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03 May

Bride Blouse with Her Husband Name Designerplanet

Author: Sakina Khatoon 

Bride Blouse with Her Husband Name Designerplanet

Modern Brides Give Quirky Touch To Their Wedding Blouse, Customizes Husband Name On It     


Everything is growing every year, how can the wedding fashion industry stay behind. Nowadays, the bride and groom and their respective families do not think twice about spending lakh on a wedding ceremony. Indian couples spend money to make designer clothes to make a fashion statement or stand out from one another. With such stiff competition in the fashion industry, Indian brides are coming out with something unique that kills in every aspect of their Big Day.





Customized Latkan. Designerplanet



Well, on social media recently an image is circulating in which one can see a bride wearing a blouse with a sword embroidered with her husband's name. Isn't it beautiful? She is not the only one who has worn a unique blouse design, there are many who have opted to wear a unique blouse design. Take a look at the following: 

My husband's name on the Lehnga wedding:

 This bride chose to use her husband's name on the lehenga blouse of her wedding. She was personalized and embroidered her name and that of her husband on the sleeves of the blouse.

Announcing through lehenga Latkan  Dori

The Indian bride named Jhanvi takes a step forward to experiment and have a unique design. She expressed her love for her husband on the porch of her wedding. She had a hostess Jhanvi and Ankit to announce her united wedding at the end of her lehenga wedding.



Not Afraid to Declare His Love:

 The shyness of not talking openly about the love of your life is no more now. Indian women are no longer afraid to show and declare their love. Bride Pooja did the same when she declared her love for her husband Jimmy. She embroidered her blouse and embroidered it with Jimmy’s name.