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22 January

Designer Planet: Top 14 Best Quality Bra Brands

Most women wear a bra of the wrong size. If you wear the right kind of bra that fits perfectly, it not only improves your appearance, but also enhances your whole personality. This is very important for women. Why just spend on brand jeans, shoes and accessories? Emphasize your silhouette with a flawless bra brand. With so many lines in the market it becomes difficult. 

To help you meet your needs and desires, take a look at the top 10 brands of bras.

14 most comfortable bra brands

Ask any woman who has acquired her professional-size bra, and she will tell you: the right fit can make all the difference.

Available types of bra: camisole, deep, push-up, sports, for pregnant women, bra, balconette, T-shirt, unlined, low-coated bra, for feeding, without wires, strapless, wired, molded
Pattern: printed, solid, lace, design itself
Fabric: nylon, polyamide, spandex, polyester

Advice from a professional: bras are made from delicate fabrics and stretchy fabrics and should always be washed by hand or placed in a laundry bag and washed in soft water in cold water, says Dale. Be sure to hang them up. "Never, never put bras in a dryer - this will shorten their lifespan," she emphasizes.

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Designer Planet: Online Shopping for Women, Men, Kids Fashion & Lifestyle




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