28 February

Designerplanet:Cool Smartphone Accessories That Enhance Enjoyment and Productivity

Mobile Accessories starting from Rs.99

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Smartphone Accessories

Smartphone accessories that allow you to get more (and even better productivity) from your smartphone.

A cell phone is not only used to make calls and send SMS; it can accomplish much more. People are now using it to discover media, do business, and communicate with friends and family (no matter where they are).

And the experience only becomes more interactive thanks to the many useful smartphone accessories that make the media much more enjoyable. These add-ons are also very useful for increasing productivity (for students and workers).

Take a look at some of them:
Camera lenses

Most smartphones these days have good quality cameras that take amazing photos. But if you want more control and want better zoom functionality, you can now connect external lenses to your phone to take great photos (outdoors and even in low light).

So start clicking on professional quality photos with your smartphone.

Virtual reality

Almost everyone is excited about virtual reality these days, and even smartphones have started. Although the options are limited at the moment (because the technology is relatively new), several digital services / applications should emerge around the use of the VR headset. After all, the sky is the limit when it comes to VR.

Headphones and earphones

These are essentials for smartphones, but don't buy the cheapest ones - they will disappoint you (poor sound quality, uneven, and sometimes in one ear).

Get better headphones / earphones and you will be amazed at the overall sound quality that these offer.
Screen protector and cases

It's common to see movies, videos, YouTube, photos on the phone, but even a small crack on the screen of your smartphone can ruin the experience.


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Designerplanet:Cool Smartphone Accessories That Enhance Enjoyment and Productivity


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