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29 June

Traditional Jewellery Guide for the Assamese Bride . Designerplanet

 Traditional Jewellery Guide for the Assamese Bride . Designerplanet 

Assamese bridal jewellery. Designerplanet

Assam is famous for its Brahmaputra river, tea, tribal heritage and fascinating wildlife. Jewelry pants for Assamese brides are a reflection of the Assamese tradition and beauty that has been inherited from generations. 

With motifs featuring plants, animals and instruments that play an important role in Assamese culture, it can be said that the bride from this state proudly wears her jewelry with the bridal band in the ‘ the distinctive area - the mekhela chador which is usually made of silk and hand -woven cotton.

Traditional Assamese Jewelry 

Assamese Jewellery 

The traditional Assamese jewelry has taken its inspiration from its surroundings, nature, objects used in daily life and it is the main handicraft of Assam. Originally adorned with rubies, moonstone emeralds and garnet, they were called “Dalimiya Pathur”-(The color of the stone was compared to pomegranate seeds.) Traditional assamese jewelry is completely handmade and can be made. with personal hands only. Jewelry is influenced by nature, music or other things in everyday life. Assam jewelry has a traditional look, which is developed by the jewelers of Assam which is unique and only available in Assam. made of silver and then covered with a thin gold cover. This particular type of jewelry is very understandable and easy to care for. has been there for centuries.

 This art is spread to three specific places in Assam 1.Nagaon 2.Jorhat 3.Barpeta.

Jewelry from Upper Assam is mainly decorated with stones but people in Lower Assam made jewelry which there was an intricate golden shape with one or no stone.

 Assamese jewelry is named after shapes taken by Jon Biri (half-moon shaped necklace), Lokaparo (two pigeons placed in the back), Jethi Poti (lizard tail and a line with a small medal shaped like a V and middle pendant), Dhol Biri (drum -shaped) etc.

A necklace that features an elegant crescent-shaped pendant, the Jonbiri comes with a colorful beaded necklace that can be customized to everyone’s liking.




A round pendant made of gemstones with a hollow center, kerumoni is an assamese necklace with a brightly colored bead tie that can be made for comfort.

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