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27 June

Latest Jewellery Inspiration from Sikh Brides. Designerplanet

 Latest Jewellery Inspiration from Sikh Brides. Designerplanet 

Punjabi Traditional Jewellery 

Latest Punjabi royal bride. Designerplanet

From red Bangles to regal chokers, the Punjabi bride’s jewelry trousseau feature striking elements inspired by their unique culture.

Punjabis are simple but fun-loving people who believe in expressing their emotions with enthusiasm. Similar to their character, their marriage reflects the philosophy of their lives. Punjabi weddings are colorful, intense, sometimes over the top, fun full of opportunities to sing and dance to the heart. Punjabi weddings can be simple or solemn, but they guarantee unlimited fun and celebration. There are many ceremonies before and after the wedding that make a Punjabi wedding a long and pleasant affair. However, Punjabis do not forget the time to rejoice, their marriages show their tendency to follow the old traditions, even if there is a common confusion among them at times. From sophisticated lehengas to noisy baratis, ‘dance till you drop’ Sangeet to very friendly and enthusiastic hosts, Punjabi weddings are like a real roller coaster. Let’s take a look at the different wedding ceremonies.



Chooda refers to a series of red and ivory flowers generally in four series. The uncle of the eldest mother of the bride plays an important role in the ceremony. Her maternal uncle or mother lives with relatives who clean the choada in a mixture of milk and roses. The head and face of the bride are covered during the ceremony because she should not see the chood except at the time of the wedding. Her maternal uncle and husband then placed the Chooda in the hands of the bride. Other elderly members touched the chooda and gave their blessings. Flowers are laid on the bride. Her maternal uncle gave her her marriage to Lehenga at the same time. Her sisters-in-law, friends and the bride’s sister are then tied with Kalire around her wrist or with one of her umbrella-shaped belts that are usually covered with coconuts, dried fruit or dried peanuts.

 Punjabi Popular Wedding Jewellery. Designerplanet 




Punjabi Royal sikh bridal Ranihaar.  Designerplanet

The Ranihaar worn by the Sikh bride is a gold necklace that is long and heavy. The design of gold jewelry is complex and can be combined with plated diamonds and other gemstones. 



Punjabi weddings bridal jhumar. Designerplanet

To adorn the head of a ceremony where maang tikka is made with or without, the jhumar is made of colored pearls and gemstones, and is placed on the edge of the bride’s forehead.

One of the various jewelery worn by Punjabi brides as well as women all over India, this crescent or round shaped earring is elegant yet bold with a delicate shape and drop stones with pearls or gemstones. .

Bride Punjabi sikh Nath latkan. Designerplanet

The Nath is a large gold nose ring worn by Sikh brides and has a gold chain attached to it. The gold Naths are adorned with jewels and pearls of various colors. Arwa Mudhra Gold Nath, Udichi Mudhra Gold Nath, and Kavinya Mudhra Gold Nath are perfect choices in bridal jewelry collections for Sikh brides.

Laung punjabi nose pin Designerplanet

Also worn by women at festive times, the laung is a golden nose decorated with intricate shapes. However, in some cases, the bride makes a more decorative look for the big day.



Saggi Phul Punjabi sikh bridal Jewellery Designerplanet

The central gold head that supports the phulkari dupatta, the Saggi phul is decorated with floral motifs, and is sometimes called by different names based on its design.

Designerplanet Punjabi bridal kaleerein

The figure of a Punjabi bride is incomplete without a kaleerein. A domed ornament that hangs from the bride’s chooda, these accessories have been developed over the years and now, they are also made of pure gold.

a popular accessory throughout the South Asian continent, the haathphool is made of thin gold chains and rings that boast a floral shape. However, for small works like haldi or mehndi, the bridal sports haathphool is created with very colorful flowers.

Punjabi haathphool hand Jewellery .Designerplanet



Punjabi sikh bridal choker. Designerplanet

the choker necklace of the Punjabi bride is very necessary. Embellished with gemstones such as rubies, kundan, and emeralds, choker necklaces are often paired with longer necklaces.

Punjabi brides have a funny and fun reason about them and if they choose to make a peach -colored choli set and adorn it with Polki jewelry with bright red beads, the result will be fun.

Polki Jewellery. Designerplanet

Meenakari is one of the safest and most beautiful ways to be worn by any bride during their day. Pastel shades are very popular with Punjabi brides today who are stunning when wearing Meenakari jewelry. So if you choose to wear a pastel blue skirt, the Meenakari skirt will complement your outfit with a pastel blue enamel.

Meenakari jewelry bridal.Designerplanet

An anklet, also called ankle chain or ankle bracelet, is an ornament worn around the ankle. Barefoot anklets and toe rings historically have been worn for centuries by girls and women in India. They have also been worn by Egyptian women since predynastic times. In the United States both casual and more formal anklets became fashionable in the late twentieth century. While in western popular culture both younger men and women may wear casual leather anklets, they are popular among barefoot women. Formal anklets (of silver, gold, or beads) are used by some women as fashion jewellery. Anklets are an important piece of jewellery in Indian marriages worn along with saris or Bridal Wear.



Punjabi Bridal Mathapatti 


Matha patti is a traditional headdress, which combines maang tika and headband with ornaments to make a unique hat. It can be very heavy, or very soft and simple. The best at making jewelry for the bride, matha patti is truly the perfect crown jewel.

Last but not least, the headband works well on your bride’s neckline and has therefore become a rage right now among millennial brides. So if your bride’s dress is not traditional to wear maangtikka or mathapatti but you like the idea of ​​hair accessories, choose a blingy wreath that matches your jewelry.

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