07 October

How to Keep Your Nails Long and Strong

Healthy long and strong nails are the only way to beautiful looking hands and a gorgeous manicure. Chapped nails, discolored nails or weak, flexible nails have an unpleasant effect over the way they look. They look unaesthetic and need proper care ion order to revert to their natural healthy state.

Nails can become brittle due to lack of nutrients in our body or improper nail care. Problematic nails can also show signs of certain diseases like respiratory problems, bacteria development or other health problems.

In order to prevent or treat any nail problems you need to make sure you:

  • eat healthy in order for the nails to get all the nutrients they need in order to grow, maintain their transparency and healthy shine
  • take pills that are especially designed to promote healthy nail growth. They can be purchased from any drug store without prescription and they are very effective
  • avoid injuring and biting your nails because your nails grow at a slow pace
trim your nails and care for them regularly in order to smooth out the edges of the nail and prevent them from breaking
  • make sure you moisturize your nails to prevent them from becoming dull looking. Nails need moisturizer too, especially after using an acetone nail polish remover
  • if your nails are soft and flexible apply a solution of vitamin B on them. This will make them stronger
  • apply a nail hardener when you are trying to grow out your nail. Nail polishes that promote nail growth are very effective because they harden soft nails, preventing them from breaking easily
  • try to use nail polish remover as rarely as possible because they damage the nail. Try to use a nail polish remover that is acetone free whenever you want to remove the nail polish off your nails

Take care of your nails because they too need maintenance and care like every other part of your body. This is the only way your nails will look their best, and your manicure will be well groomed and gorgeous.

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