10 September

Designer Planet: Black Pearl Jewelry

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Black Pearl Jewelry .Designerplanet 

Black pearl necklace

Pearls are even cited for their beauty in scripture — in the bible, Jesus compares the Kingdom of Heaven to a ‘pearl of great price’, while the Qu’ran says that dwellers of paradise will be adorned with pearls. According to Marco Polo, the Hindu kings of Malabar wore a necklace of 104 rubies and pearls, given from one generation of monarchs to the next.

Black pearls can be worn while running errands, meeting friends for drinks or hanging out with your buddies on a Sunday afternoon. The only thing you must keep in mind is to style your black pearl necklace correctly.

1. Layered Black Pearl Necklace

For a casual look to go with jeans, snickers and street-smart outfits, one of the best choices is to layer your black pearl necklace with other chains, faux pearl necklaces, beads and statement pendants. This way you will look young, fun and incredibly stylish. The best thing about this setting is that you can wear fake pearls and semi-precious gems together with your high-priced U.K. bought cultured black pearls.

2. The Statement Black Pearl Necklace

Such statement pieces usually come in sets, with earrings and bracelets, but you can also wear a single statement black pearl necklace to casual dates and regular girls’ night out sessions. It may very well come in gold finishing or feature other gemstones and precious metals. Such statement piece accents any type of casual outfit. You can opt for some dramatic designs as well – the long drop set is amazing!
Palm Cuff

Palm cuff

Hand pearl bracelets

pearl bracelets

pearl bracelets

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Pearl earings

Pearl black earings

Black pearl jewellery

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Black pearl necklace

Pearl black necklace

Black pearl necklace

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Black Pearl Pendant

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Store carefully

Treated correctly, pearl jewellery can last a lifetime — making a timeless addition to a wardrobe, or perfect heirlooms for future generations. To ensure their longevity, proper storage is vital.

‘Never store your pearls in cotton wool,’ advises Warren, ‘this is the most vital piece of information pearl collectors should be aware of. Each pearl contains moisture, and if you put them in cotton, it draws that out and they crack. Pearl dealers in the Middle East wrap them in a silk cloth — follow suit, and wrap them in a silk handkerchief, or granny’s old silk petticoat.’

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