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Hand Mangalsutra Bracelets - the Symbol Of Commitment, Updated! - Designerplanet

 Hand Mangalsutra Bracelets - the Symbol Of Commitment, Updated! - Designerplanet 

Mangalsutra bracelets are a type of accessory that is 'Sanskari' and Stylish. You should do this after marriage, but these hand Mangalsutra designs are too cool. Here we have a list of some of the most popular designs in India.

Mangalsutra Bracelets Mangalsutra bracelets have been doing the rounds lately. Although we love the idea of ​​giving the traditional mangalsutra a modern touch but we know you might have doubts about going for the 'oh so unusual' mangalsutra bracelet. But trust us, these designs will completely change the way you think about them and we are sure you will get one of them. 

Mangalsutra bracelets are made of one or two black threads combined with gold wire, which gives them a unique and delicate look. Diamond or gold charms give feminism to the overall look of this traditional jewelry. So go ahead, gift yourself or your loved one a lovely wrist mangalsutra and rock it in style!

Mangalsutra Bracelet with Diamonds 

This stylish mangalsutra bracelet is a great choice for women these days. A trio of round diamonds in the middle, placed next to each other gives the bracelet a very elegant look. It is a worthy inspiration for brides who are looking for something different for their wedding and do not want to leave their traditional roots. It's time to show off your mangalsutra bracelets in a feminine way.



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Blue Evil Eye Mangalsutra




Blue Bracelets Wearing evil eye pendants, earrings, bracelets or any other type of jewelery is an important measure to protect oneself from the evil eye. This is a kind of omen that protects you from evil, and in fact it is one of the many good conditions for the wedding. Blue and black match a beautiful wristlet, nothing better could happen to it.

Features: The black and blue eye of the bracelet makes it a really good fit for wedding jewellery and accessories are worn on a daily basis.

These Mangalsutra bracelets are perfect for you and your bold and bold attitude if you are a bold bride who wants to challenge the bridal role. Now you can add your own personal touch to not only the venue, dresses, decorations and ensembles of your big day but the most important element of the ceremony when you wear the ethereal Mangalsutra necklace.

 The Perfect Gift

Everything about the mangalsutra bracelet is perfect for gifting as an anniversary gift or birthday gift to your wife. It completes the jewelery collection for women as the mangalsutra wrist designs embody the latest fashion and heritage in the simplest of ways. It is more than just jewelry; it is a symbol of the feeling associated with the happiness of marriage.

Can I wear a Mangalsutra bracelet

The new trend in the city revolves around fancy mangalsutra designs and women are opting to wear Mangalsutra bracelets instead of the historical Mangalsutra neckpieces. 

So the question arises, does wearing a Mangalsutra bracelet moderate the value of the Mangalsutra? Or should I wear a Mangalsutra bracelet? 



In astrology, expert astrologers tell us that gold (usually a pendant) is under the rulership of the planet Guru, aka Jupiter. Jupiter is also associated with Lord Vishnu and another name of Lord Vishnu is Pitambardhari. The planet Jupiter represents prosperity, wealth and knowledge in your married life. In addition, the black beads in the jewelry represent the planet Saturn. The planets Jupiter and Saturn can add stability and sincerity to any relationship. So with the combination of Guru and Saturn, the Mangalsutra acts as a symbol of your future relationship. And the fact that the Mangalsutra bracelet has got these two elements, so the benefits of Mangalsutra remain the same even in the form of a bracelet.

How to Choose the Perfect Mangalsutra 

The mangalsutra holds a special place in every Hindu bride's heart. Without this special jewelry, a Hindu wedding is considered incomplete. The word 'mangalsutra' is derived from Sanskrit mangal means holy or holy and sutra means thread, which means sacred thread. Mangalsutra is not just an ornament but it has a bigger meaning to it. It signifies a woman's marital status and, according to Hindu mythology, should be worn for the lifetime of a married man. Choosing a mangalsutra these days doesn't have to be limited to a few options. In this new era, women are looking for subtle designs over traditional heavy ones to be easy to carry and go well with any outfit or look. Here you will find a useful guide on how to choose the perfect mangalsutra for you. 


First of all, decide on your mangalsutra budget before you decide on other factors like type of mangalsutra, pendant, etc. 


After the end of the budget, the bonds will focus on the next important aspect, which is the metal. Traditional mangalsutras are made of gold pendants, but now designers have introduced platinum as a traditional design. There is also a mix of both metals in the same mangalsutra, so you have more options. 

Pendants and beads 

Designers recommend simple but attractive pendants to immediately catch the eye. All women love diamonds. Hence, they are the best choice when it comes to mangalsutra. However, the elegant pendant hanging from the mangalsutrachain has become popular recently. It is a good idea to go with fewer beads with a dull pendant for a beautiful look.

Health Benefits of Wearing Mangalsutra 

Mangasutra not only protects the women of the house from invisible forces but wearing Mangalsutra also provides various health benefits. The Mangalsutra pendant, when worn in such a way as to reach the Anahat Chakra of the bride, keeps the heart healthy and negative energy. This is because of the healing properties of gold. 

Gold, when held closer to the skin, attracts cosmic waves and supports the functioning of the heart and body. In addition, black beads, because of their love, keep negative energy and reduce pain and indifference in a person. It only keeps the negative side of the woman. 



Wearing Mangalsutra improves the functioning of the immune system. The sacred thread, covered in yellow, regulates the flow of blood allowing active women of all kinds.

What happens if the Mangalsutra is broken?

 Is Mangalsutra bad? 

Well, the notion of Mangalsutra cut is completely wrong as *drum-rolls* may be created by Indian daily soaps in your head. Mangalsutra breakage is just an accident and must be treated as one. All the noise and controversy around Mangalsutra breaking being a bad omen is nothing but the unconsciousness of a person trying to connect the sacred thread with God and making us think that it is some kind of bad omen from It is God.

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Here are some of the beautiful Mangalsutra Bracelet designs, which can be used and go with any type of outfit. For more on wedding fashion, accessories and special occasions visit Designerplanet.

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