05 October

Kaftan Kurti Designs That are Perfect for Everyday - Designerplanet

Kaftan Kurti Designs That are Perfect for Everyday - Designerplanet 

Kaftans have come a long way from royal ties in Islamic tradition to the ramps of today's fashion shows. These are loose, loose and ankle-length dresses. However, with the change of time and constant innovation, these clothes have evolved for the better, and now you will find many designs and prints of Kaftans. Nowadays you will find a market full of colorful prints, decorative designs and floral designs on Kaftans. Designers have also tried their hand at this elegant dress, and now you will find Kaftans with Bell sleeves, models of Kimono dresses, etc.


Latest Designs of Kaftan Kurti Online

 The unique advantage of wearing ethnic wear in kaftan style is that you can style it with any type of bottom. They look great when styled with jeans and dhoti pants. Also, you can wear salwar with them.

Asymmetrical Kaftan Kurtis 

Like kaftan Kurti, asymmetrical kurta is also popular these days. Kurtas are mainly worn during parties or social gatherings. The traditional kurta is here for a makeover. Asymmetric Kurtas are the new talk of the town. If you are looking for the best kaftans, asymmetric kurtas and dhoti pants, Prints and Weaves is your one stop shop. At Prints and Weaves, you can buy Kurti kaftan, asymmetric kurta and dhoti pants for women online.

One Shoulder Kaftan 

This muslin silk kaftan dress with printed shoulders is often displayed at cocktail parties, downtown clubs and even dark picnics with friends and family. Pair it with strappy stilettos! And don't forget to go out with a sleek middle-parted bun and bold lips shade of red or purple, and a little eye makeup.

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Originally popularized by the Ottomans of Turkey, kaftans have jumped on board with the latest fashion trends. These staples were all the rage in Hollywood in the 70's, and now they're back! Bollywood seems to have gone crazy for kaftans. Everywhere you go, you see bloggers wearing kaftans. With great care, we are clear; we love kaftan dresses!

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Is the Kaftan a party dress? 

Kaftan kurtis are a versatile ethnic wear. You can certainly wear them to a party or similar event. Nowadays, you can find kurtis in different lengths. Their unstructured shape ensures that women of any body shape can rock it with confidence at any event. When you team up your kaftan kurtis with accessories like earrings and accessorize with high heels, you become party ready in no time. If you want to give the illusion of curves while wearing this ethnic dress, add a belt. It will draw the viewer's attention to your waist and highlight your body. You can wear a slip under a sheer kaftan and choose any color of this dress that you like. With such endless patterns, designs and designs, you can make your own kaftan and wear something that truly reflects your personality.

How can I make a Kaftan Kurti?

 By looking at the various kaftan kurti images above, you must be completely convinced of the variety of designs that you can see. However, to make the most of this outfit, you should also know how to put it on. Here are some styling tips for those who want to make a fashion statement with this outfit. If you need to relax, it is good to take kaftans made of cotton and silk. Choose kurtis that are shorter in length. Wear them with jeans or slim-fit shorts. Kaftan kurtis are a stylish and elegant dress. 

Kaftans are soft clothes that women can wear as: 

As a beach dress

Kaftan dresses are the perfect beach cover up. Kaftans are airy, flowy and easy to wear. You can pick up colorful kaftans to spice up your look while relaxing. It will be the best beach wear if you are not comfortable wearing a swimsuit. Wear accessories to match the Kaftan dress like statement earrings, earrings, etc. You can also go for tribal or Bohemian jewelry as such beautiful jewelry elevates your style level. Not only that, but the full-sleeved Kaftan protects your body from the sun's rays while you enjoy the waves on the beach. 

As maternity clothes

We all know that women prefer comfortable clothes during pregnancy. It is an important time in a woman's life when she needs complete comfort for health reasons. 

Kaftans are the best maternity clothes for a woman as they will give her all the comfort in the world. She can wear long Kaftans or short Kaftan Kurtis with a nice bottom dress. 

As a casual wear

The kaftan has become a popular fashion wear in recent times. Its popularity continues to grow. 

You can wear short Kaftan, Kurti, jeans, jeggings, leggings, etc. Wear the right shoes to complete the look. You can also decorate with funky jewelry that will enhance the overall look. However, remember that you don't go over the top with your jewelry because Kaftans already come with heavy embellishments and many prints and designs. And you, of course, do not want to spoil their appearance! 

You can also wear Kaftan dresses for women in parties and flaunt your style. The elegant and simple silhouette of the Kaftan is a good choice for everyone. It works well for all occasions and purposes. The dress that will give you all the comfort in the world is the Kaftan. Get stylish and trendy Kaftans from Rajkumari dress like a princess, your one stop shop for the best designer wear for women.

So they can look a bit oversize. Therefore, it is better to combine it with small bags and purses for a casual look. If you're going out for an evening party, wear a clutch. The great thing about this type of ethnic wear is that you can accessorize with all kinds of shoes. From wedges to high heels and sandals, you can choose almost anything. However, a beautiful silk kaftan kurti will look best with high heels. On the other hand, light cotton kaftans can be paired well with wedges or sandals. When you wear kaftan kurtis, you don't need to wear any decorations. Avoid wearing chunky jewelry like layered necklaces and large earrings. Just wear a ring, watch and small earrings.

Find other Kaftan designs from this link. We support endless shopping, especially where you can sit and shop from the best women's fashion sites in India. We are waiting for you to let us know about your favorite kaftan dresses in the comments below!


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