29 January

Konrad Silk Party Wear Saree with more Border. Designerplanet

Konrad silk saree

Konrad Saree
Konrad sarees have the distinguishable designs that are typical example of South India.

The Konrad saree is a mubbhagamï interwoven saree that has two borders and fields of equal width. One of the things to be noticed is that the border of such sarees is in a flawless style having two pettu. However, sometimes it happens that the entire length of a narrow field is covered with good quality accessories zari patterning woven in a series of weft-wise rows. Designs include motifs such as elephants, peacocks, double-headed eagles and floral vines. Although Konrad saree showcases pure silk creations but its unique design makes it stand out from other designer sarees.

 The borders of these sarees are decorated with different designs. The border of these sarees is around 10 to 40 cm wide, woven in plain colors. The body of the Konrad saree has woven patterns, usually checks or stripes. This is known as "Kampi" or "Pettu" (stripe). The bottom of the saree has a series of wide open zari patterns or additional net patterns. The classic design at the end of the Konrad saree is seen in the wide band which is usually in zari, with triangular dots woven in the interlocking technique. The designs of these sarees also vary as the designs vary from straight borders or with a variety of triangular motifs called "Mokku" (flower crowns) ranging from simple triangles (pogudi) to up to the serrated ridge (pillaiyar mokku). Such a serrated border is also known as "Karavai" (sawtooth). Many Konrad sarees are named according to the color of their borders such as "Arakku" saree with colored (red) border, and "Pudapayalam Karavai" yellow border.

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