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16 November

How to Get Rid of Cankles

Cankles are a thicker area of the lower leg where the ankle and the calf come together. The word "cankle" is not a medical term, but rather a popular slang term that combines the words "calf" and "ankle." People with cankles often say that they have fat ankles or thick ankles.

 Cankles usually look short and are thick. The following are some of the possible causes of this development.

 Cankles are believed to be caused by three major factors. They are:

    Genetics: Most women who have cankles usually have a close family member with the same problem. If any of your parents have thick or overly sized ankles, you may develop the condition too.
    Fluid Retention: Lifestyle choices like heavy intake of sodium can cause fluid retention in your body. This may lead to the development of cankles.
    Pregnancy: Pregnancy is another common factor that can cause cankles. This is usually due to reduced or poor circulation in the lower extremities of a pregnant woman.

In addition to these causes, a sedentary lifestyle or accumulated fat can also contribute to worsening the appearance of cankles. Therefore, you must try the following exercises to tone your muscles.

 How to Get Rid of Cankles

If you've ruled out a medical problem, you may be wondering if it is even possible to get rid of cankles. There are a few things that might help to reduce the fatty appearance in your lower legs.

Weight Loss

If you are overweight or obese, the best way to get slim down your cankles is to lose weight. Of course, when you slim down, you can't choose where the weight loss will occur. But if you stick to a calorie-controlled diet and a consistent exercise program, you're likely to see your cankles get smaller.

If you begin a weight loss program, remember to start slowly with reasonable goals. A quick-fix, crash diet might provide results in the short term but is likely to back fire over time.

Healthy Diet

Sometimes cankles are caused by diet-related swelling. For example, if you eat a diet high in sodium you may retain water all over your body. You may notice it more in the ankle area. There are some natural herbs (like parsley) that help reduce water weight, but you can also eat fewer processed foods and put away the salt shaker to reduce the sodium in your diet.

Another smart diet change is to check your starchy carb intake. Carbohydrates are an important part of a healthy diet. But if you eat a diet higher in starchy, sugary foods, you may retain more water. If you balance your micronutrients (get enough protein, healthy fat, and nutrient-rich carbohydrates) you might find that your legs get leaner from a loss of water weight.

Medical Treatments

Some doctors can help you get rid of cankles if the area is enlarged because of fat rather than swelling. Certain liposuction treatments can help add definition to the area so the calf muscle is more noticeable and the ankle area looks slimmer. But these medical treatments can be expensive and like all medical procedures, they carry some risk.




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