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Thursday, March 5, 2009

The charm of a churidar

Churidar at
Churidar at
The Churidar Suit, also known as the Churidar Kameez or the Churidar Kurta, is a popular outfit in India that is mostly worn in the North. It is basically a variation of the popular Salwar Suit or Salwar Kameez. While salwar are loose-fitting pants or trousers worn underneath a kameez,churidar are a much tighter version with accumulated gathers or folds below the knee. In fact, churidar gets its name from these accumulated gathers or folds as they resemble churis or bangles. Since these gathers are most important when it comes to churidars, it is advisable to make churidars in stiff fabrics which has the quality to stand on its own.Cotton is the best option when it comes to churidar.Silk also be considered. If gathers are desired, then its best to stay away from flowy fabrics such as georgette or chiffon.Churidar style trousers in these fabrics are also made but they do not possess many or any folds. For a true Bollywood enthusiast, churidars are almost synonymous with the golden era of the 60s. It is impossible not to think about style icons such Asha Parekh, Saira Banu, Mumtaz, Sadhna in their ultra-tight fitting churidar suits when talking about this particular outfit. Their outfits were so popular that women in those days copied their each and every style and still continue to do so. Kameez or tops with churidars come in varying lengths.Short Kurtas are very much in style these days but long kurtas look even better with churidars. Our style icons of the 60s coupled skin-tight knee-length kameez or kurta with their equally tight churidars.Knee lenth kameez or a longer version , a couple of inches below the knee, looks really flattering with churidars. It is said that usually churidars look great on short, petite women such as our very own beauties of the 60s, but it looks equally fabulous on tall but well proportioned women, think Tabu, Katrina Kaif even though it does tend to make them look a bit taller.Churidar are worn by men too, with long kurtas for that ethnic and casual look. It is coupled with Sherwanis also for festive occasions and for wedding ensembles.


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