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06 December

Best Sportswear Brands | Top Sportswear Brands in India - Designerplanet

 Author: Sakina Khatoon 

 Best Sportswear and Activewear Brands for Men and Women|Top Sportswear Brands in India - Designerplanet


Best Sportswear and Activewear Brands Amazon Designerplanet

 Most Selling Sportswear Brands In India 

Indians are becoming healthier every day, a fact that is evident in the increase in the number of sports and fitness centers popping up across the country in the last decade.

The Indian sportswear industry is growing rapidly. People’s awareness of health and exercise has grown tremendously in the last few years. We have the best sports apparel brands in India with a wide range of sports shoes, Track Pants & Tights, Sports Bras and many more. 


You don’t want your clothes to cause problems or obstacles during sports. And that’s why famous brands are taking great care in designing sports clothes that will look like your second skin and allow you to enjoy your workouts as well. Let's take a look at the most popular sports brands in India:


    Under Armour
    Campus Sutra
    Shiv Naresh





Nike is the largest selling sports apparel brand in the world. The company has done this with comfortable products and attractive designs. Nike sells a variety of shoes, tracksuits, sports equipment, clothing, hoodies, bags and much more.

 Nike Women's Sports Hoodie (883730-657_University RED/SAIL_x-Large)

 Glive's Gym Suits for Women Sports, Stretchable Breathable Cloth Set Exercise Wear for Girl Women

Nike Men's Tracksuit (BV3035-410_Navy Blue_Medium) 







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 Adidas is a multi -billion dollar German company that started its business by designing shoes. It is the second largest company in the world for the production of sportswear. Many believe that Adidas stands for all my dream sports day, but it is a combination of the names of the founders of Adidas ‘Adolf Dassler’ Adi (nickname Adolf) and Das (from the Dassler).

Various products: socks, hats, bags, handbags, gloves, yoga Mets, belts, bracelets, bracelets, performance bottles, clutch, purse, ball, china watch, sock, marani watch , Women's Tops, T-shirts, Shorts, Pants & Tights, Sport Shoes, FlipFlops, Slippers, Floaters, Sandals, Pants, Jerseys, Sports Bra, Jumpsuits, Jackets, Chappals, Casual Shoes, Sneakers, Loafers, Sweatshirts , Tracksuits.

 Adidas Cotton Casual Girl's Suits (GN6829_Yellow/corgrn/White_140)


Alan Jones Clothing Men's Cotton Athletic Gym Running Sports Track Suit (TSUIT21-P02_Melange_L) 


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 Puma is the most popular sportswear brand in the world with a market without any other sportswear brand in the world. Puma is a German-based brand that was founded almost 72 years ago that can now position itself as a market leader in all sportswear and sports equipment.


 Types of Puma products: Shoes, women's belly shoes, floaters, training bags, T-shirts, pants, tracksuit, jackets, hoodies, winter clothes, men's pants, chinos, women's sports bras, shorts, capris, dress belts for children, digital watches and other accessories.



 Puma Men's Cotton Classic Track Suit (58584101_Black_S)

Puma Men's Cotton Classic Track Suit (58584101_Black_XXL) 

Puma Women Density Bra H Black- White 34-AB 

Puma Women's Tights Leggings (51892003_Medium Gray Heather-Rosewater_Large)



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Under Armour

 Under Armor is an American alternative sportswear company that focuses on footwear, sportswear and casual wear. Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, Under Armor has made significant strides over the past decade as a top sportswear manufacturer. He is best known for his collaboration with NBA Superstar Stephen Curry. In general, he can be called “the face of his shoe line”. Under Armor has distinguished the company for its ongoing efforts in using technology to take the sporting experience to the next level.

 Products Range: footwear, T-shirts, tank tops, undershirt, leggings, shorts, Capri, women tops, sports bra, underwear, outerwear, sunglasses, socks, gloves, hats, belts, protective gear, fitness device, headbands, sports equipment
Gender: Men and Women
Specialty: Sports Wear



Under Armour Men's Tech Short Sleeve T-Shirt, Deceit (444)/Techno Teal, XXXX-Large 

Under Armour Women's Leggings (1344529_Fractal Pink_Small) 

Under Armour Adult Training Cotton Crew Socks, 3-Pairs , True Gray Heather 2 , Medium 

Under Armour Men's Track Jacket (1326597_Black_LG) 




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 ASICS is a major sports brand that specializes in running shoes. They have specially designed shoes for running made of high technology.

Their shoe line is diverse, and each running shoe comes with unique stability, comfort and lightness.
Asics Sports products: Shoes, sneakers, tracksuits, shorts, track pants, jackets, hoodies, tops and t-shirts, tights, three quarter tights, sports bras.
Gender: Male and Female





 ASICS Men's Solid Slim Fit T-Shirt (146467_Lapis S)

ASICS Men's Bermuda Shorts Regular Fit Polyester (2011A768.001_Performance Black_XL) 

ASICS Women's' Sports Bra (2032A409.400_Peacoat_S) 

ASICS Men's and Women's Old School Crew White Socks, Large



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 Fila Men's Track Pants (12008806_Blk_Medium)

Fila Men's Regular Sweatpants (12009603_ME_Medium) 

Fila Harmony Women Pea S


FILA is a popular Italian sportswear brand that has dominated the sportswear industry for many years now with its sportswear accessories.

FILA is the most well-known international sportswear brand in India with a unique range of sportswear. The collection includes shorts, t-shirts, tracksuits, hoodies, sports bras, bags and outerwear.

FILA Sports Products: Bags, Casual, Shoes, FlipFlops, SportShoes, Sweatshirts, SportsSandals, Sandals, Shorts, Sweaters, Sunglasses, Tshirts, Tops, Pants, Pants, Tights, and Tracksuits


Gender: Male and Female




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Lotto started with tennis shoes, and it is world famous for its unique sports apparel. The uz brand is a major success in the sportswear industry due to the precise design and precision of its products.

The biggest strengths of the brand are its dynamism, innovation, exceptional quality, great design, and its passion to provide customer satisfaction.

Lotto Sports Products: Shoes, flip flops, t-shirts, track pants, track jackets, bags, women’s capris, sports bras, bags, hats, sunglasses.

Shopping Sites:,,,,,,,,

Gender: Male and Female

 Lotto Men's Speedrun IV Pant PL Navy Track Pants (Large, Navy)

Lotto Men's L73 Lower Dane M Grey Track Pants (Medium, Grey) 


Lotto Men's Speedrun IV Pant PL Black Track Pants (Medium, Black)




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Campus Sutra


Campus Sutra is an online, fashion brand and sportswear startup based out of Bengaluru founded in 2013. Interestingly they even customize the clothing and accessories based on the customer’s liking. The aim is to create styles based upon student’s education stream.


Range of Campus Sutra Products: Sweatshirt, hoodies, tracksuit, track pants, shorts, jersey, T-shirts, women crop top, shorts, bags, mugs, caps, sippers

Campus Sutra Men Hooded Sports Jacket(AZ118_JRHJK_M_PLN_BL_AZ_XL) Black 

Campus Sutra Maroon Zipped Women Hooded Sweatshirt with Applique (CS_ZH_W_SER_BU_XL) 

Campus Sutra Men's Sports Jersey Jogger(AZCSJ17BOT_TPJR2_M_PLN_GRBL_AZ_M) 




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 DIDA Men's Oxyfresh Sports Tracksuit for Winter, 100% Polyester for Gymming, Running and Training Purposes, Navy Blue, Double Extra Large


DIDA Men's Micro Mesh Track Suit (Navy, XX-Large) 

DIDA Men's 100% Polyester White Running Sports Shorts 




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Shiv Naresh


Shiv Naresh is the most famous Indian brand in the production of sportswear and sportswear across the country. Shiv Naresh was founded in 1987 shaping the future of Indian athletes ever since. Shiv Naresh produces high quality products suitable for athletes across the country.

 Shiv Naresh Men's Loose Fit Track pants(LWRBLUE44_Blue_44)

Shiv Naresh Men's Regular Fit Trousers (pack of 2)(BKSP09-BLSP10_42_Black_42) 

Shiv Naresh Lower T.P 1 Side Zip+ Navy-Blue Side Zip Pocket Men's Regular Fit Trackpants (M, Black+Navy) 




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Nivia is a well -known name in the field of sportswear making good quality clothing and accessories. It is an Indian -based brand led by Nihal Chand Kharbanda who is also the founder of the brand. Nivia is a privately held company and the largest company in sports equipment in India.

 Nivia Training-1 Shorts

Nivia Knitted Track Suit SP-03 

Nivia Neo - 4 Female Lower 




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 Reebok is actually a subsidiary of Adidas since 2005. The brand began in England with spiked running shoes for athletes with a name J.W. Fosters & sons which later changed to Reebok. Although Reebok has seen a drastic fall in its brand value in India, it remains one of the go-to brands on the mouth of the majority of the Indian population. MS Dhoni is one of the most prominent faces in Indian Sports History. He had the Reebok logo on his bat in what is called the most famous historical moment of Indian Sports.

   Range of Reebok Products: Shoes, flip flops, t-shirts, track pants, track jackets, bags, women capris, sports bra, bags, caps, sunglasses.

 Reebok Men's Polyester Rbk Performance Track Top (H57674_M, Conavy, M

Reebok Women's Fitted Yoga Pants (GL2841_PROPNK_Medium) 








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 ALCiS | Gym Joggers for Men | Sportswear Track Pants | Workout Bottomwear | Casual Pants | Light, Dry-Fit & Comfortable Dark Grey

ALCiS Men Black Solid Tracksuit 

ALCiS Men Solid Navy Blue Tracksuits 


ASICS is a Japanese sports manufacturing company that supplies footwear and sports equipment worldwide. The word ASICS is an acronym of Latin phrase and means- ‘a healthy soul in a healthy body. You are sure to get premium quality products perfect for your workout.

Products Range: Shoes, sneakers, tracksuits, shorts, track pants, jackets, hoodies, tops and t-shirts, tights, three-fourth tights, sports bra.
Specialty: Footwear and sports equipment




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 Yepme is a popular Indian fashion brand that aims at bringing the modish collection to their customers. Apart from fashion clothing, it even has a wide range of sportswear for men and women.

Products Range: Women ethnic and western wear, men’s clothing, and sportswear such as vests, track pants, shorts, tracksuits. Sport watches
Gender: Men and Women
Specialty: Fashion clothing

Yepme Women's Black Cotton Tracksuits - YPWTRACK0003_M 

Yepme Women's Grey Cotton Tracksuits - YPWTRACK0002_M 




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 A popular 2Go brand that designs a variety of clothing for men. You can get comfortable clothing for outdoor activities such as running, jogging, or outdoor activities. Even with the comfort of the brand, it promises impressive fashion quality at a reasonable price.

Various products: Shorts for men, track pants, lounge sets, trousers, three quarters, shorts, long dresses, T-shirts, socks
men and women: Men & Women
Specialty: Sports










2Go Men's Track Pants (EL-GTP240-A8-Prussian Blue M)


 2Go Men's Tights (EL-GFT110-S8_Raven_M)

2Go Women's Sports Tights (EL-WFT173-S8_Prussian Blue_L) 



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