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Top Rated in Air Coolers | How to Buy Best Air Coolers - Desgnerplanet

  Top Rated in Air Coolers | Best Air Cooler Brands Review | How to Buy Best Air Coolers - Desgnerplanet


Summary with Air cooler Price List 

For an easy glance, here is the list of the best coolers in India along with the price list -



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Maharaja Whiteline 70 L Super Grand 70 Plus Honeycomb Desert Air Cooler with Anti-Bacterial Water Tank

 Maharaja Whiteline HYBRIDCOOL 65-Litre Air Cooler with Remote (White and Grey)

 Made in India, the Maharaja cooler has 65 liters and is suitable for a large 700 sq. Ft. Room. Ft. The powerful cooler has a 45 ft air vent with 4-way air vent. It has three levels to control the speed of the cooler applicator from high to medium. The cold air output is around 3000 m3 / hour.

The cold air works on a small table and there is a bacterial resistance tank. This means there is no mold formation or insect breeding in the tank. The wattage of the cooler is 165W, and the power needed to run it is around 230V to 240V. This means that the cooler is compatible with inverters. The automatic water inlet allows you to connect the cooler to all pipes, and the water level can be maintained by a monitor above the water indicator window.




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 Havells Freddo 70-Litre Cooler (Grey/White)

One of the most trusted brands in India, Havells is known for producing some of the best coolers in India. Therefore, cooling them with a plastic body is such an electronic product that can cool a large space such as a party room with complete ease. The power consumption is constant, with the wattage of the cooler being 220W. The cooler has a three -fold safety guard that prevents it from getting dust or insects into the tank.

The tank capacity is almost 75 liters and there is a digital display. Yes, that means you can cool large areas with minimal effort. It has a honey cooler pump with a dust -resistant mesh on three sides. The weight of the cargo is around 27 pounds. The cold air flow is around 3500 m3 / hour and can cool places up to 116 m3. The cooler can be operated by hand or by remote control. It also has a car drain system, where the water will not stay in the tank. So you don’t have to worry about the common mosquito breeding problems that India faces.



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Fast cooling

Worth the money

Least noise


The cooler window must be installed by hand



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 Orient  air cooler

The thoughtful cooling feature of this product allows it to retain water up to 45% more than any other cooler. The pump is very efficient, and the tank capacities are 20L, 16L, and 35L. Let’s focus on the first variant, that is, the 20L Orient cooler. The heat dissipator weighs around 8.6 to 9 pounds, and the wattage of the cooler is around 140W. The cold air flow is 1300 m3 / hour, followed by 4-way filtering. It has a two-wheel drive that allows for easy movement and an ice room to cool quickly, making it one of the most widely used coolers found on the market. The cooler is highly compatible with inverters, and therefore it can run continuously even during power outages. The cooler is ideal for areas such as living rooms and bedrooms. The control panel has knobs that allow for multiple control functions. professional it is bad to communicate It has a high -end engine It has no remote control A consistent body ensures endurance Air is needed Untouched body.



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Types of Air Coolers


1. Desert Cooler:

Desert Air Coolers are not much different from each room cooler. It was placed just outside the window of the room cooler. They get stuck in it and they blow air from the outside, and that has an effect on the wind. Room applicators are heavier and more durable because they have to be placed outdoors. In addition, the room cooler operates on the same principles for all air vents. When activated, it moistens the dry air with water that flows in 3 directions, which in turn results in a reduction.

2. Special cooler:

The personal air cooler is smaller in size and more compact. They got their name ‘private’ because you can consider them useful for a particular use, or a particular place. Like if you put them in a small living room or kitchen, they will work. If you install a special cooler in a large room, it will not work, because they do not have a very large area.

3. Tower Cooler:

The tower coolers are long but not too wide, they are designed to be thin so they can take up less space. The name ‘towers’ are given because they have a prominent erection. These coolers are very effective because they blow air at high speed and can cool a room quickly.

4. Cooler Window:

The air cooler in the window is designed as a cuboid and has the same shape as the AC window. These air conditioners are used in areas that have dry climates. A window cooler is installed outside the window, mosquito repellent from outside. The air blown from the outside is passed through a mand pad, which in turn pollutes the air and wets it. This adds a cooling effect and helps to cool the room by blowing this air with the help of its fans.  

Important Features To Keep In Mind Before Buying The Best Air Conditioner In India

So, in this article we will tell you about the best wind in India, which will help you to win the summer. We’ve edited the list of the top 10 pilots based on features, durability and price. It will help you choose the best air cooler to buy and live comfortably this hot summer in India.

Before we get started, here are the tips that provide the best cooler that helps you win the summer.

Water tank capacity

This is an essential element in our search for the best air conditioner to buy. The air cooler uses a water cooling method to cool the enclosed environment. Simply put, it converts water into water vapor and disperses it. This quickly reduces the temperature in the room. With this in mind, we need to understand that the larger the size of the container, the longer your cold air will last. So you need to be careful about the capacity of the water tank when choosing the best cooler in India. If you are buying air conditioners for your room, the potential capacity is probably between 40-65L. However, if it is designed for a living room, cold air with a flow rate of 20-35L will solve the goal.

Air flow

Another very important feature that depends on the size of your room is air flow. The radio frequency is measured in cubic meters or CFM. The measurement lets you know how much air is circulating in your room per minute.

Let’s learn a simple technique for calculating the CFM needed for your room.

    Measure the size of your room. For example, let’s assume that the size of a room is 200 square feet in size.
    Its height is calculated. Let our room be up to 10 feet high.
    To calculate the required CFM you need to divide by 2. The mean 200 square meters x 10 meters in height is divided by 2. Therefore, the required CFM for our room is 1,000 (200 sq ft x 10 ft. / 2). Easy, isn’t it?

Cold pads

One of the most important things that many people ignore when they buy a cooler on the Internet. This is surprising because the cold pads have a direct effect on the heating element of the cold air. So, if you are looking for the best air conditioner for your room, it is necessary to keep in mind this display and how they work.

Thick cold pads result in better cooling. There are two major types of padding pads available on the market-Cellulose, and Aspen.

    Cold cell padul is more expensive but requires less maintenance and can be used for longer. It is also known as a honey pump because of its shape.
    Padet aspen is cheaper because it is made from synthetic fibers and shaved from wood. But the bad thing is you have to replace it every year. Therefore, maintenance is high.