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Traditional Jewellery Guide for the Bihari Bride. Designerplanet

Traditional Jewellery Guide for the  Bihari Bride. Designerplanet 

The traditional jewelry of bihar exudes the elegance of traditional desi, adorned with gold ornaments that reflect their culture. Her jeweled body is made of shiny gold ornaments on her eyes, and she impresses with her look in a Zari saree. 



Bihari bridal jewellery Designerplanet

When it comes to weddings, Bihar, the easternmost state of India, has a strong impact on its customs and culture. Bihari weddings are well defined in a rustic, vibrant and colorful way. The ceremony was difficult. Weddings are held gradually, and the bridegroom’s family must attend all the traditional ceremonies. Bihar wedding jewelry is made of gold, diamonds and precious and priceless stones. Bihari brides are noted for wearing multi-colored crowns with their gold jewelry, which is their hallmark of wedding jewelry.

Wedding jewelry in Bihar is a combination of gold, diamonds and other precious and semi-precious stones. Bihari brides are known to wear multi-colored crowns with their gold jewelry that distinguish them from wedding jewelry.

 The Nath ring or nose ring is an essential element of Bihari jewelry that is part of the wedding pants for every Bihari bride. Chandrahaar, Sikri, and Panchlari (gold necklaces), Tikli (Head Ornaments), and chokers adorned with jewels are some of the common gold jewelry worn by Bihari brides. 

Let’s take a look at some of the jewels that can be included in your Bihari jewelry collection.

Jewellery for Bihari Bride 

The dholna is adorned with a crown shaped like an intricate golden drum, not only on wedding days but also on Bihari women’s festivals.

Playing an important role in the look, soft and shiny bracelets, as well as heavy gold beads, are not only for the Bihari bride but also for the Bihari women in general.

Made in five layers, the panchlari necklace is made of pearls and multi -colored gemstones with each necklace having a lovely locket.



Dangler and Chandbali earrings which are made of gold with precious stones are some of the most popular types of earrings worn by Bihari brides.

Made of gold and with a lacy intricate design, the gold choker is a must have in any Bihari handbag and is beautiful when paired with a longer necklace. Another popular item of traditional Bihari jewelry for Bihari women is a choker with diamonds and other precious stones.

long statement necklaces that hang up to the waist of the bride and are generally combined with shorter necklaces, the Sita Haar is made of gold and hangs all the way to the waist of the bride.

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Considered to be a symbol of their marital status, Nath is an integral part of the collection of wedding jewelry for Bihari brides. Gold jewelry designs include pearls, Kundan, diamonds, or other stone jewelry. The Mudhra Gold Nath, Aniya Mudhra Gold Nath, and Diksya Mudhra Gold Nath are good choices if you are looking for Nath gold embellished with colored gemstones.


Made of gold pearls, this layered necklace is one of the longer necklaces in the Bihari bride’s collection and features two lockets with flower shapes on either side.

Tikli or Mang Tikka is a headdress and part of the gold jewelry collection of Bihari Brides. Mang Tikkas are made of pure gold with diamonds, colored gemstones, or pearls.Its 
Similar to the very famous maang tikka, tikli is a headdress that is made on the middle part of the bride’s hair and is also adorned with gemstones.

Like the saat lada haar popular in the north and south, the satlari consists of seven necklaces adorned with pearls and precious stones.

  • Mayuri 



A hat made of blue or date leaves was worn by the bride during the wedding ceremony, the mauri is also now made of decorative paper and glass.

Like many other brides in the Indian continent, the Bihari bride wears a silver/gold ring on her middle toe to indicate that she is a married woman.

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