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Friday, September 25, 2009

Designer Bags

If you have a sense of style and love to match accessories with what you wear, you can be a bag designer, says Purnima Goswami Sharma

bag designEarlier, if one was creatively inclined in India, one could work only as a fashion or jewelry designer. But now, you can make a career as a bag/ purse designer. Bags and purses are a status symbol of today, accessories that complement ones’ personality and so bags designers have good career opportunities as there is more demand for stylish bags.

Skills needed

Meera Mahadevia, the well known designer whose creations are sold in international fashion capitals says, "To be a bag designer one must possess knowledge of designing, stitching, fabrics, visual imagination, creative skills, a sense of colour and an eye for detail. Although most young people see designing as a glamorous profession, it involves hard work."
Gift Bags & Embroidery Designer Bags
"However, the most desirable skills are sketching and product visualisation, pattern cutting. This gets aided by a variety of other skills like knowledge of metalwork, embroidery and embellishment techniques," says Meera a qualified textile designer who has also studied Indian aesthetics.

"Design, pattern-making, fabric and construction are the four elements of bag making. A sense of design and colour is essential and some knowledge on material would be an additional benefit. Anybody who starts off with a basic degree in fashion could be well equipped to understand the aesthetics of bag making. It's all about coordinating the accessory to the overall look and hence aesthetics is key," says Bhumika Agarwal lead designer with 'Baggit'. "There are both basic and advanced methods of pattern making. Having an idea of the various kinds of stitches, appliqu├ęs and patterns could be a distinct advantage," adds Agarwal.

"Just be original, innovative and unique with designs and creations and ensure that each piece is perfect. Never compromise on finesse. If your end product is good then it will definitely sell. So always aim for perfection. As a designer, you need to continuously upgrade your skills. Excellent communication skills are needed to ensure that ideas are interpreted correctly. One has to constantly keep coming up with new ideas," states Mahadevia whose bags have been showcased in 'The Newark Museum Newark, USA'. One must always stay in touch not only with trends, but also with apparel and fabric markets, in order to react and create pieces that complement the new styles in the market.

"A degree or a diploma is always useful for any field as it helps you to channel your development with easily attainable objective, wherein you also have sufficient professional guidance. However, sadly there are no certified courses in India on bag making specifically" says Mahadevia.


"One bag is a necessity, while a bag for each occasion is indulgence. A bag designer has to understand the specific necessity that the bag caters to; the specific occasion its being made for; understand all commercials aspects involved and create a masterpiece.

There are many brands and unorganised players entering this category; therefore there is huge competition. At the same time there is huge demand as well. This definitely increases the pressure on designers to attract a share of spend towards their brand," says Nina Lekhi, MD, Baggit.


One can also opt for a regular fashion or textile designing course and take up accessory designing as a career. Initially you may have to work under someone to gain experience, before starting out on your own. Today, owning an accessory line is probably one of the most favorable moves to become a part of the flourishing and rapidly growing fashion industry.

Lekhi says, "Bag designers can of course start boutique labels of their own or associate with brand like ours. International brands are also looking for bag designers. An established bag designer can also move on to related fields like purchase and visual merchandising as they understand what sells and how it should be displayed."

Designer Bags & Purses

Bags have always been a very modest necessity that was merely an object that could hold all your belongings. Right from globe trotting to grocery shopping, bags are an indispensable requirement for people from all sections of the society. However, with change in times and evolution of fashion, the bags too have not been spared of all its frills. Fashion houses and legends have given the bag an iconic status and today it has emerged as one of the most stylish accessories for high-fliers, working women and party animals. While for the artistically inclined, there are beautifully crafted bags that are available in affordable rates. Bags can give you the much needed ego boost when you carry the right bag that compliments your outfit and personality and of course at the right place!

The Indian handicrafts industry has seen a lot of changes in the trends that cater to bags and purses. The various regions of India produce bags and purses that reflect the region's art and craft work. There are several types of art forms that have made their foray into bags and purses industry like Kantha, Kalamkari, Madhubani, Phad, Pata Chitra, Warli Folk, Miniature, etc. Designer bags and purses have become extremely popular and the colourful and vibrant work is appreciated by bag lovers. These bags are made using such materials as glass pieces, amber, zari, zardosi, karchobi, wool, metal, wood, beads, etc are used as decorations on ladies bags and purses. Most women are opting for the handmade Indian ethnic bags and purses at present as they are very exotic and glamorous look to your appearance.

There are several eco friendly fabrics that are used in India to make designer bags and purses. Jute, cane, cloth pieces, etc are some of the most common materials for making such bags. Jute bags offer a variety of customized options in handles, buckles, buttons, etc. jute and leather with international grade fittings are used for making ladies bags and purses. Cane bags and purses are also available in handicrafts exhibitions around the country. These designer bags are quite popular too. Indian ethnic bags not only add the beauty factor but are also very functional and known for their durability.

The various patterns of bags include Victorian purses, felted purses, country primitive handbags, evening bags, backpacks, fur handbags, hobo bags, sequin purses, diaper bags, patchwork handbags, quilted bags, toile purses, etc.

Some foreign brands have also successfully launched their labels in India. Most of the affluent and high profile men and women purchase the famous brands of designer bags and purses. Some familiar and important labels include Gucci, Prada, Chloe, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Moschino, Balenciaga and Miu Miu. Although expensive, they are the delicate feminine bags and cater to a select group of buyers.

Designer bags and purses are becoming popular by the day. Choose from the gorgeous Indian ethnic bags or the boho chic and sophisticated bags that are available in exhibitions and high end boutiques respectively. You can choose from the finest quality of designer bags and purses for yourself as well as gifts for others

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