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07 July

Traditional jewellery of Himachal Pradesh. Designerplanet

 Traditional  and Tribal Jewellery of Himachal Pradesh. Designerplanet 

Traditional Jewellery for brides Himachal Pradesh. Designerplanet

The traditional jewelery of Himachal Pradesh is unique and beautiful. Pellets and metal jewelry of the Himachali people are very popular in the area. Like many other areas, traditional types of clothing such as wearing fancy dresses have embellishments for all parts of the body. The jewelry industry in Himachal Pradesh is usually full of stalls selling charms, jewelery and swords. Himachal pradesh’s beautiful traditional jewelry is usually made of metal. Jewelers in Kangra, Chamba, Mandi and Kullu districts are renowned for their skills. Oval-shaped sports shoes, metal bracelets, lock jewelry, leaf-shaped temple jewelry, jewelry called chandanhaars that can be said to have been a year-old silverware attached to engraved or enameled silver plates and jewelry with elements The mother goddesses are many beautiful elements they create. All art requires good work and skill as well.  



About tribal jewelry in another part of India, Himachal Pradesh. 

This area is inhabited by the Buddhists of Lahul and Spiti, the nomadic Gujjar and Bakarwal Hindus, and therefore the Hindus of Kullu and Chamba. 

Many of the ornaments here are of Indian origin mixed with those of Tibet. Many jewelry motifs are inspired by nature: lotus flowers, pipal leaves, tiger heads. One of the most popular ornaments in Himachal Pradesh can be a headdress. The most common is the Bindi which has a central pendant hanging from the hair part and a silver chain that extends on both sides up to the ears. The attractive series for the forehead is known as shringar-patti. These include freckles worn on all sides of the face, with stars or geometric-shaped pieces intertwined. There is also a moon-shaped or crescent stone plate sometimes enameled, hanging on the middle forehead. 

Himachal Pradesh ethnic ornaments: 

Like other ethnic groups in India, traditional types of clothing like the dress in Himachal Pradesh include ornaments for all parts of the body. Over the years, Tibetan forms and indigenous plants and animals have influenced the typical Himachal Pradesh landscape.

  • Chamba Tribe

Himachal Pradesh is famous for its tribal jewelery. The influence of bold tribal ornaments comes from the Buddhists of Lahul and Spiti, Hindu tribal families in Gujjar and Bakarwal, and the Kullu and Chamba regions. Popular features of these tribal ornaments are lotus flowers, pipal tree leaves, and tiger heads. Many ornamental forms found of Indian origin are mixed with Tibetan forms.Women in Chamba wear long silver chains around their heads called shangli. It is a silver headdress and comes in dozens of styles: a series of round beads hanging on the piercing with a silver chain. domes next to the head connected to the chak especially the chak-phul. 

  • Kinnaur Tribe



Himachal Tribe Kinnaur Jewelry Interesting jewelry worn by Kinnaur married women. It is called a khul-kantaie and consists of several large earrings, usually a few dozen, hanging from the hair above the ears attached to a string. In addition, the special decoration here is the digra, a shawl embellished with a parallelogram silver plate with a fine engraving on it and a silver chain to fasten the two opposite corners of the digra. Its three types represent the three gems of Buddhism.

Himachal Pradesh Traditional Jewelry for Women: Himachal Pradesh traditional jewelry is unique. Her elliptical ankles, metal headbands, hair ornaments, leaf-shaped headdresses, and pendants with motifs of the mother goddess are many of the beautiful masterpieces of Himachal Pradesh. 

  • 1. Chudamani:  

 Chudamani is a head ornament made in the shape of a lotus, made by parting the hair. Kangan is probably a bangle that looks thin and simple in shape but extends to the 2 ends and is engraved on the head of a tiger or elephant etc. A necklace called a choker or kach is made of many silver beads and a triangular silver plate. Women in Gaddi district wear silver jewelry on their foreheads called chiri-tikka. Chiri means bird in the local language. 

  • 2. Khul-kantaie



Khul-kantai.. Interesting jewelry worn by married women in Kinnaur. It is called a khul-kantaie and consists of several large earrings, usually a few dozen, hanging from the hair above the ears attached to a string. Another special decoration here is the digra, a decorated shawl with a silver plate with a nice engraving on it and a silver chain to fasten the 2 corners against the digra. 

Another amazing decoration is mulmentho, a series of necklaces tied together with leaf -shaped pendants. 

  • 3. Chandra Malang: Chandra Malang

Chandra Malang is a coin necklace that Pahari women really love. Chokers called kach, made of silver beads and triangular plates and therefore hansali like necklaces, are common. They are often seen in the shape of a crocodile or a lion’s head. In Tibetan Lahaul-Spiti, jewelry is adorned with semi-precious stones such as coral, turquoise, amber and mother of pearl. Women in the Spiti region also wear a silver fibula shawl which has three round shapes depicting the three gems of Buddhism. 

  • 4. Chak ornament:  

 Chak ornament is worn on the head. It is a silver headdress of dozens of types: a series of round beads hanging on the piercing with a silver chain is a chak-boron-wala; when the colored attachment is done it becomes chak-Meena Wala, when there are two additional domes on the head connected to the main chak it is chak-phul. This ornament is usually seen because it is covered with a head covering. Most of the ancient artifacts are no longer found in the world but are often found in museums like the Kangra Art Museum in Dharamsala, the State Museum in Shimla and therefore the Bhuri Singh Museum in Chamba. Women in Himachal use a long silver chain called Shangli. Chudamani is another ornament in the form of the lotus plant used to part the hair. Gaddi women wear jewelry called chak. It is decorated with a silver top and comes in several varieties: there are a variety of round pellets placed on the needles of a silver shop. 



When the two additional domes of the head are connected to the first chak, they are called the chak-phul. This decoration is invisible because it is protected by fabric. 

Gaddis also wears chiri-tikka silver jewelry, chiri meaning sparrow. Gujjar women go for a garland which is understood as a chamkuli circus. It looks like a pine. There are two small circular elements called chakdi attached to silver pillars. It is seen as a symbol of a married woman. 

  • 5. Gokhru:

Gokhrus is a bracelet made of silver with a size filter and used in pairs. 

  • 6. Chanderhar:  

It is a large pendant with a silver scale with Ying power on it. It is used at weddings and exhibitions. It is used in Chola-Dora and can also be used in salvar kamij. 

  • 7. Kiry:  

 Chiri was installed with the help of a pillar and used in temples. It is very similar to maang tikka and is an essential ornament for married women. 

  • 8. Toke

These are silver bracelets like Gojri but smoother. Tokes are also used in pairs.


  •  9. Pari

 Payal (leg lace). They were made of ankles and made of silver. It makes a sweet beeping sound when it moves. It is often a symbol of the presence of a newlywed couple in the home but is also loved by the girls.

  •  10. Jhumkas:  

 Jhumkas are earrings made for the ears and enhance the beauty of Himachali women. They appear in different forms. 

Type Himachali Jhumkas: 

  • Singi

Singi is a small pendant that can be carried and hangs around the neck. The strap has a beautiful light palette and a silver pendant. 

  • Clips:



 The clip is similar to a regular section in that it is attached with a silver band on top of the plate on both sides of the neck. 

  • Beenie Chakk

The face is round, and you put it on the plate after you’ve combed your hair well. 

  • Phullu

These decorations are a symbol of the newlyweds in Himachal Pradesh. They come in different colors and shapes. Fulli: Fulli is a large nose pin made of silver. Its shape is round. Generally, a red colored stone is placed in the center of the fulli. I saw it because of pictures of married women in Himachal Pradesh. Widow: Widow is a large nose ring. It comes in many shapes and forms and is usually made of silver.


All of which are examples of various jewelery, which the tribe of Himachal Pradesh owns and is proud of as well.

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