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Designer Planet: Stylish Front Neck Designs for Suits

Designer Planet: Stylish Front Neck Designs for Suits

Designer Planet: Stylish Front Neck Designs for Suits

Evergreen and fabulous ethnic suits are one of the most versatile and practical female outfits. Just like their myriad names – Indian suit, Salwar suit, Pakistani Suit, ethnic dress etc. – they have tons of variations. Umpteen designs, cuts, fits, styles, flares, embellishments are available in suits.It is traditionally elegant just as much as the saree or lehenga, but unlike them, provides ease of movement like a trouser or jeans. And for this very reason, Salwar suits are a comfortable daily wear option too.

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There are many types of neck designs that are popular these days like V neck churidar, Ban, Chinese neck, Double Neck, U Shape lace unique modern Neck Designs to give a stylish look to the Punjabi Suits. These designs are being used for wedding and party dress by Pakistan and India girls.

Elegant suit neck designs for suits:

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1.U neckline

Ones who don’t like the neckline to be broad from the shoulder area can opt for a U-neck, instead of a round one. This neckline is deep like a round, but is cut in a more closed-shape that resembles the alphabet U. Looks great on women with broad shoulders and heavy bust. It is a good style for regular wear suits and office wear salwar kameez.
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Women having oval-shaped face and long neckline can rejoice in V-neckline that creates room for a slimmer you.

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Deep U-shaped glory forms the heart of the Scoop neckline that dips down right into your cleavage. Meant for women with small bustline.
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4. Boat Neckline

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This horizontal neckline follows the collarbone suitably and subtly. The best part about it is that it gels well with all types of faces.

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5. Cowl Neckline

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Seen largely on evening gowns and sweaters, a cowl neckline is all about ‘scooping’ fashion and so is ideal for cocktail celebrations.

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6. SweetHeart Neckline

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This arch-shaped neckline has two curves that taper down to the bust area where they converge. Since they accentuate the bust lines, they are best for evening dresses.
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7. Key-Hole Neckline

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Largely seen in evening gowns, it is where the diagonal lines meet in front of the neck below the collar bone to form a keyhole.

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Mandarin collar necklines are the closest match to a collar neckline of salwar suit. A closed neckline, mandarin collars need no accessories to complete the look. You can wear it with a palazzo or even a pencil pant. It goes well with a dupatta, giving an effortlessly classic look.
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9.Square neckline 

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This one is a structured take on the classic neck shapes. Apart from all sorts of suits and kurtas, this also looks good on saree blouses, gowns and cholis. Within square neckline too – there are many variations, where a less broad but deep one is a rectangle, while a broad one at shoulders that tapers as it dips is the quadrangle or trapezium shaped. Too much of geometry – but quite pretty in Indian wear!

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10.Paan/ Betel leaf shaped neckline 

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Loud and clear – this shape resembles a betel-leaf or a rounded V shape with some extra curves. This is a sweet style, and looks cute on girly suits and youthful designs. You can also opt for it, if you want something simple and timeless.

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11.Collared Necklines

This evergreen style that is a staple in kurtas has many variations. With or without kurta patti or slit, the collar may be made wide or narrow. If you are blessed with a swan-neck, you can choose to have a buttoned Chinese collar – with no slit in front – very stylish, but doesn’t suit everyone. Avoid, if you have a short, stocky neck. Go for a variation, with narrow collar width and deep slit in front.
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12.Embroidered high neckline  

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Neck and shoulder area are heavily embroidered here – and the effect resembles an ornate neck-piece. A plain, close-cut neckline or a Chinese/ stand collar (as shown in the picture) forms the basic neck design. This looks stunning in flowy Anarkalis (as the snug neckline is in stark contrast to heavy flare), sarees with retro blouses and sleeveless gowns. Clearly, this puts a lot of emphasis on shoulders and upper torso. So avoid, if you are top heavy, or have a double-chin.

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13.Stand collar with V neck 

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Another popular variation on Chinese/ stand or even the girly Peter-pan collars is a high-neck or collar at the back-neck, which has a steep V cut on the front. The problem of short neck, double chin or heavy bust can be camouflaged with this stylish neckline. Popular among girls and office-going women, this modest style is flattering as well as trendy.

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Similar to the previous design, this one has a high back or stand collar on the back neck and a round neck on the front. Quite stylish and flattering! Looks great in bridal and wedding suits too!

15.Close-cut neckline

Popular these days, especially in ready-to-wear suits and Indian dresses, this one is a simple neckline, where emphasis is more on the embroidery, cut or embellishment of the outfit. Thus, the neckline is kept very basic – generally round or curvy, and is cut very close to the actual neck-line. It does not suit all women – so ensure that you first see how it looks on you, before you get it.

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 16.Sweetheart with sheer detail

A sweetheart neck is already deep, especially if it is low-cut. However, instead of cutting it deep, designers attach a sheer fabric to a close-cut sweetheart. This shows off the skin, but in a very elegant, sensuous manner. This is a gorgeous style and immensely popular in Anarkali suits and blouses of party wear sarees.
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17.Angarakha neck design

A very majestic neckline, classic Angarakha is where a fabric strip is made to visibly overlap the other. However, variations are made to this Nawabi, regal style – where extra fabric is attached – as shown in the picture – and Angarakha design is created. This one looks extremely elegant and pretty on grand Anarakalis, floor-length suits, cape-style suits and lehenga suits.

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18.Jacket style Neck

Since capes, shrugs and cover-ons are quite in trend nowadays, this neck style is also sought after! The deep-cut neckline looks splendid in party-wear suits and other types of heavy, formal suits. While the jacket covers the décolletage, the deep-cut neckline of the kameez worn underneath lends a sensuous peekaboo effect.

19.High neck with front slit

For ones who are not comfortable with a stiff Chinese collar, designers and tailors recommend high necks with front slit – which may be of any length or depth.

20.Matka style tapering neckline

A variation of the round or U neckline, this one is broad and deep on the décolletage, but has tapering edge at the shoulders and neck area. This looks very graceful and pretty – and is great for women who want to wear deep necks, but have broad shoulders. The tapered top end of the neck makes it a wonderful choice for women with broad shoulders and heavy faces.

21.Two layered staggering V-neck

Another popular trend in suits with jackets and capes as well as Indo-Western suits – this one is generally made deep cut – where a kameez or tunic is worn underneath to cover the bust area.
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22.High-cut neck with window

A close-cut, high or collared neckline may be made with a peekaboo keyhole detail in any shape. This looks quite playful and pretty, and can also be a way to strategically place embroidered patterns.
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23.Asymmetrical Neckline

Creating a fusion of the straight and symmetric neckline, asymmetric neckline gives the impression of the traditional kimono’s neckline pattern. It is also one of the hottest trends to follow. With its unique one side collar look, zari and printed design, this neckline gels wonderfully with most body structures.

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24.Scoop neckline

Scoop neckline in a salwar suit is similar to a U-neckline, but wider and deer plunged. Women with a small bust and narrow shoulders should wear scoop neckline pattern as it enhances the whole body structure, making them look sensuous. Avoid wearing it if you have a small skinny face. Accessorise the scoop neckline to complete the entire ethnic look.

25.Cape style neckline

Cape style neckline inmates the aura of royalty for its elegance and classy look. Though it might not be as favourable during summers as it gives the feeling of a layered look, it will be the perfect outfit come the colder season. Wear it with a pajami style outfit to turn heads.

26.Keyhole Neckline

The key-hole neckline is where the diagonal lines coverage in the neck front below the collar bone to form a keyhole. It works as party wear or on occasions given that it looks fashionable and trendy. Try to put embroidery and embellishment around the neckline to stay in the limelight.

27.Closed Neckline

The closed neckline is the common neck trend that’s been in trend for some time now. This neckline rises to the mid neck and gives a very sophisticated elegant look. If you have a small to medium closed neckline is idle. Select something that has heavy embroidery or zari work around its neckline to attract attention.

28.Spaghetti Neckline

Fashion cannot outgrow the spaghetti look; it is eternal. It can be quite tricky carrying this neckline as one might end up looking clumpy. But you will look fabulous in neckline salwar suit. Wear a dupatta or accessorise it and you’re ready to go.

29.Wrap and Tie Neckline

This neck wrap elegantly highlights your neck in a fashionable way and works extremely well with any dress that you are wearing.

30.Jewel Neckline

A jewel neck is a plain, basic neckline that is rounded and reaches just above the collarbone. It was named after its ability to showcase a piece of jewelery such as a pendant or brooch against the fabric, so that the eye is drawn upward to the jewelery and the face. These are round and sit at the base of the throat, and are also called the T-shirt neckline or crew neck. 

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Unlike the U-shape, this one is for those divas, who are not afraid to show some skin and sassy attitude. Broad round- as the name suggests – is broad on the shoulder area as well as the décolletage. It is also a style preferred by North Indian women, and is seen commonly in kameez of Patiala suits and churidar suits. Young women also like to flaunt it on dressy palazzo suits and Indo-western suits.

Trying out a bunch of different salwar neck patterns is the best way to bring variety to your wardrobe without making any drastic changes in your style. 

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