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17 April

Top 20 Baby Product Brands In India For Your Little One - Designerplanet

 Top 20 Baby Product Brands In India For Your Little One - Designerplanet

 Your baby’s skin (either newborns or young children) is more delicate and fragile compared to adult skin. And that is why special care and attention is needed. Anything (and anything that means every little thing!) That touches a baby’s skin should be special. These are products that are specially designed to fit baby’s skin.

     Johnson and Johnson

This is a name that is widely accepted by all of you and is a brand that comes to your mind first when you are thinking of getting a product for your baby. For many years, this brand has been loved by all mothers and is one of the most trusted brands in India. It is dependent on infants and adults and has changed the care of children since its inception. 

Mee Mee Baby Gentle Wet Wipes ((30 Pcs,Pack of 05), Aloe Vera Wet Wipes)


The Mee Mee Baby Wet Wipes are enriched with Aloe Vera Extracts which keep your baby’s skin from drying up after a rigorous cleaning session. The wipes are soft and gentle, but also very effective.



 Mother Care

Like Mee Mee, this is another brand that focuses on mother and baby. When it comes to safety and hygiene, this brand is completely trusted. It has a very affordable price and a wide range of products. You will get maternity clothes and supplies, nursery furniture, feeding kits, baby supplies, dental and skin care products, towels, potty supplies and whatever you can think of. 

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 Mee Mee


Mee Mee is a brand that covers the needs of all children. Skin and oral care products, towels, towels, towels, shoes, bath and hygiene products, toys, wheelchairs - you name it and it’s ready for your child. The brand also produces maternity products - from dresses and belts to tops and underwear. Therefore, the brand caters to the needs of children and mothers in general. Try it, and you won’t be disappointed. 

Mee Mee Mild Baby Shampoo (Regular - 500 ml) PACK OF 2

No tears formula
Mild (Baby Shampoo)
Natural Extracts



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It is also a brand that produces biological baby products and is one of the top 10 baby product manufacturers in India. Bath products, creams and lotions contain a blend of botanicals that are completely safe for your baby’s skin. The product is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory in nature. Even the oils produced by Omved are rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins, and have no additives or fillers. 


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Top 20 Baby Product Brands In India For Your Little One - Designerplanet




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