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05 July

Unique Traditional Jewellery of Arunachal Pradesh. Designerplanet

 Unique Traditional Jewellery of Arunachal Pradesh for Men and Women. Designerplanet 

Bridal Jewellery arunachal pradesh.  Designerplanet

Arunachal Pradesh is a real thief. Adorned with beautiful rivers, lakes, hills and valleys with rich wildlife and culture, this northeastern state is a dream destination in India.

Arunachal has a rich tradition of weaving and making very unique jewelry. Jewelry is part of the heritage of its people and not only is each object art but there is a story behind it. Let’s take a look at a few that are at the top of our list.

Top Arunachal Pradesh Jewellery Name

  • Benyop

  • Cowrie Shells’ ornaments and jewellery

  • Bamboo and Cane Jewellery



For Women 

Necklaces, bracelets, bracelets, belts and other jewelry are made by tribal women not only as ornaments for their bodies, but also as symbols of fame.

Not far from the tribe of Arunachal Pradesh. They wear belts, bracelets, bracelets, and pendants or necklaces made of ivory. Silver is widely used by the Mishmi people. 

For Men

Men wear belts made of silver coins, while women wear silver belts on their heads and krupei (dumbbell-shaped earrings). These antique tribal ornaments offer a glimpse of the world’s ethnic diversity. The quality of these indigenous jewelry has made them a favorite in recent years.

Beyond the belt, Adi women wear locally made jewelry (Dafla, Minong, Abor, Gelong)-a series of three, five, seven, or nine copper plates attached to a stick, pine fiber, or rope. skin. Brass earrings are popular. A woman puts her ankles on her feet. Adi women also love to wear necklaces made of coins. Because they have been passed down from mother to daughter over many generations, Adi shell necklaces are considered more sacred and important than any other jewelry.



A silver hats worn by wealthy Aka women have a wide, central, repousse-decorated cap which is connected with alternating chains, forming an open crown like a crown around the head. Those who are not rich wear simple silver chains around their necks. A distinctive feature of Apatani women is how they beautify their noses by inserting wooden poles into their noses. As they grow, small bows are placed, and as they grow, the size of the bows increases until they reach about 2-3 cm.

Earrings and necklaces were also made of ivory and animal bone. Sometimes they wear a leopard print, a precious necklace, on their chests. Idu Mishmi men and women wear necklaces made of several types of beads. The arulaya chain is the most popular. Another intricate necklace is the lekapon, which is made of twenty Pieris rapae threads.

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