02 March

Designerplanet: Best Binoculars in India A Review & Buyers Guide

Binoculars are a great accessory if you like sports or bird watching. As you know, binoculars offer a very long zoom range with various functions that can be useful.

And since binoculars are mainly analog and optical, they are also quite easy to use. For this reason, you can find many binocular options on websites like Amazon in India. This also makes choosing the best binoculars a bit difficult for many users. So if you want great binoculars for yourself, be sure to consider the following factors:


    Magnification: the most important feature offered by any binoculars is its magnification range. And this magnification value is represented by x as 10x or 20x where a 20x magnification provides 20 times zoom. As would be expected, binoculars with a higher magnification range are considered a better option.
    Field of view: all binoculars have a field of view that is based on the lens of the exit pupil of the binoculars. And this is based on the diameter of the front lens. It tells you how much view you can see while using binoculars.
    Weight: Unlike a telescope, binoculars are made for portable use, which can be a problem if heavy binoculars are used. All the various elements of the lens can make it rather heavy. Because of this you should get light binoculars if you want to use it for a long period of time at once.

In this article we have mentioned some of the binocular options that you can buy in India. You will also find their main features and options along with various differences.

And you can also check out the detailed Buying Guide and FAQ for binoculars in India, which can be helpful in choosing the best binoculars here in India. So if you use binoculars or want to choose one, be sure to read this article to the end.

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Best Binoculars in India
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At the top of the list is the Comet binoculars, which has proven to be a good example of reliability and power, as demonstrated by a remarkable set of features and impeccable review ratings.

The binoculars have an entirely black and metallic structure that adds a touch of solidity and reliability to the standard design. In terms of dimensions, the dimensions of the frame measure 19.5 x 16.5 x 7.5 cm. Weight is also practical for most people; hitting 480 rather small grams on the beam balance.
Main features

      Maximum magnification - 8X
      Objective lens diameter - 1.57 inches / 40 mm
      Secondary mirror diameter - 25mm
      Focus system - Center
      Prism type - BAK4
      Eye relief - 0.67 inch / 17 mm
      Exit pupil - 0.15 inch / 3.7 mm
      Field of view at 100m - 420ft / 130m
      Maximum focusing distance - 12 feet

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The first on our list is the Olympus 118760. This 10 × 50 DPSI binocular is of high quality. With great strength and high optical power, they offer you a wide angle view without looking away. The Olympus 118760 is suitable for both bird watchers and sports enthusiasts.

Speaking of magnification, these binoculars have a very long magnification field with 10X zoom. This zoom has the ability to view objects one kilometer away from you. You will get an archived view of 114 meters even at a distance of 1 kilometer. For close range, up to 6 meters can be viewed with close focus. The overall average view angle for the binoculars is 65 degrees.

As mentioned earlier, the Olympus 118760 is equipped with a 10x50 Bak-7 lens system which is a high-level lens system. Provides a 5mm exit pupil which is perfect for clear vision without distortion.

The lens has a diameter of 50 mm. All binoculars lenses have an anti-reflective coating. This is to reduce the reflection of light and also to increase the sharpness and brightness of the images.

In addition, these multilayer leek prism lenses have another protection layer. This ultraviolet (UV) protection feature serves to ensure proper light transmission and this inturn helps give you crisp and exceptional image quality when looking through your lenses. The relative brightness of the binoculars is 25.

In order to prevent any loss of light, the optical glass is coated with magnesium. This practice also improves your eyesight and removes eye strain that you may have to face by staring at binoculars for a long time.

The Olympus 118760 uses spherical optics to provide distortion-free vision and greater plasticity of the eyes, making it the ideal device for displaying speed.

As for the external appearance, Olympus has an opaque and robust appearance and an opaque body that easily adapts to your hands. It weighs appropriately at 855 g, which is remarkable and easy to hold and use.

Olympus provides a 1-year manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase for any manufacturing defects.


    Zoom 10 times
    Fully coated 50mm lens offering the Bak-7 lens system
    5mm exit pupil for better vision
    Spherical optic for distortion-free vision and plasticity of the eyes
    Lenses with multilayer leek prisms with ultraviolet (UV) protection
    1 year manufacturer's warranty


    Nobody too specific to mention it

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ZHENGTU Binoculars

Next on our list is Zhengtu, a compact mini binoculars that is practical and perfect for a camping trip or to pack your survival kit while hunting or trekking.

The cheapest binoculars on the list, Zhengtu is made of plastic. While Olympus is a 10 x 50 large binocular, the Zhengtu is a simple 10 x 25 binocular. Although it may be small, it does the job.

With a depth of almost 100 meters, the maximum that these binoculars can display is 1 kilometer. The optics are coated in such a way as to improve the brightness of the image when looking through it.

As for the body, it is made of resistant rubber coating, so it should support any falls or minor blows. Ideal not only for camping or in the survival kit, you can take out Zhengtu binoculars for Bird Watching, trekking, yachting or simply Walking.

With a weight of about 27.2 grams, the binoculars have a suitably reduced size of 10.9 X 6.6 X 2.9 cm. In addition to the binoculars, this pair also includes a carrying case, a cleaning cloth and a strap to wear them. There is, however, no guarantee on the product, but given the price range, this is an expected deal.


    Very cheap and cheap
    Lightweight and can be easily stored in a large pocket
    Zoom 10 times
    25mm lenses
    100 meters near the depth of the field
    1000 meter range (1 kilometer)
    Coated optics to improve brightness
    Made of durable rubber coating
    It comes with a carrying case, a cleaning cloth and a strap


    No guarantee
    Not for professional use

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Nikon Aculon A211 8×42 Binocular

A spiritual contender of Olympus, the Nikon Aculon is a powerful binoculars built for professional use. It comes with power 8 multilayer lenses and 42mm lenses.

Aculon is equipped with a Bak4 Porro prism system that offers superior quality images even in different lighting conditions. Aspherical ocular lenses offer undistorted images along the lens surface.

The A211 offers superior optical performance which, combined with multilayer coated lenses, offer extremely bright images and a wide field of view.

It has sliding rubber eyepieces that help you position your eyes with great comfort when you use them for long periods of time. The central focus knob is smooth and easy to use to focus better.

The rubber armor offers a comfortable (non-slip) grip and better impact resistance. The body of the binoculars is manufactured with Eco-Glass; Nikon's signature and exclusive arsenic and lead-free glass. It is adaptable to the tripod and, above all, it comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty available from the date of purchase.


    Built for performance
    Body manufactured with Eco-Glass; lead free and arsenic
    Lenses with multilayer coating
    Rotate and slide the rubber eyepieces
    Change your focus in comfortable viewing with the smooth central focus knob
    1 year manufacturer's warranty


    None found so far to mention

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Krevia Comet 8×40 mm Powerful Prism Outdoor Binocular

 Next on our list is the Krevia Comet, with 8 times multilayer lens and 40mm lenses. It is a budget competition for Nikon Aculon and has a performance that rises to its level.

The comet Krevia has a classic design and a comfortable grip. The durable metal prism housing of the lenses offers an extremely wide field of view. The central field for binoculars is approximately 420 feet at 1000 yards.

The 40mm focusing system and the eyepiece provide precise focal points. You can also use it wearing glasses or sunglasses. Just roll up the eyepieces in case they wear glasses. If not, roll the eyepieces down. Make sure to adjust the width of the binoculars so that each eyepiece is perfectly aligned along the eyes. In this way, when you look at them, you will be able to see a single and perfect image.

This high quality binoculars features a central wheel which allows for a quick change of focus and with a simple swipe of the thumb, you can quickly adjust the focus of the binoculars.

In addition to the binoculars, a lens cleaning cloth and a backpack are also provided in the package. Built with a durable metal prism, the Krevia Comet has a one-year manufacturer's warranty.


    Economic professional binoculars
    Quick adjustment lens with thumb via a simple central wheel
    Easy to roll up eyepieces also suitable for those who wear glasses
    40mm focusing system
    8X zoom lens
    Field of view of 420 feet and a range of 1000 yards
    It comes with a cleaning cloth and a backpack
    1 year guarantee


    It may improve the quality of the image and the lens

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