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15 March

Best Deal on Laptop Backpacks | Best Laptop Backpacks for College, Travel & More! Designerplanet

 Updated 2021

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Most countries still experience cold, so naturally travelers dream of hot weather walkways. With this in mind, we will give you discounts on store accessories, travel bags and smart bags. Do you want to update your travel equipment? Try as retailers:

Best Laptop Backpacks 

 We discussed the advantages that one should consider having a carry-on backpack. We should now prepare to check out some of the best laptop bags in India. It can make your job easier.

The Ghost – Gods Laptop Backpack Minimalist Anti-Theft Bag


  • Outer shell reinforced with unbreakable fibre embedded sheets
  • Enhanced safety features like the revolutionary rear opening for the main compartment
  • Theft and pickpocketing protection, hence the best laptop backpack for travel
  • Compatible with laptops of sizes 15.6”
  • Water repellent, but not water resistant
  • Very compact bag, cannot fit extra items




Harissons Polyester 33 Ltr Black Laptop Backpack




  • This bag is an all-season bag as it is made of waterproof materials
  • You can also carry water bottles safely because of the presence of the water-bottle security system.
  • The bag has sturdy shoulder straps that can bear up to 33 kg.
  • It is a lightweight bag weighing only 720 grams
  • Users have complained that this bag is not a water-proof one. However, it could be a one-off case.




Amazon Basics DSLR and Laptop Backpack




  • Highly customisable for carrying your DSLR equipment
  • Capable of carrying your accessories like tripods
  • Sturdy bag with good quality zippers
  • Not completely waterproof


F Gear Luxur Brown 25 Litre Laptop Backpack

  This laptop bag is not just a shopping bag but also a talking bag. There is enough space in the bag to store your laptop, books, documents, and even clothes. Hence, it can be considered as one of the best laptop bags for business travel.

This bag is a water resistant bag. It is also easy to organize your small items such as keys, bins, wallets and more. The product bag has a private container in your water tank. The leather finish gives it a distinctive look. It is a wide bag. The shoulder strap makes it easy to carry anywhere.


  • Extremely stylish as it is made of high-quality leather
  • Comfortable to use it as a travel bag
  • Makes a wonderful fashion statement
  • Fully waterproof
  • Can carry small laptops of around 13 inches size, not the larger ones


American Tourister 32 Litres Laptop Backpack

  U.S. travel is a famous name so far as the heavy travel shipping industry is concerned. This laptop backpack is the best-of-the-art item because it combines longevity with elegance.

This bag has a zipper-type closure and a margin for holding a container of water or other beverage. The shoulder strap comes as an added support. The bag has plenty of space inside to carry your laptop along with a few items of clothing.


  • Sturdy and stylish at the same time
  • Ample space to accommodate a laptop with 17-inches screen
  • Can carry enough clothes for a week-long trip
  • One of the best laptop bags for college students
  • Not an entirely waterproof bag

Amazon Basics Laptop Backpack

  This backpack has ample space to carry a 15-inch laptop and its accessories like battery pack, etc. In addition, it can hold your books, documents, and books making it the perfect laptop bag for college and office.

A wallet with a separate pocket for carrying your cell phone, wallet, ID card, and even your pass card. You can also use this bag as a travel bag because it comes with a wire pouch for storing your water bottles.

Heavy-duty luggage with straps makes it one of the most comfortable backpacks available on the market.


  • Comfortable bag to carry your files and folders along with your laptop
  • Good storage space inside to carry your cell phones and chargers
  • Extremely reasonable pricing
  • Can fit 15-inches laptops and not the larger ones


Cosmus Atomic Dx 3 Compartment Large Laptop Bag

The Cosmus backpack is an easy-to-carry carry-on bag that can be customized for laptops with a screen size of 15.6 ". files, folders, books, and even clothes.

So, this laptop backpack is great for traveling. As this bag is made of hi-grade 1680D PU coated polyester fabric, it has a reputation as a waterproof bag. This bag can carry up to 25 kg. You can store your cell phone and other small items in your inside pocket  

  • This bag is an all-weather backpack because of the high-grade polyester used in its manufacture
  • The backpack comes with padded shoulder straps making it easy to carry
  • It is light in weight and hence the ideal laptop bag for women.
  • It is good for occasional travellers, but the small side packets make it unsuitable for frequent travellers.

WeCool Canvas 15.6 inches Laptop bag


The WeCool Canvas laptop bag comes with two large doors that can carry at least two laptops. You also have space to store your cell phones, tablets, bills, and other essentials.

The front zipper pocket is also wide enough to hold your personal and wallet information. The special S-shaped curved shoulder strap has heavy padding so as to ensure that the user does not feel any distraction when carrying the laptop.

This bag comes with dust protection and skin protection. The water-colored fabric ensures that your laptop and other items are safe even in bad weather.

  • Has enough space for accommodating a 15.6” laptop thereby earning the reputation for being the best 15-inch laptop backpack.
  • Perfect choice for students, business persons, and office goers as it is an all-weather laptop bag
  • It is the best laptop bag for men and women alike.
  • Some users have complained of water seeping through the zippers

    Lenovo Laptop Bag 15.6 inches backpack


     The Lenovo laptop bag is a small backpack that can carry a 15-finger laptop with ease. There is ample space to include charges for gadgets and other gadgets like cell phones and tablets.

    The side pocket allows you to store other important information. The customized book cradle and office make it attractive to students and office alike. The shoulder straps have enough padding to reduce slippage on your shoulders. It is a bag that is durable and water resistant. Thus, washing it with water is easy.

    • Sturdy as well as elegant
    • Attractively priced
    • Spacious enough to hold all your laptop accessories
    • Water resistant
    • Cannot carry big laptops such as 17-inch ones

    F Gear Burner P8 20 Litres Casual Laptop Backpack

     A backpack like this is lightweight as it weighs only 400 gm. However, it is strong enough to carry your 13-inch laptop and gadgets. The bag is small in the sense that there is only one equivalent.

    This laptop bag is an airtight backpack as it is made of water resistant polyester. The center pocket of this bag has enough cushioning to protect your laptop and other devices. The shoulder strap has enough pockets. Therefore, it is convenient to carry the bag around. Four pockets are enough for you to store your pockets and other small items.

    • The bag is an attractive one but sturdy as well
    • It is one of the most inexpensive laptop bags available on the market
    • It is a water-resistant laptop bag
    • It can accommodate 13-inches laptop alone. The bigger laptops do not fit in.

    Hand Bag Luxury

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     Hand Bag Luxury

    Best Deals on Laptop Bags and Backpack . Designerplanet




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