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How can I permanently remove moles from my face?

How to Remove Moles
Why a mole may need to be removed.Designerplanet 

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Moles are common skin growth. You are probably more than one on your face and body. Most people have anywhere from 10 to 40 moles on the skin.

Most moles are harmless and there is nothing to worry about. You do not need to remove the mole until it does not bother you. But if you do not like the way that affects your appearance, or if it is getting tired of rubbing your clothes, then removing the mole is an option.

You need to consider removing the moles that have changed. Any difference in the color, size or shape of sesame may be a warning signal for skin cancer. Meet the dermatologist for checkup.

Due to convenience and cost, you can be tempted to remove sesame at home. Before you try to remove your sesame with a scissor or rubbish on store-bought sesame cream, read it to know the risks involved.
Are there effective ways to remove moles at home?

Many websites offer "do-it-its" tips to remove a mole at home. These methods are not proven to work, and some can be dangerous. Before trying any home remedies to remove sesame, you should talk to your doctor about your options.

Some of these unproven methods include:

    Burning sesame seeds with apple cider vinegar
    Tapping on the mole to break garlic from inside
    Applying sesame to iodine to kill the inside cells
    Sinking with a scissor or razor blade

Other home remedies claiming removal of moles include:

    A mixture of baking soda and castor oil

    Banana peel
    Frankincense oil
    tea tree oil
    hydrogen peroxide
    Aloe Vera
    Linseed oil

Pharmacists and online stores also sell mole removal creams. To use these creams, first you scrape the upper part of the sesame seeds. Then you rub the cream in sesame. The products claim that within a day of applying the cream, a scab will become. When the crust falls, then the mole will go with it.
Safe option.
If you are self-aware about them, it is a safe way to hide them so that you cover them with make-up. If your hair is growing, then it is safe for you to tie or tie your hair. 
Of course, see a dermatologist as to whether the mole has changed the color, size, or shape, or if it is finished. These may be symptoms of melanoma, which is the most dangerous type of skin cancer. Extraction and removal of sesame can save your life. 

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