04 April

10 Best School Shoes Brands For Kids.Designerplanet

 10 Best School Shoes Brands For Kids.Designerplanet 

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There are several brands on the market, and as a result, we become confused as to which shoe brand to choose












Bata is an international shoe brand that belongs to the Czech Republic. This shoe industry has had great success in India. Some think this is an Indian brand, but it is not. This company manufactures high quality shoes.

If you are thinking of buying shoes from this brand, go ahead with it listed above. The shoes are very durable and comfortable and are good for everyday use for students going to school. If you are thinking of buying shoes from this brand, go for it. Price range: 500-1200 INR

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Campus shoes is an Indian brand and manufactures more shoes than any other brand in India. It is famous for its cheap prices, starting at as little as 50 INR rupees. They also have a nice hat with school shoes

Action Shoes 

Running shoes are popular because this is the only shoe company in 10-15 years that has used the promotion of its shoes on television. They gained a large audience by placing commercials on television and often during children’s television programs.

Sparx is an Indian brand known for producing sports shoes, but this brand also produces school shoes. Compared to other shoes, most local stores do not sell Sparx school shoes, but you can get them easily from online stores.

Paragon shoes are one of the biggest brands in India. Almost 3 out of 5 people make this mark. Popular products such as sandals, chappals and sleepwear and are famous for their durability and low price.