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Karva Chauth is an Indian festival seen by women in our country to pray for the longevity of their husbands. They wake up before sunrise, have sargi and stay without water to pray for the life of their husbands. Karwa Chauth is a very important holiday for newly married Indian women. Many Bollywood celebrities have also held Karwa Chauth for the rest of their husbands ’lives.

Red kurti pant
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Red diwali karvachauth dress

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Flowy Bandhani Anarkalis Suit for sargi

Sargi is the pre-dawn meal consisting of sweet and salty delicacies usually cooked by the mother-in-law for the daughter-in-law to prepare her for the long fast. 


Anarkalis are easy to maintain. They are breathable and always look heavy. Women always look gorgeous in anarkalis.

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Whether it’s celebrities or ordinary people, everyone is looking forward to dressing up and looking their best for the bride on that day because it’s a festival where you can dress like a bride again. karva chauth? Sargi is a sweet and salty breakfast dish usually prepared by the mother-in-law for the daughter-in-law to prepare her for a long fast.

If ‘Saasu Mother’ is a generous woman, other wonderful gifts may come to you as well. Maybe a special chauth karva dress to wear the rest of the day.

It is a very special time for the mother-in-law to present the sargi to her new daughter, so special attire is a requirement. chauth to find the best for your love and family.

Juniors, teenagers, and those who are shy about sophisticated clothing may find the red saree modest. And while fancy dresses can be the norm for the day, you can always get away with minimalism. Anarkali long kurti or quick fusion silhouette like palazzo and crop set with contrasting coat will get you ready for the party in minutes. Simple accessories like crystal round earrings and announcement rings can complete your look at the party!

This is your first karwa chauth and you may be wondering what is dresses in karva chauth Women usually wear red outfits for Karva Chauth. We got you trendy outfits and you can’t miss the ones which we have curated for you.Then the bright pink, maroon, or red embellished leggings make up the most appropriate traditional dress of the day! Even those who have been married for more than a decade can look forward to the feelings of a real couple at the time of celebrating the eternal bond between husband and wife. With monotone red choli lehenga and richly embellished dupatta you can create or recreate your wonderful time at your wedding.

My Favourite Color Red and Maroon Designer Kurti Set |Party Wear Salwar Kameez. Designerplanet

Maroon dress

Karwa Chauth Dresses

Karwa Chauth Dresses

Karwa Chauth Dresses

Karwa Chauth Dresses

Karwa Chauth Dresses

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A red Dress always tops the list of Karva Chauth attire. And, an Indian woman can never beat the red look.

 A chevron apple red ethnic dress on Karva Chauth


Karwa Chauth Look in Saree

Ladies, if you always want to pull off a traditional look, we suggest you consider wearing a red Banarasi saree that is essential for Karva Chauth.Red saree always tops the list of Karva Chauth attire. And, an Indian woman can never beat the red saree lookNot only will you be very comfortable (thanks to the fabric) but you can do so much with this saree like going for smokey eye makeup, hair bun and so on.

Click below to see our favorite Red Banarasi Sarees.

Celebration In Prints Printed sarees are always attractive. Karva Chauth rituals run the entire day and wearing a printed saree would be a perfect choice.

The Night Look 

Don't hesitate with glittery eye shadow or smoky eyes and bright lips, this night calls for everything special, special karva chauth makeup too. We think we've given you all the intel you need to build a custom look. So stop wondering how to look good on karva chauth and just go for it!

The festival of Karva Chauth is one of the most vibrant festivals in Indian culture. Little details like Mehendi application, folk music, and religious Karva Chauth puja make it a wonderful day for women, even if they don't eat food and water. One of the most beautiful rituals is the chand-puja, creating a moment that strengthens the eternal bond between the couple. With all these wonderful rituals, Karva Chauth is a day of rejoicing. We have put together these five designs to make your Karva Chaut day more beautiful and fun. So start planning your outfit and become the best dressed lady of the season!

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Rangriti Ethnic Kurti Set

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Rangriti kurti

Rangriti Ethnic Kurti Set


Rangriti Women's Kurta


Color Name: Red
Material: Cotton with three quarter sleeve

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