28 September

Choosing Lip Colors


Be careful while choosing the lip color and try it out in a cosmetic salon first and let them assist you in your color choices. For women with large lips, muted colors such as purples, browns and bronzes are the best choices while women with thinner lips should use light colors. Wine, berry, cappuccino and mauve colors suit light blondes best while coral, apricot and shades of peach are suitable for blondes  that have a golden hue. Warm peach, browns and terracotta shades are for blondes that sport olive skin tones. Redheads may use warm colors such as shades of terracotta, cinnamon and peachy brown while shades such as terracotta, cinnamon and reds with hints of browns are the most suited colors for brunettes.

Make your lipstick smudge resistant and matte by blotting the excess color on lips using one sheet of two-ply tissue, reapplying the lipstick and blotting it again to absorb the excess oils. Mature women should not use matte lipsticks though, for a little gloss can make their lips appear softer and lip liner will keep the lipstick from melting. In case, the lip color or brush slips from your hands accidentally and stains your clothes, apply the glycerine on the area and rub it gently, before washing it as usual. For an instant makeover, try a pink creamy blush to add rosy ness to your cheeks and lids and use plump shade on your lips and you are ready to flaunt your beauty.

A clear lip balm is the best thing for everyday use while sheer application of a colored lip gloss on lips, cheeks and eyes looks quite subtle and sexy. Glitter lipsticks and lip glosses are for special events and funky night parties that highlight your lips immensely. There are lip glosses that literally make your lips plumper and appear fuller and much more luscious. A very light film of pink or red lipstick gives you the look of that carefree beauty that every woman yearns for. Become an attention-grabbing vampiress, who is hot and trendy these days, by using a blood red lip liner to make precise lip lines and apply two coats of lipstick of same color, blotting the extra oil in between with the tissue paper.

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lipstick contain waxes, oils, pigments and emollients that one must pay attention to for a quality product. Wax gives shape and ease of application to the lipstick and often natural beeswax, carnauba wax made from the leaves of Brazilian wax palm trees and candelilla wax processed from the plant of the same name found in Mexico is used for the purpose. Oils and fats such as castor oil, cocoa butter, lanolin, mineral oil, olive oil and petrolatum are used in the manufacture of lipsticks. However, castor oil is the most common ingredient as it forms a shiny film after drying that does not smudge easily. Many lipsticks also offer aloevera, amino acids, collagen, moisturizers, vitamin E and sunscreen to keep your lips soft, moist and protected from the weather conditions.

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