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Traditional Odia Bridal Jewellery Oriya Bridal Jewellery. Designerplanet

Traditional Odia Bridal Jewellery Oriya Bridal Jewellery. Designerplanet 

Designerplanet Wedding Jewellery for Odiya Bride

Odiya’s bride in her usual form proves that you can’t go wrong with red. She is the perfect image of a red bride in traditional colors. A simple yet beautiful wedding ceremony is a celebration of culture and togetherness. The bright-eyed beauty is adorned with intricate gold jewelry crafted in her culture.

Odia /Oriya Bridal Jewellery 

Odiya Wedding Jewelery Gold jewelry is the best choice of bridal jewelry for Odiya wedding. The filigree pattern is found popular in Odiya jewelry and is therefore part of the bridal jewelry collection often. Some of the popular choices of Odiya wedding jewelry among brides include ...



  • Sinthi- Maang Tikka

  • Kundala- Earrings, Kadaa, Shanka

  • Chood- Bangles

  • Notha- Nose Rings

  • Cheeka- Choker, Kathi Chain

  • Chandra Haar- gold with 3. chain.

Wedding Jewellery for Odiya Bride

Sinthi (pronounced Maang Tikka) is a headdress made by Odiya brides. This is a large pendant with encrusted pearls and stones attached to a gold chain. The earrings hang on the forehead of the bride. Gold Mang Tikka as well as Bollywood Bride Gold Mang Tikka by gold jewelry maker, Finaura, are good choices for Odiya brides.


Jhumkas earrings, giant dangler and Kundala are popular choices of earrings for Odiya brides. You can check out the  Traditional Jhumkas, the Traditional Drop Earrings, and the Floral Drop Earrings.


Bangles The Odiya bride is known to wear a thick gold crown with an intricate pattern, a red Shanka, and a Kada. The Gold Bangle, Lipsa Rang Gold Bangle, and 22KT Gold Bangle are elegant in the form of gold jewelry and are a great choice for your bridal wears.




As far as necklaces are concerned, Raani Haar (gold -plated necklace), Cheeka (Choker), and Kathi necklace are some of the most popular styles for Odiya brides. The Ifana Kyra gold necklace, Ethnix gold necklace (Product code: AHDAAAAAKIKC), and 22KT gold necklace are items you can choose from in these types of gold jewelry.

Notha- Nose Rings 

Notha often referred to as Nath is a large nose ring made of gold with encrusted stones and pearls. This ring is attached to a chain

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