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BrideTraditional Jewellery Guide for the Gujarati Bride .Designerplanet

Traditional Jewellery Guide for the Gujarati Bride .Designerplanet 

Designerplanet Gujarati Bridal Jewellery

The Beautiful Gujarati Bride – Bridal Fashion, Bridal Jewellery and More..



Gujarat brides represent a mix of traditions, colors, royalty and rituals covering the significance of Gujarat. Traditional jewelry comes in a variety of styles. Since the Gujarati bride wears a white and red saree with a pallu or Gharchola on the front, it is necessary to choose your jewelry carefully so as not to clash with the pallu. 

Here we have compiled a list of Gujarati bridal fashion jewelry that can enhance your bridal look and help you look beautiful on the Day. The basic elements of bridal jewelry include:



  • Kondora or Kamarbandh

  • Patla Bracelets or Kada

  • Todi Anklets Payal or Anklets 

  • Shinka

  • Pocha Hand Bracelet or Hathshankar

  • Dodi or Necklace 


This is a traditional practice performed by brides in Gujarat. It is accompanied by a royal appeal which is perfect to accentuate the face of the bride with the expression of her beauty.

Gujarati bridal Ranihaar. Designerplanet

Rani Haar 


Baju Bandh

Gujarati Bride bajuband. Designerplanet

With clear meenakari work and embossed details on the top, this custom-made gold armlet is a symbol of traditional luxury and fits snugly on the arm of a Gujarati bride.


Gujarati Bridal Jewellery

Maatha Patti or Damini for Gujarati Bride 



Mathapatti Gujarati Bridal. Designerplanet

Maatha Patti or Damini is a headdress worn by famous Gujarati brides. There are two gold chains attached to the pendant. At Finaura Gold Jewelry Maker you will find Kasiga Mudhra Gold Mang Tikka and Raadhi Mudhra Gold Mang Tikka which excel in gold jewelry design and are perfect choices for Gujarati bridal jewelry collection.

Bangdi or Chooda for Gujarati Bride 

Bangdi or Chooda for Gujarati Bride. Designerplanet

Traditionally, Gujarati brides wear red and white Bengal ivory. A bunch of bangles also known as Chooda are the essential elements of a bridal ensemble. Other bangles can be made of glass and gold. They also wear Kundan or diamond-studded bracelets that compliment the wedding dress. Like many other Indian weddings, Chooda is held for 30-45 days after the wedding.


Kundan Butti Earrings for Gujarati Bride 

Kundan Butti Earrings for Gujarati Bride. Designerplanet

Very beautiful jewelry designed to look like highly embellished earrings. The ornament has a chain that passes through the crown of the head and the Kundan Buttis hangs like an earring from the ear.



Finger Rings for Gujarati Bride 

Gujarati Bridal finger ring. Designerplanet

Finger Rings A popular finger ring for Gujarati brides is a large finger ring with diamonds and other gemstones.



Kondora or Kamarbandh for Gujarati Bride 

Kondora Kamarbandh Gujarati Bridal. Designerplanet

Gujarati Bridal Jewellery

Kandora: A variant of the popular kamar bandh (waist belt), the kandora not only matches the bride’s elegant saree but also emphasizes her elegance.

Patla Kada or Bracelets for Gujarati Bride

Similar to the famous ‘kada’ (chunky bracelet), a patla is a gemstone creation that the bride wears with her other bracelet.

Todi  Payal Pazeb or Anklets for Gujarati Bride 

Todi Anklets Payal Pazeb  Gujarati Bridal Jewellery. Designerplanet


A delicate ankle that attaches to the bride’s ankles before entering the mandap, the todi not only has a formal weight, but is also preferred for its shape.

Shinka for Gujarati Bride 



Shinka Gujarati Bridal Jewellery. Designerplanet

Shinka: Crafted of gold and embellished with gemstones, this headdress is unique for a Gujarati bride and features dripping beads that caress her forehead.

Pocha  Hand Bracelet or  Haathphool Hathshankar for  Gujarati Bride : 

Haathphool Gujarati Bridal bracelets. Designerplanet

Similar to the hand jewelry that is very popular across the Indian subcontinent, pocha combines gold rings and bracelets with fine gold necklaces, and sometimes adorned with precious stones.

Gujarati Bridal Jewellery 

Dodi or Necklace for Gujarati Bride: 

Dodi Gujarati Bridal Jewellery necklace. Designerplanet

A gold necklace with a glamorous antique design, the dodi boasts of its intricate meenakari and kundan work on the ground that makes it a favorite of Gujarati brides. In addition, this necklace comes with matching rings to complete the set.



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