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24 November

Georgette Saree | Best Georgette Sarees.Designerplanet

Georgette Sarees: Most Preferred Attire By Women of all Age Groups - Designerplanet 

Georgette Sarees are another popular saree that is trending. Because of its soft, light, silky texture, it is popular with young girls. Georgette sarees are versatile, easy to style and dye, and comfortable to move around. Georgette material arose due to the demand for a stronger and more durable material than chiffon. Like chiffon, the material is transparent and opaque but slightly more opaque, heavier and more durable than chiffon. Go to this streaming tool if you want to show off your photos.Please have a look.

Types of Georgette Sarees..

The saree can be tied in many ways like mermaid style, Mumtaz style, sash style, dhoti style, trouser style, and many more. 

The traditional way to drape a saree is given below: 

Fold the saree from right to left. Bring it to the center. 

Take one end and bring it around your body once and tie it. 

Place it on your left shoulder. 

Place the remaining saree in the center and pin it. 

Remove the pin used to secure the shoulder strap. 

Adjust the pallu as per your convenience. You can keep it pleated or leave the pallu loose.


 It can be paired with different types of cholis to produce different looks. 

Pairing it with halter neck cholis or off-shoulder cholis will give you a bold look while wearing it with 3/4th sleeve or boat neck choli will give you a traditional look. 

Pairing it with the right accessories and makeup can produce the look you want, whether it's traditional or modern.


Suitable for all age groups, Georgette sarees come in a variety of prints, colors and designs, making them one of the most popular sangeeth brides, negotiation and reception. While young women love bright and vibrant colors, middle-aged women prefer dull colors. 

Here are some interesting features of GEORGETTE SAREES: 

Georgette fabric is semi-transparent drapes, thus providing good comfort to the body Today's Georgette fabric uses synthetic polyester fibers and is cheap Georgette Sarees are usually with heavy embroidery making them perfect for all major functions These sarees can be dyed easily and the color does not fade .


Care should also be taken georgette sarees are suitable for longer durability, so hand wash only. Never put it in the washing machine. When washing, use only mild detergents as heavy ones may leave marks and stains on your fabric. Never dry in direct sunlight as the color of the fabric fades or fades.

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