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27 April

How to choose the right inverter & battery for your home?

 Best Invertor


Are you planning to buy a new inverter or upgrade the old one? Whatever the reason, it is very important to understand which inverter is right for your home. The electricity requirements of your home may not be the same as your neighbor’s home. So don’t just blindly install the inverter (on power supply) in your home. Before buying an inverter for your home, do a little homework and find out the basics.

In the end, we will provide safe and secure battery recommendations from vendors you can trust on Amazon.
Determine your energy requirements first

One of the most important things you need to know before buying an inverter is your “power requirements”. In simple terms- what are all the electrical appliances (such as fans, tube lights, televisions, CFLs etc) you want to run in the event of a power failure. The power demand is an addition to the power of various electrical appliances.    

Top 10 Best Power Inverter Brands Reviews 2021

 Luminous Eco Volt Neo 850 Sine Wave Inverter for Home, Office and Shops (Blue)

 Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Home Pure Sinewave Inverter UPS



Luminous Power Technologies (or simply, Luminous) is one of the leading power supply equipment manufacturers in India. It has a large portfolio of household inverters, modern UPS (constant power supply), high-end 3-phase inverters, solar powered UPS, and inverter batteries. In terms of batteries, Luminous offers a variety of inverter batteries, ranging from 60 Ah to 220 Ah. These batteries can provide a charging time of up to 30 minutes depending on the type and capacity of the battery. Recently, the supply of power supplies such as LED lights, fans, switches, wires etc. has started. With 7 production facilities, a power center with 200+, 1200+ service workers, 3000+ distributors, 60000+ vendors and millions of customers is one of the most trusted UPS brands out there India.

     Battery Type: Tall Tubular
    Battery Capacity: 200AH
    Warranty: 36 Months (18 months, free of cost + 18 months pro-rata)
    Weight: 60 Kg
    Life Expectancy: 4-5 Years


    Fast charging and long lifespan
    Minimum maintenance
    Great overcharge tolerance
    Accepts deep discharge
    High performance


    In 36 months of warranty, only first 18 months is free of cost


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 With the advancement of technology, there has been a change in the way we live. Before that people had no choice but to wait for hours before the power distributor went down. But with the creation of power forverters, followed by current UPS and online UPS, the dynamics have completely changed. With inverters / UPS in place, people don’t have to wait long for the power to return. Older companies faced the worst impact of power outages (in the pre-inverter era). But inverters are now the savior. So, not only households but business startups rely heavily on UPS for recycling. Many brands offer power outage solutions in the form of inverters / UPS. Including popular companies like Microtek, Sukam, Luminous, Videocon etc. Microtek is one of the major UPS brands. It is one of the largest electrical appliance manufacturers, offering a gamut of products such as off-line UPS, online UPS, TPZi wave inverter, wave inverter, and solar inverter. In addition to the inverter / UPS, Microtek provides the necessary batteries along with an inverter named Okaya. Production of e-car batteries has begun and plans to build battery charging stations for e-cars in the future. Microtek is developing a strong national network of infrastructure with 355 points and 150 centers spread across India. 

Microtek Inverter UPS EB 900 (800Va) 672 Watts Digital Inverter

Microtek Digital UPS HB 1650VA 24V 1320- Watt 24X7 Hybrid Sinewave Inverter


    The inverter is having an advanced design.
    It has impressive capacity of 1200VA.
    It provides longer backup time to reduce your worries.


    The inverter lacks solar power compatibility.
    It is not so powerful for corporate houses.
    It may not be compatible with all types of batteries.

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V-Guard Prime Home Digital UPS Inverter

 Another product of the electrical appliance company V-Guard is an ace product due to its heavy-duty performance and ageless, stylish look. Customers prefer the inverter because of how it adds on as a material decor in their living rooms. The inverter provides its users with options to switch to power backup or inverter output as per their need.

The device is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. It can also take loads up to 1000W and has a turbocharger. It has a mobile application through which the user can control the inverter according to their convenience even when they’re not near the inverter.  



Users can keep track of power cuts and their duration from the past week of use. 

User-friendly and ace design
Very high performance and heavy-duty inverter.

Bluetooth connection takes time.

When the inverter is installed, some appliances cannot be used using standard plugs.

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 V-Guard Prime 1150 Digital Inverter UPS,white


V-Guard Inverter Sine Wave/Appliances, 900VA (Multicolour)

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Exide 850VA Pure Sinewave

Capacity: Exide 850VA inverter is developed around Pure Sine Wave technology. It looks bulky in size and performs pretty well.


There is not much to say about its design as on that ground, the inverter is no different from run of the mills.

 The Exide inverter, on strength of several outstanding features tossed under the lid, provides power backup for a long time as soon as electricity goes off.

Type: Exide 850VA inverter exemplifies power of Pure Sine Wave technology. It is a high-end technology that empowers the inverter to deliver safe and smooth power backup for a long time.


The inverter is completely safe to use. What is more, the model has back up time for 3 long hours.



    Built around Sine Wave Technology
    Offering backup for 3 hours
    Safe to use


    Design not being impressive
    Not easily available at online shops
    Some competitors offering longer backup time

 Exide Technologies 1450 VA 24V Pure Sinewave Home UPS Inverter with Digital Display


 Exide Technologies Xtatic 850VA Pure Sinewave Home UPS Inverter




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How to choose the right inverter & battery for your home?

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