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01 April

Amazon Prime Youth Offer - Get 50% off on Membership Fee mazon offering up to 50% on Prime membership. Know who can and how.Designerplanet

Amazon Prime Youth Offer - Get 50% off on Membership Fee     .Designerplanet 

Amazon Prime recently launched an Amazon Prime Referrals program for young adults in the 18-24 age group. Amazon Prime has a youth service that offers a 50% discount for 18-24 year olds as a member. If you signed up for Prime through Youth Services, you can invite your 18-24 year old friends from the Prime Referrals page of the Amazon app by selecting them from telephone contact list.



Amazon Prime Youth Offer Eligibility 


Amazon offering up to 50% on Prime membership. Know who can and how.  

Youth Offer 

You can get Youth Services on Amazon when you are between 18 and 24 years old. If you are in this age group, you can get one year of Prime Minister’s membership at a 50%discount.

Benefits of Amazon Prime Membership 

With an Amazon Prime membership, you get special Amazon benefits that are exclusive to first time members. We have listed below the major benefits of Amazon Prime Membership: 1. Fast delivery and delivery within 2 hours after order for Prime Member2. Unlimited option of one day and two days free delivery of shipment.3. Free access to Amazon Prime movies and TV shows with Prime Video.4. Free access to music with unlimited listening and unlimited online download options on Amazon Prime Music.5. Early Bird admission by special agreement before going live.6. Free access to read books at no extra charge with Prime Reading

More Details >>>

How do I get the Amazon Prime Membership Youth offer? 

Getting the discount offer for first time Amazon membership is very easy for customers aged 18 to 24 years. and a special agreement with Amazon.

1 Visit the Amazon Youth services page from here (Open the link using the Amazon App)

 2. Click the Amazon Prime Membership Banner 

3 Pay the membership fee in any payment method.

4. Done.

5. 50% cashback is added to Amazon Pay Balance after verification

Terms and Conditions of the Amazon Prime Referral Service



 Currently, the service is only for Prime Referral members aged 18-24. 

Earn 50% off as part of the Youth Services and an additional 10% as a one -time referral reward. 

For each friend who enters Prime using the referral code or link and verifies their age, you will receive an additional 15 days extension of your membership. A new and unique referral code will be created for all the friends you want to invite. 

Once your friend joins Prime, they will have 15 days to complete the age verification. Each year’s verification will receive a reward that can be awarded within 48 hours.

 There is no limit to the friends you can invite, but the referral code generated is unique for each friend. 

Visit the Referral section of the Prime page and click on the Referral Rewards tab to check the status of referrals and rewards. 

So if you are 18 to 24 years old and want to join Amazon Prime, there is a great offer. Amazon has introduced referral rewards for users between the ages of 18 and 24. 

After signing up with Prime, you can start sharing referral codes with friends to get a 15 -day extension per referral. At first, when I heard about this offer I was happy, but soon I realized that this offer is only for 18 to 24 year olds. In the future, Amazon may extend this service to all users.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the referral code for Amazon prime? 

Amazon has introduced referral rewards for ist Prime members. Currently, the referral program is designed for users between the ages of 18 and 24 only. For each friend you want to invite there will be a new and unique referral code.



 What are the benefits of access to prime through a referral code? 

With Amazon’s first referral code, 18 t0 24 year olds earn 60% off as a first member. Amazon is already offering 50% cashback under the youth offer. But with the referral program there is an additional 10% cashback that can be applied to the prime entry. 

How to get Amazon Prime Referral Code? 

Visit the first page of Amazon and click referral to get a new and unique referral code each time. The referral code is valid for inviting someone. You will need a new code each time you refer more friends. 

Is there a service on Amazon prime? 

With Amazon’s first subscription program, you get 60% off your membership fee. This service is intended for children 18 to 24 years old only. Cashback will be processed after a successful year verification.

Note>>>With an Amazon Prime Membership, you can get many benefits that include FREE fast shipping, free movie downloads, TV shows and music, special shopping deals and selections, unlimited reading and much more.





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