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Hijab is an Islamic garment which means to hide or veil. It is known as a type of Islamic clothing because it only covers a woman's head. A hijab can be a scarf but a scarf cannot be a hijab. Women use it to protect themselves from bad actions and as a sign of respect.

The hijab is designed and worn in many ways, depending on the season, weather, and party. It is used in many parts of the world. So if you have no idea of the different hijab styles, you can scroll down and see:


    # 1 Simple hijab style

    However, the simplest type of hijab is a basic hijab style. This is the easiest way to show respect for the Islamic religion.


        Take a simple rectangular scarf and hold it over your head.
        Secure both sides of the scarf under the chin. To do this, use a pin.
        Flip one end of the scarf and flip it against your shoulder. Bring it to the other side and tuck it in.
        Spread it out and cover your chest.

     # 2 Hijab without a pin style

    This is one of the easiest scarf styles and looks effortlessly beautiful. It looks perfect for anyone.


          Take a long rectangular scarf and cover your head with it.
          Throw one end of the scarf over one shoulder and you're ready to go with a perfect look.
    Make sure you wear your scarf in a way that the longer end of your scarf is flipped
    < Step4 : Flip the same end back to the front of the other shoulder Step 5:finally, spread both the ends of your scarf on your chest in order to cover Some ideas for style with hijab sans For your loot with hijab, here are some of our recommendations.Step by Step Guide on how to wear Hijab Styles in 18 ways1. Always combine your hijab with your outfit

    For a glamorous look, always matching your hijab with your outfit (or even wearing a contrast hijab can add a lot of loot). Alhamdililla, you can find all the colors you can imagine in our hijab jersey or chiffon hijab sections.

     2. You can always pair your Hijab

     With baggy pants, skinny jeans, long skirts, long dresses, polka dot dresses and many other shapes, whatever brings you a star!

    You can also spice up your style with some pretty crystal hijabs like our luxury hijab collection or some French lace hijabs.

     3. P (a) Incessant Hijab

    No matter how many pins you buy, those guys always find a way to get lost. And even if you have pins, sometimes you just don't have enough time to slowly and slowly smooth them out, and jabbing your head doesn't exactly seem like a good alternative either. So for those moments, all you have to do is grab a long rectangular scarf and just wrap it around your head, with the longest end on your preferred shoulder.

     4. Showing the style

    Sometimes it really seems wasteful to wrap a beautifully printed scarf around your head and distort the exquisite designs, so for those one-of-a-kind pieces, we have a solution for you! Just be sure to spread a corner over your chest (or torso if it's long enough) before tying it to your head like you normally would.

     5. The Lollapalooza style

     Hey, just because you wear a hijab doesn't mean you have to look like Plain Jane at music festivals. And even if you don't go to a festival, there is no harm in looking like you, yes? Just to spice up your usual wedding or party look, add some Instagram-worthy headdresses / headbands that haunt your scouting page to a light-colored hijab (nude is highly recommended) so the accessories really stand out. If the accessories are adorned with stones, a darker color like brown or royal blue (even black!) Can make you look really stylish. You can even add some rings to the corner of your hijab and keep it over your shoulder to show your creativity.

     6. The Timeless Side Pin

    A simple side-fixed scarf is the most practical hijab look of all time and has timeless elegance. The best part is that it doesn't look as easy as it is and stays in place all day. Simply wrap your hijab around your head and twist a lone pin twice on the easy-to-reach side. However, be careful not to stab yourself, because believe me, that tends to happen much more than you can bear.
    7. The Ear Flash Hijab

     One of the most comfortable ways to wear a hijab is to loosely tie it behind your ears so you can balance your favorite pair of studs, and the increased mobility of the jaw makes eating much easier.

     8. The queen of the dress

    Believe it or not, the right hijab over a dress can take your outfit to the next level. If you really want to feel like royalty, arrange a hijab the same color as your clothes and customize it as discussed in Number 5. Preferably it shouldn't be lower than your chest, to show the dress you're wearing. Okay, this style is really common these days, but hey, that just means you can get more inspiration from Google.

    9. Hijab Over Saree

    Now this is where it gets difficult. Rarely has anyone worn a hijab over a sari and lived to tell about it, so you should be very careful with this combination. It is not as true and proven as the hijab on the appearance of the dress, but the basic rules are the same; keep it short, choose the same shade as your saree (especially if the saree has more than one color) and add some accessories if you want. When you do, get ready to definitely stand out.
    10. Arab-style hijab

    Add the word "Arabic" to anything and it will instantly become luxurious. Hijab is certainly not an exception. To really get that bulky look, the work begins before the hijab. Stack your hair as much as humanly possible before wrapping your hijab around your head. To increase some notches, add as many scarves as your heart (and head will tolerate) as you like to get the authentic Arab look.

    You can also try our special hijabs.

    11. The glasses with Hijab

     For the times when you just feel like wearing a pair of sunglasses or maybe just stopping wearing contact lenses for the day, the hijab can start to feel like a big
     12. Jeans with Hijabi

    Often the hijab and jeans can feel as far apart from each other as the two poles. So in situations like these, designing them together can be a real challenge. Choose a solid color that is the same as or in contrast to your outfit to make a statement. Monochrome colors tend to look really good in an outfit like this with some simple sneakers.

    We have a very cool jeans style jersey hijab.
    13. Modern Hijabi

     Just because you're wearing a traditional garment doesn't mean you can't look modern.

    Wearing a hijab over a dress has never been so elegant. Loosely place a simple but uniquely colored scarf on your head to stand out, but also look decent at the same time, over your chosen outfit and let it float down your torso.

    Find different types of hijabs here!
    14. Hijab in winter

    Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean you'll have to compromise on the style or function of your hijab, I'm telling you, you can have both! Wrap the knit scarf tightly around your head, before completing it with the scarf of your choice. It can be a wool scarf if you're in the mood to put on layers. Try wearing turtlenecks to reduce your hijab's dependence on heat. Another alternative is to wear ear mufflers over your hijab or even a hat if it is very cold outside.
    16. Hijab for school

    The traditional way to wrap a hijab and secure it in place may seem like a good idea for school because it will stay in place all day, but it really isn't. Between P.E. and running class to class you will inevitably sweat and end up feeling really suffocated at the end of the day. The best way to wear a hijab would be to tightly wrap a scarf in a turban style around your head. This way, your neck will not feel suffocated and, most importantly, your hijab will also stay in place.
    17. Hijab Style for Eid

    Eid is one of those rare occasions when no dress code is set in stone, so there is plenty of room to experiment and express who you are. Depending on the weather, wear brightly patterned cotton or woven scarves. One of my personal favorites is the patterned silk scarves. However, these tend to be very slippery, so I'd recommend wearing those annoying hijab caps mentioned earlier.

    18.Hijab Style Which Covers Chest

    What better way to sport this beautifully printed headscarf that shows off the exquisite patterns oh so brilliantly? After placing the scarf over your head, divide them into two equal parts. Spread one side of it across your chest and tiethe rest of it on the other side to display its gorgeous prints.

     For those who are thinking about how to wear Hijab with different styles, I hope this helps. So don't be boring with your Hijab and look new every day.

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