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20 April

What is Poly Gel | 10 Things to Know About PolyGel - Designerplanet



The polygel itself is very soft, less sticky and easy to shape. It doesn’t need too much slip solution. I recommend doing 2 nails at a time, because in my experience the gel will settle on your cuticle if it doesn’t heal right away. 

Polygel Kit



    The liquid used to sculpt PolyGel is called Slip — the name was inspired by the slip potters use when working with clay. Slip is not a monomer; it has no active ingredients, and unlike acrylic monomer, it has a light, pleasant fragrance. It’s simply used to make the PolyGel easy to shape.
    Unlike hard gel, PolyGel is not self-leveling, but stays where you place it; unlike acrylic, it doesn’t harden until it’s cured in an LED or UV lamp.

    Cure time is about 30 seconds in an LED lamp or two minutes in a UV lamp. PolyGel nails do not experience heat spikes during curing. There is no tacky layer after curing.

    PolyGel is more flexible than acrylic, stronger than hard gel, and lighter than both, according to Yayoge.

 You might have or haven't heard about PolyGel Nail Kit but these are the latest fashion trend for those who aren't probably looking better and faster choice than a manicure. Finally, here are the top 10 things which you need to know about the nail gel kit.

1. Made of Organic Colors


polygel nail kit

The Nail Gel Kit is manufactured straight out from organic colors ensuring the safety of consumer and environmental factors. The usages of artificial colors which harm the body have been completely avoided.

2. Odorless

odorless deals streak

There won't be any smell from the nail gel whatsoever. Made out of natural extracts the nail gel kit with added pigments makes it odorless. Similarly, ensures the smooth flow of the gel over the nails without any overflow and spillage.

3. Anti-Dust

anti dust poly gel nail kit

Working on dust is common and day to day sights for us to tackle these situations the nail gel kit is manufactured such a way that they stick hard on to your nails. No matter what they are no airborne dust.
4.Light & Safe

light and safe

The nail gel kits are light in weight thanks to the anti-monomer materials, however, they are safe to use. Highly admired by many of our customers, safe for sensitive skin.

5. Save Time & Money

save time polygel nail kit

No need to spend your time to get your nails done. Snap it, paint it & cut it!. As simple as it is. This Polygel Nail Kit is for those who want salon Polygel nails without having to spend thousands of dollars. It's fun, easy and makes the perfect gift for you, your friends or family. They will for sure love you.

6.It’s available in six colors: bright white, natural clear, soft white, soft pink, dark pink, and cover pink.

7.Gel-polish colors can be applied over the product, and Yayoge can be mixed with PolyGel to create a design.

8.Natural nail prep is the same as prep for gel. Nail techs can use an e-file or a hand file to shape the product.

10.    The product should be filed off, not soaked off. Nail techs can soak to remove the remaining product after filing.

    PolyGel nails can be rebalanced the same way acrylic or gel nails are rebalanced.

Poly Gel is suitable for professional use or home use. Just 3 simple steps to use,squeeze,slice,roll.Lighter and Stronger,23% lighter than acrylics.Fast and easy,no chasing or intense heat spike.Can be used on artificial nails as well as natural nails;So if your interested in it,maybe you can try to do it,bring the beauty salon to your home.

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How to Apply PolyGel Nail Kit:

PolyGel Nail Kit is super easy to apply and use. All it takes is 5-7 mins to get your beautiful nails done.


PolyGel Nail Kit is super easy to apply and use. All it takes is 5-7 mins to get your beautiful nails done.

 . Prep nails as for a manicure and apply a base coat.

2.Cure for 120 seconds under a UV/LED lamp.

3. Squeeze the Polygel Nail out of the tube.

4. Slice the required amount with the Nail Gel Applicator Tool onto your natural nails or the nail tips.

5. Shape the nail gel into place using the Applicator Tool and your brush with a small amount of SLIP SOLUTION.

6. Cure for 120 seconds under an LED lamp. UV Lamp included in the Ultimate Kit

7. Buff and file as required. Finally, Apply a top coat or your favorite nail polish and cure for another 120 seconds. You are good to go!


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