.
    Pregnancy: Pregnancy is another common factor that can cause pebbles. Generally, pregnant women are caused by low or poor circulation in the lower parts.

Apart from these reasons, an impending lifestyle or accumulated fat can also contribute to spoil the appearance of pebbles. Therefore, try the following exercises to tone your muscles.
 How To Get Rid Of Pebbles

If you have refused medical problems, then you can think that it is possible to get rid of cankles. There are some things that can help reduce the fatty appearance in your lower legs.

Weight event

If you are overweight or obese, the best way to dilute your cankles is to lose weight. Of course, when you become thin, you can not choose where to lose weight. But if you stick to a calorie-controlled diet and an ongoing exercise program, then you are likely to see your cankles smaller.

If you start the weight loss program, remember to start slowly with the appropriate goals. A quick fix, crash diet can provide results in the short term, but there is a possibility of fire occurring over time.
Healthy Diet

Sometimes the hoarseness is due to swelling related to diet. For example, if you eat high diet in sodium then you can retain water on your body. You can see it more in the ankle area. There are some natural herbs (such as parsley) that help reduce the weight of water, but you can also eat less processed foods and can add salt shaker to reduce sodium in your diet.

Another smart dietary change is to check the intake of your starch carb. Carbohydrates are an important part of a healthy diet. But if you eat more food in starch, sugary foods, then you can maintain more water. If you balance your micronutrients (get adequate protein, healthy fats, and nutritious carbohydrate), then you will find that your feet become lean from the loss of water weight.

medical treatments

If the area increases due to fat instead of some swelling then some doctors can help you get rid of pebbles. Some liposuction can help in adding definition to the treatment area so that calf muscle is more noticeable and the ankle area looks slim. But these medical treatments can be expensive and like all medical procedures, they take some risks.

How to Get Rid of Cankles

How do I stop my hair from knotting?

Why is my hair tangled anyway?

There may be some reasons why your hair is constantly intertwined. Hair texture, frequency of brushing, exposure to wind, as well as hair health in the mats can contribute.

Your hair is likely to be intertwined if:

    It's very thick and curly
    It's long and fine
    It's very dry and damaged
    Do not brush your hair throughout the day
    Sleep with your hair down
Reduce the temperature

Have you ever noticed that when iron curling or straightening, it intertwines more easily? This is because the heat design leaves your hair rough and brittle. By talking about curls, they are more entangled because they do not lie and naturally overlap. Second, the hair dries out of your hair, making it susceptible to tangled. Heat your hair style less to prevent hair knot. If you use the heat on your hair perfectly, use a good shampoo to ensure smooth and firm curls.
Beware of hair spray

You only weigh your hair with the non-essential product when using hair stabilizers. The more you use the hair stabilizers, the more hair becomes your hair. When your hair is free of tangles, your fingers pass through it without stumbling. Hair styling products retain each other, and this will certainly lead to hair tangling. Keep your hair up to what you want when you want to keep your hair in place. For other times, let your tails enjoy the wind.
Deep state your hair

If you are about to cut your hair because you are tired of a knot and there is no moisture in your hair, you should try something last before going to the big - deep conditioning. Drought and damage are the main causes of tangled hair. A weekly deep conditioning treatment can help you replenish moisture lost due to heat, humidity, design and environmental hazards.

Deep hair conditioning
Avoid hai dyes

Almost everyone is about dyeing or whitening their hair. It is unfortunate that your hair pays for all the fun you have. The harsh chemicals in bleach and dyes wrinkle your hair from all moisture, leaving it coarse and tangled. Once done, the damage will be permanent unless you choose to cut it. So, try to stay away from the hair colors as much as possible.
Get regular trims

The truth is that although we may protect our bristles, some damage to the hair can not be avoided. This is why you need to trim your hair regularly to get rid of the divided ends. Regular decorating will revitalize your hair and hair while reducing tangles.
Use protective serums

Your design tools can get heat up to 450 degrees which is very bad for your hair if there is no barrier between them. A wide range of serums and aerosols are available at all prices that can protect your strands from further damage. You can apply it to wet or dry hair. Air conditioning is an added benefit.

The process of removing tangles can be constantly dull and can cause more hair damage if you are not careful. We've included our tips to prevent hair tangle for you. Let us know in the comments below which worked for you.

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Best Ethnic Looks for New Year and Makar Sankranti

The beginning of a new year in the Indian calendar suggests the beginning of the Great Indian Festival. In this innumerable list of celebrations, the first line is the vibrant festival of Makar Sankranti. An entire Makar Sankranti accelerator is celebrated in the north of India, especially in the states of Delhi, Punjab and Haryana.

Makar Sankranti is celebrated as an important in different parts of India. Makar Sankranti celebrates the harvest season and celebrates the end of the northeast monsoon in South India. The movement in the sun from one zodiac to another is called Sankranthi and, as the Sun goes to the Zodiac Capricorn in the name of Makar in Sanskrit, this occasion is called Makar Sankranthi in the context of India. This is one of the few Indian Hindu festivals that is celebrated on January 14 at a fixed date.
With such important scope and importance, any opportunity should be celebrated in style in any way.

Girls Leggings online will make this New Year and Makar Sankranti look more beautiful. Raise bright and contradictory colors and different skin patterns to make them look attractive. Your significant style will definitely become the point of talking about all Makar Sankranti!

Women and girls have another great excuse for women to buy their favorite fashion piano. Without a decent dose of glamor and fashion, what is a Makar Sakranti party!

There are some styles here and in this Capricorn, they are catching up on Designer Planet  to join the joy of dressing up with hair and clothing.

Choose your option among these challenging set options and get the point of talking about New Year and Makar SAKRANTI. He wants to illuminate with his bright appearance!

The fierce trend of last season still continues because it looks very effective and smart for the user. The embroidery work should be to add color to life, but look at this Kirti festival!
Make your decision by showing these challenges and keep the ethnic style. Happy New Year and  Makar Sankranti Everyone!

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